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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RightHand, Apr 19, 2013.

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    At first blush I would say his tin-foil is a tad too tight.....
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    That's the problem - its too incredulous to believe but if we don't give credence to this information and dismiss it as tin foil hat rhetoric, we have no one to blame but ourselves when the crash and burn takes place
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    Yep, but after a few seconds, common sense kicks in. Not so "tin-foily" after the right information comes to light.

    1. There are factions in government, and some are always trying to seize more power. If he means in any way that these factions intend on "taking over", it's laughable since these "factions" all have one thing in common: they all work for the oligarchy (banking cartels).
    2. He labels Boston as a false flag. There's a lot of information and some evidence which supports this.
    a) Drill run on same day
    b) Patsy bombers to take the fall
    c) Men dressed in identical outfits (The Craft) scouting, casing and running away from scene. Also, congregating at same locations. Media blackout on these guys.
    d) Was it a diversion, and killing two birds with one stone by furthering the terrorism bit? Most likely, given the track record of the secret government.

    3. He likes to focus on this "faction" stuff in government, maybe because of his military background. He didn't get to the rank of General, though. It's only like that on the outside (left vs. right), but behind closed doors, at the top of the pyramid, they are brothers. Literally in some cases. Most of the time, they are sworn to secrecy. Skull and Bones to Freemasonry and beyond, these people are shrewd, greedy and utterly convinced they are doing the right thing.
    4. He mentions Infowars.com --good start, but Alex sometimes throws stuff out there which is not fully substantiated to try and bust a scoop. Case in point, the teenager in the blue jacket labeled a bomber, but later proven to be cleared. His life is a mess right now. (or so the media says)
    5. He mentions how CNBC is going to be quiet so they don't disrupt the investigation, and says that's how they are planning to cover this up. He's right. It's a media blackout. National security is a joke. It's designed to keep information away from US, the people.

    He's not a nutter. He's more right than he is wrong at least.
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    video will not load on site, on youtube site, or by phone.:(
  6. Rabid

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    Just heard that a bombing suspect was killed in a shoot out????? Did anyone hear anything on this? It does seem odd that one suspect gets deported and another gets killed.
  7. kellory

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    Last I heard was One dead in shoot out with cops (one dead cop as well) one just died in hospital, and one in the wind. Deported one, MAY not be related.
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