*Distrubing* Am I the only one that never saw this?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by E.L., May 14, 2007.

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    The alleged details of the crime...

    The individuals car-jacked, then raped Christopher Newsom, cut off his penis, then set him on fire and fatally shot him several times while they forced his girlfriend, Channon Christian, to watch.

    Channon Christian was beaten and gang-raped in many ways for four days by all of them, while they took turns urinating on her. Then they cut off her breast and put chemicals in her mouth ... and then murdered her.

    <NOBR></NOBR> ​
    Dozens of New Charges in Double Murder Case Announced
    Posted: 5:05 PM Feb 1, 2007
    Last Updated: 11:40 AM Feb 8, 2007
    Reporter: Whitney Daniel, WVLT Staff
    <!-- 5521456 --><!-- $video.title $video.url -->[​IMG] <!--numParagraphs : 12 -->Knoxville (WVLT) - The District Attorney General of Knox County announced the list of charges facing now five suspects in the double murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.
    The District Attorney General Randy Nichols is not saying whether or not he will seek the death penalty, but he does say the state will seek conviction for all charges filed in a 24-page indictment from the Knox County Grand Jury.
    Lemaricus Davidson, 25, faces a total of 46 charges. Davidson was indicted on 16 counts of Felony Murder growing out of rape, robbery kidnapping and theft of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, 2 counts premeditated murder of Christian and Newsom, 2 counts especially aggravated robberies from Christian and Newsom, 4 counts especially aggravated kidnapping of Christian and Newsom, 20 counts aggravated rape of Christian and Newsom, and 2 counts of theft from Christian and Newsom.
    <SCRIPT language=Javascript type=text/javascript>if (self['plpm'] && plpm['Mid-Story Ad']) document.write('<table style=\"float : right;\" border=\"0\"><tbody><tr><td align=\"center\" valign=\"bottom\">');if (self['plpm'] && plpm['Mid-Story Ad']){ document.write(plpm['Mid-Story Ad']);} else { if(self['plurp'] && plurp['97']){} else {document.write('<scr'+'ipt language="Javascript" type="text/javascript" src="http://cas.clickability.com/cas/cas.js?r='+Math.random()+'&p=97&c=6500&m=3341&d=174662&pre=%3Ctable+style%3D%22float+%3A+right%3B%22+border%3D%220%22%3E%3Ctbody%3E%3Ctr%3E%3Ctd+align%3D%22center%22+valign%3D%22bottom%22%3E&post=%3C%2Ftd%3E%3C%2Ftr%3E%3C%2Ftbody%3E%3C%2Ftable%3E"></scr'+'ipt>'); } }if (self['plpm'] && plpm['Mid-Story Ad']) document.write('</td></tr></tbody></table>');</SCRIPT>Letalvis Cobbins, 24, faces a total of 46 charges. Cobbins was indicted on 16 counts of Felony Murder growing out of rape, robbery kidnapping and theft of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, 2 counts premeditated murder of Christian and Newsom, 2 counts especially aggravated robberies from Christian and Newsom, 4 counts especially aggravated kidnapping of Christian and Newsom, 20 counts aggravated rape of Christian and Newsom, and 2 counts of theft from Christian and Newsom.
    George Thomas, 24, faces a total of 46 charges. Thomas was indicted on 16 counts of Felony Murder growing out of rape, robbery kidnapping and theft of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, 2 counts premeditated murder of Christian and Newsom, 2 counts especially aggravated robberies from Christian and Newsom, 4 counts especially aggravated kidnapping of Christian and Newsom, 20 counts aggravated rape of Christian and Newsom, and 2 counts of theft from Christian and Newsom.
    Just last night, police in Lebanon, Kentucky, arrested 18-year-old Vanessa Coleman. She faces 40 Tennessee state charges. Coleman was indicted on 12 counts Felony Murder growing out of rape, robbery kidnapping and theft of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, 1 count Premeditated Murder of Christian only, 1 count Especially Aggravated Robbery of Newsom only, 4 counts especially aggravated kidnapping of Christian and Newsom, 20 counts of aggravated rape of Christian and Newsom and 2 Counts of theft from Christian and Newsom.
    Eric Boyd, 24, also arrested in connection with the fatal carjacking, only faces federal charges as an accessory after the fact. He was not indicted by Knox county grand jury.
    Felony Murder carries a possibility of death, life without the possibility of parole and life with parole. Especially Aggravated Robbery is a Class A felony that carries a possibility of 15 to 60 years in prison. Aggravated Rape is a Class A felony that carries a possibility of 15 to 60 years of prison.
    At a news conference Thursday, Nichols commended the cooperative efforts between several departments and credits that cooperation for the fast pace this case is moving through the court system.
    Nichols says he hopes to move the case to trial on the first day it's set.
    The four are expected to make their first court appearance within ten to fifteen days.
    This is certainly a case garnering a lot of public interest, Nichols recognizes that and says he expects all kinds of requests filed in this case, including a change of venue in order to receive a fair trial. But he says he does hope 12 Knox County jurors will be able to determine the guilt or innocence of these suspects.

