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  1. Gunny Highway

    Gunny Highway Hard Work and Sacrifice blessed by God's Grace

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  2. Gunny Highway

    Gunny Highway Hard Work and Sacrifice blessed by God's Grace

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  3. Lancer

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    I shelled out to read both, then scanned the training doc (90-10-1) noted in the first article for relevant info. Our soldiers are becoming something straight out of first person shooter games such as quake and doom.
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  4. Bishop

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    The army is just trying to catch up to what marines can already do.
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  5. arleigh

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    I think that like Pearl Harbor ,some one is going to create an atmosphere that causes a rupture in one or more of the existing potential natural threats like a volcano or earth quake or even war for the sake of whittling down the population, one way or another.
    An economic or pandemic threat is not enough .
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  6. snake6264

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    Think what it will cost for Space Force
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  7. DKR

    DKR Interesting ideas, interesting stories

    Fighting underground. Make no sense to me. Wouldn't be easier to flood the sewers etc with a noxious gas to drive the combatants up and out?

    This also assumes the US will willingly take on combat outside fo the US in a Mega-city... Not if I have any say in this..
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  8. duane

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    while Space Force might not be the right name, what do you call the armed drone that is flying over a country, controlled by someone 6,000 miles away, and can kill an observed individual at will. The drones are reaching the point of being fully functioning bombers and fighters, a single machine gun set up to overlook a road, or a homing device for missiles launched from a thousand miles away and with the launching complex not being responsible for the final targeting. We created the military services in 1947 and there has been some tech changes and mission changes since then. The Army was supposed to control the long range missiles, etc. Been a lot of mission creep and now have a system where USAF hates to fly tank busters, but Army is no allowed to have airplanes. Makes little sense. Best indicator of the start of WW3 will probably be the destruction of our carriers as they have no realistic defense against ICBM's with nuke warheads.
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  9. Zimmy

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    Shut off the storm water and sewage pumps
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  10. ochit

    ochit Monkey+

    We already have one Harry Reid mentioned it in a press conference. We know and have contact with aliens watch Fox news Tucker Carlson was on with a Navy pilot with his radar video we are being soft sold there are aliens (not mexican ones) The Vatican has a protocol and have made press releases that they expect contact very soon, thats B.S. we already have I am just as certain that some military are in cahoots with them. Numerous reports state that Roswell was real Wright Patterson and a couple places in Texas Area 51 "S" range had them and due to that and testing of some of our newest tech they took more land to prevent long range cameras from being able to scan the areas. much more could be said but why bother for so long the government has made fun or tamped this down so tight that nobody is listening and that is the scary part, Why because when they do show up the will be sold as our space friends the ancient ones that seeded us or mutated apes to humans many will worship them and many will dump God and and follow this down the rabbit hole.

    If post WWII we made a deal with SS Nazi's and brought over thousands of child molesters murderers and rapists to build our Nuclear and rocket programs what would we make a deal on to get hypersonic flight ? Answer people have been disappearing since 1950 in increasing numbers in the thousands certain people seem to be preferred those of German blood and people with high IQ's. there are thousands of sighting per day from balls of light no larger than a meter in diameter to ones that are over a mile triangular black and silent.

    I would ask anyone to read a Bible in one statement it tells us people have entertained angels unaware Paul is taken out of prison in his encounter an Angel puts all the guards to sleep he the Angel opens doors his chains drop off and he is in no ways sure he is not dreaming. Christ walks through a door and then has a meal with his disciples after His death they have knowledge and powers in a body we cannot deal with or understand they can appear and disappear go through solid objects manipulate time and space and up to a point the Fallen Angels can operate in much the same way their only restriction is set by God called the restrainer / Holy Spirit to people that do not follow doctrine. It's not funny it's not cute there is another dimension science knows this and is actively trying to access it because they know that is where the Acasic record is CERN is open a portal science has made contact on a non verbal basis but who or what they think they are "they" are NOT Science and black magic have run together since time began JPL Labs Jack Parsons was a follower of drum roll please Aleister Crowley who was called the beast he was kicked out of a few countries for bestiality human sacrifice and cannibalism it could not be proven because no one involved would tall for obvious reasons.

    It was well known that the Nazi's practiced occult rituals in the late 1930's they had information and engineered things that 30 years before were considered magic or impossible they built the first jet fighter they had the A bomb before we did they just did not have a craft able to fly their version it was too heavy. all during the war our pilots saw what they called Foo Fighters balls of light that followed the "action" any cursory reading of history the great leaders were larger than the people. Some had special traits like great height 6 fingers and 6 toes double rows of teeth and inhuman strength the book of Enoch tells that fallen angels gave man "wisdom" of how to work metals the use of roots and other technology in exchange with or without humans agreement they ruled or terrorized humanity it is written in all the ancient stories the world over. The American Indians / First Nation peoples tell of giants that were red headed and took women stole their food and even chased, killed and ate their warriors, but we say they are so noble and knowledgeable except when they tell these stories, so what is it are they geniuses or tale telling fools.

