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Discussion in 'Blades' started by monkeyman, Feb 10, 2006.

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    Ok heres the basic idea, we'll keep it to survival type (i.e. has to acomplish all tasks it may be called upon for) and if your idea of the perfect knife is one that is already made you have to discribe what it is that makes it perfect, where the balance is, blade shape, handle type, size, etc., not just say 'X' knife.
    For me would have to say it would need to be good sized, say a 7-8" blade at least so it could be used to chop kindeling or cut up large critters easily if needed, would be balanced just ahead of the hilt to allow a bit more energy in the blade if choping but still close enouph to the hilt to not be heavy in the hand. It would need to be a kind of a bowie knife design to work well for skinning and such, have hard wood (say hedge or maybe walnut) handles not overly polished for a good grip, thick heavy blade for added durability and would have to be hard enouph and good enouph steel to basicly put a razor edge on it in the morning then hack wood with it all day and still be able to shave with it in the afternoon yet tempered well enouph that it wouldnt chip the edges. It would also need the blade to taper into the point such that it could also do the somewhat more delicate work like say if was skinning a rabbit or carveing something or even picking a splinter.
    So what would your description be?
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