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  2. andy

    andy Monkey+++

    thats F'ed up! death isn't good enough for them!:mad:
  3. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    I have nothing but sorrow for the two young people that had the misfortune to meet the trash that so miserably ended their lives in such horror. This is only one example of how dehumanized we had allowed our society to become by eliminating natural selection. Why didn't the government keep them safe?
    Where was affirmative Action to intervene?
  4. jim

    jim Monkey+++ Founding Member

    And why aren't federal hate crimes being filed on these animals? If the couple had been black and the murdering trash white, you can bet your bottom dollar those charges would have been filed, and you'd be hearing nothing in the news but this story!
  5. kckndrgn

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    I'm sad to say this happened in my state and I never heard about it until months after it happened, and I heard about it on the net, not the local news. Yeah, had this been a white on black crime all the major news markets would be covering this and Sharpton and Jackson would be all over it.

    I did read another article about this where some of the lesser charges were going to be dropped so they could "focus" on others. Personally I think if they broke a law in the commision of this HATE crime, then they should be punished, if they don't get the death penalty, then the should never again see the light of day as a free person (but IMHO they should be put to death the SAME EXACT way they killed!!!!)
  6. Quigley_Sharps

    Quigley_Sharps The Badministrator Administrator Founding Member

    I too would like to know where Sharpton and Jackson is on this... funny there not around.
  7. Bear

    Bear Monkey+++ Founding Member Iron Monkey

    People and their inhumanity to other People... it's just unbelievable sometimes.... NO!!
    Prayers sent for that unfortunate couple and their family and friends....
  8. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    I watched it on local news. Too close to me for comfort.
    They found her stuffed in a barrel. Apparently placed there while still alive.

    God help us.
  9. Clyde

    Clyde Jet Set Tourer Administrator Founding Member

    How do you take out revenge on that kind of killing? Lethal injection seems just too kind.
  10. E.L.

    E.L. Moderator of Lead Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    In this day and age of technology, how is it that a crime as heinous as this does not become newsworthy? This makes the dragging death in Jasper tame.

    I had my wife ready it, I will have my mom read it, and I will have my oldest daughter read it also. Not everyone out there is civilized.

    And people wonder why we should be armed................
  11. ridgerunner58

    ridgerunner58 Monkey+++

    If it had not been for the internet I would never have heard about it....And,
    where were Sharpton & Jackson?
  12. monkeyman

    monkeyman Monkey+++ Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    The sad truth is that stuff like this is just to common to even be considered news worthy. I know when I lived in the city I heard about it from neighbors because it only made a 2 second blurb on the local news when a young black male from the projects a few blocks away went into the church across the intersection from my appartment and raped an 80 year old nun at knife point. Theres a LOT of true scum out there and the only ones that even make the news is the ones that support the medias version of how they want people to percieve the world.
  13. Quigley_Sharps

    Quigley_Sharps The Badministrator Administrator Founding Member

    Everyone needs to e-mail this out and get it on the big 5 and blogs.
  14. Blackjack

    Blackjack Monkey+++

    Where are Jackson and Sharpton you ask?

    Why, they're going after the really dangerous racists like Don Imus. I mean, torture and murder are nothing compared to a "nappy headed ho" comment.


    I didn't hear about this either, makes me want to hurt them...... real bad.
  15. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Jesus christ...I hadn't heard of this one either, changes my ideas on a few things. How could anybody do something like this to another person? I have seriously underestimated the depravity of the human animal.
  16. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

  17. poacher

    poacher Monkey+++ Founding Member

    Just reaffirms my reason for carrying a gun. My heart goes out to the families of the two victims. May the perps that did this die a slow and painful death.

    Take care Be safe Poacher.
  18. BigO01

    BigO01 Monkey+++ Founding Member

    Re: *Disturbing* Am I the only one that never saw this?

    This is the kind of thing that should be on tv all across the land instead of what stud impregnated that whore Nicole Smith or what Paris Hiltons latest dress was .

