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    As a martial artist from childhood, I grew up on this stuff. I just thought I would bring it up since one of my students mentioned it today. She has been a student of mine for years and I always see her sporting a pair of knee braces from old injuries. The past two weeks, she has been coming to class without. So today, she asked if I noticed. To which I told her for the last two weeks.

    She then told me that she has been using dit da jow.

    Dit da jow - Wikipedia

    Not just any dit da jow, but one of the famous Wong Fei Hung's recipe. She got it from the Wong family through a relative.

    Wong Fei-hung - Wikipedia

    Long story short, she has been rubbing it in twice a day for 30 minutes a time and now is free of knee pain. I asked her to find out if she can buy some more as I would buy it. I had another famous one, but all gone. And another made by one of my teachers, but that is gone too. I had two teachers that made it. One was a bonesetter and the other an acupuncturist. Sadly, both have passed on. I was too young and stupid at the time to get their recipes.
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    Would be awesome to find some here on the mainland! Stuff works a trick! Combine with some potent CBD oil and we got a powerful solution to those deep aches and pains with out having to use nasty chemicals! Better living through chemistry says I !
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    I use a product I found here Chinese Healing Herbs & Herbal Remedies

    I have the ....Ku Yu Cheong Iron Palm Formula and Ho Family Jow.

    Great for bruises, but haven't used it for any thing else.
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    Been using a Columbian import. Seems to really help[stoner]
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    Shut up and take my money!!!!
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