    This earth is and always has been supernatural there are no aliens there are fallen angels demons and evil spirits and there has always been people worshiping and trying to connect with these beings for their own knowledge and greed selling their souls sacrificing others and making bargains with something they have no idea really what they are or think they can control them the alien gimmick is just a new spin as far as I can read no one that has ever dealt with these entities has ever made out in the end they find out too late that they have been led to utter destruction look how many native people vanished with no trace. groups that follow that line wiped out only to come back again evil never sleeps it never quits it has no existence or experience without man it cannot experience without a human host it has many names but it is all the same spirits of evil that have been with us since the beginning they have had a lot of practice fooling impressing and pitting us against each other.
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  11. Bandit99

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    GH, Interesting article and video about the Megacities. I would like to think that the military minds truly know they cannot fight such a battle and win; however, they might not have a choice since they are governed by civilians who pull the strings on what they do and where. On another note, nice to hear they are extending Infantry training, should have happened long ago.

    @ochit Interesting writeup. I saw the Tucker Carlson of which you spoke, twice actually. The space craft had followed the carrier group, playing tag with them, for 3 days until they managed to scramble a pair of fighters which got a good look at it and then the spacecraft basically flew circles around them until it got tired of the game and left at a speed that was impossible to achieve with any known technology. What I truly found interesting is there appears no interest in this in the media probably because the sightings are so common place now and so many well respected individuals have had them that they cannot denounce them as quacks. I would not even begin to speculate if contact has been made between them and us but it is certainly obvious that these ETs do exist...yet we continue to act like they do not which, as strange as it sounds, could lead to the downfall or enslavement of mankind. Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest minds in the last hundred years stated as much...
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  12. Dunmaghlas

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    to ochit's point we should ditch the Space Force and go with Doom. we'll prob end up fighting demons (literally not spiritually) if we try finding aliens [nk]seesaw
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  13. ochit

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    The Nazi's had a plan as did the Soviets and Chinese for a super soldier, a genetically modified human or, who knows a 6 million dollar man type the only restriction is budget and the willingness of humans to trade for what may be a short career move as any nation that thought a group was together I am certain an accident would take them out. There has been an up-tick in cross chatter about a a E-modifier or mind control, modification or sleeper soldiers. In order to find information you would have spent the time better to dig a 3 story deep shelter with a plastic fork.

    The science of DNA with the new machine Crispr it's a whole new ball game there are people in their garage experimenting NO REALLY this was a video report from a Nobel laureate and researcher. Its amazing how you cannot ship a simple 2X7 rifle scope outside the U.S. but anyone can buy a Crispr and ship it anywhere that kind of idiocy is par for our nations go to best minds running departments in this country. gene splicing can produce specified viri that could target specific races and a bunch of stuff I don't even want to consider. the only thing we have going for us is that I hope they are improving a strain of marijuana and everlasting gob stopper that tastes like Doritos.
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  14. Zimmy

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    @ochit . Your mind is a very busy place. Please don't be offended if I can't live there.

    Keep on keeping on, Brother.
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  15. Big Ron

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    That thread went a bit sideways. Agenda 21 does talk about relocation. ecological safe zones and such. Think people being herded into areas. Private property rights go away. it has been awhile since I read the whole U.N. paper. Remember that there have been many things that have gone on for years before civilians find out about stuff. Need to know.
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  16. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    I hear you brother....

    It would make sense for the Vatican to conscript aliens into the Papal Space Guard.
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  17. natshare

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    It's actually VERY important, to teach our young Space Force troops, to fight underground! That's where the BUGS live!! :eek:
    Would you like to know more?? :rolleyes::LOL:;)
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  18. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Not to forget the sandworms on Arrakis
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  19. Seawolf1090

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    Shoot a nuke down a bug hole, no more bugs! o_O
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  20. Tempstar

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    I know I'm not the only monkey that has seen things we can't talk about. There is a reason for the jump in technology after the '40's. Things new like fiber optic and integrated circuits and things old like the perfect alignment of the pyramid at Giza or the perfect circle stone cuts in Peru. There are reasons why the US kicks a$$ in modern warfare, hindered only by stupid policies. To think that in a space too large for us to measure that we are the only sentient and intelligent beings is both egotistical and short sighted.
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