    Animals like this deserve to be killed so slow the time is measured with a calender not a watch .
  19. bigdaddy40

    bigdaddy40 Monkey+++

    al notsosharpton is busy looking for his next coke deal and jess jackoff is shaking down another corporation.

    one of these days, people will sack up and hunt shitbags like this
  20. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    [SIZE=+1]Media criticized over Tenn. slayings[/SIZE]
    <small>Associated Press (Yahoo) ^ | Fri May 18, 5:15 PM ET | DUNCAN MANSFIELD</small>

    <small>Posted on 05/18/2007 8:00:30 PM PDT by fgoodwin</small>

    Media criticized over Tenn. slayings
    By DUNCAN MANSFIELD, Associated Press Writer
    Fri May 18, 5:15 PM ET
    KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - In a powerful demonstration of the way the Internet has opened up the mainstream media to intensive second-guessing, bloggers are charging that news outlets have ignored the rape and murder of a young Knoxville couple because of the racial implications of the story.
    The two victims were white; the five defendants are black.
    The critics include mainstream conservatives, such as the National Review, and white supremacists. They have drawn comparisons to the Duke lacrosse rape case and wondered why the killings of Channon Christian, a 21-year-old University of Tennessee student, and her 23-year-old boyfriend Christopher Newsom are not getting the same attention from what the bloggers regard sneeringly as the liberal media.
    "Oh, that's right, the victims were WHITE!" several conservative blogs have observed.
    Or as National Review columnist Jack Dunphy commented online: "Uh oh, we're not supposed to talk about such things, are we."
    It was bloggers who undermined CBS anchorman Dan Rather's 2004 report about President Bush's National Guard service, digging up evidence that the documents may have been forgeries. The next year, CNN chief Eason Jordan resigned after bloggers jumped all over him for supposedly saying that some journalists killed in Iraq by the U.S. military had been targeted. Last year, bloggers figured out that a Reuters photo showing the aftermath of an Israeli airstrike on Beirut had been doctored.
    Local media in Knoxville have covered developments in the carjacking case since the bodies were found, and The Associated Press ran stories that were transmitted nationally. But the killings have received scant attention from other media outlets.
    "The Internet has been basically chastising the mainstream media now, it seems, since the Internet opened up," said Aly Colon at the Poynter Institute, a journalism think tank in St. Petersburg, Fla.
    "I mean, as soon as somebody had an electronic Internet megaphone, the opportunity to throw brickbats at the media just got amplified from the backyard-over-the-fence to an e-mail or a blog. That isn't necessarily new, but I think what you are witnessing may be is an increasing amount of that taking place."
    Christian and Newsom were last seen Jan. 6. They were carjacked as they were leaving a friend's apartment. Newsom's shot and burned body was found the next day along the railroad tracks, and Christian's corpse was discovered two days later in a trash can at a house rented by one of the defendants. Both had been sexually assaulted. Household cleaner had been poured in her mouth to remove evidence, according to court records.
    Some Internet postings have suggested the killings should be treated as a hate crime. But Police Chief Sterling Owen said: "We have no evidence to support the notion that this was a race-based crime. We see this as a cold-blooded murder."
    Similarly, claims made over the Internet that the couple were sexually mutilated are "absolutely not true," John Gill, special assistant to District Attorney Randy Nichols, said Friday.
    Christian's father, Gary Christian, wore a Confederate flag T-shirt to the first hearing for one of the defendants and then pointed at the man as if firing a gun. But family lawyer Joe Costner said Channon Christian's parents have repeatedly said they do not believe their daughter's killing was race-related.
    Lemaricus Davidson, 25; his brother, Letalvis Cobbins, 24; George Thomas, 24; and Cobbins' former girlfriend, Vanessa Coleman, 18, are charged with murder. A fifth defendant, Eric Boyd, 34, is being held on a federal charge of being an accessory after the fact, accused of helping Davidson.
    The victims did not know the attackers and were just "at the wrong place at the wrong time," Gill said.
    The four murder defendants will be given separate trials, beginning next May. Prosecutors have yet to say whether they will seek the death penalty.
    Among the bloggers who have questioned the media coverage is country singer Charlie Daniels.
    "I am not going to call it reverse racism," said Daniels, who has written on his Web page about how little he has heard of the case in Nashville, about 150 miles west of Knoxville. "But I will say it is very selective.
    "There are probably not five stories in the country that could possibly have been more important than that one during the time it was going on," he said. "It is totally, completely unfair to the memory of these young people not to inform people about what happened to them."
    More than a dozen e-mails to the Cleveland Plain Dealer in recent weeks have raised similar concerns, reader representative Ted Diadiun said. "Why are you guys covering this up?" they ask.
    Diadiun said that based on the AP stories, it appeared that the crime was horrible but not substantially different from ones that "regrettably occur all over the country every day."
    Glenn Reynolds, a University of Tennessee law professor who operates Instapundit, a current events blog, said he was branded an apologist after he wrote that he had seen no evidence the killings were a hate crime.
    However, he said: "I think it is totally true if the races of the perpetrators and the victims were reversed, the press would make a bigger deal about it. I think some people have been hanging back for fear of inflaming things."
    Ted Gest, president of the Criminal Justice Journalists group, a national organization of reporters who cover crime, courts and prisons, said interracial crime tends to get more coverage than when the criminal and victim are of the same race.
    "But I can't say that this one would have had any more coverage if five whites had been accused of doing these things to two blacks, absent a blatant racial motive," he said. "As bad as this crime is, the apparent absence of any interest group involvement or any other `angle' might also explain the lack of coverage."
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