Dixie Chicks Bush-whacked at record stores

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, May 31, 2006.

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    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Country trio the Dixie Chicks, the darlings of Nashville until their singer criticized President Bush three years ago, opened at No. 1 on the U.S. charts on Wednesday with their first studio album since then, but sales were sharply lower.

    "Taking The Long Way," their third chart-topper, sold 525,000 copies in the week ended May 28, according to tracking firm Nielsen SoundScan. The figure ranks as one of the biggest openings of the year, and exceeds industry expectations by more than 100,000 copies.

    But it paled against the 780,000 copies that their last studio release, "Home," sold during its first week in August 2002. It spent three weeks at No. 1, and has sold 5.8 million copies to date. In April another country trio, Rascal Flatts, opened at No. 1 with 722,000 copies of its new album.

    The lower sales for the new Dixie Chicks album were not unexpected given that country radio is largely ignoring the Texans. The first single, the defiant "Not Ready To Make Nice," stalled at No. 36 on Billboard magazine's Hot Country Songs chart.

    On the other hand, the trio has garnered plenty of attention in the mainstream media, with a Time magazine cover story, and a segment on CBS newsmagazine "60 Minutes."

    All the attention -- or lack thereof -- stems from a throwaway comment made by singer Natalie Maines during a London concert in March 2003. She told the crowd that the band was embarrassed to come from the same state as Bush. If one critic had not mentioned it in his review, she might have gotten away with it, but it quickly escalated into a major incident.

    Radio stations stopped playing their songs and organized public destructions of their discs, sales slumped, death threats ensued, and country stars like Toby Keith bashed them. The women have largely laid low in the past few years to focus on their expanding families, and recording the new album in Los Angeles with rock producer Rick Rubin.

    At this stage, it's possible the Dixie Chicks are abandoning their country music base, rather than the other way around. Rubin is best known for his work with funk-rock band the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who had ruled the charts for the previous two weeks, and with deceased Nashville renegade Johnny Cash.

    "I'd rather have a smaller following of really cool people who get it, who will grow with us as we grow and are fans for life, than people that have us in their five-disc changer with Reba McEntire and Toby Keith," Dixie Chick Martie Maguire told Time. We don't want those kinds of fans."

    As for their other albums, their 1998 debut, "Wide Open Spaces," peaked at No. 4 a year after its release, and has sold 8.5 million copies. Their 1999 follow-up, "Fly," opened at No. 1 with 341,000 copies and has sold 8.2 million copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

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    I can't believe that there's over half a million idiots that would buy their music. But they will always have an outlet on our media world - I saw where they were gonna be on Larry King tonight.
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    My sentiments exactly Bear.
  5. Infidel

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    Shall we count the idiots that voted for chimpboy? I am ashamed of our prez too.
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    Like Kerry would have done better?
  7. Infidel

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    Bruce Lee can kick Rambos a$$

    you know we will never know. but this one does a piss poor job. WORST. PRESIDENT. EVER
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    Dude, You are so full of shit..... [raspberry]
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    I didn't vote the last 2 elections
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    What one good thing , did the one before him do? :dunno:
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    He finally left The Oval Office :D
  12. Infidel

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    I thought it was called "The Oral O[ri]fice"
    And he did not leave. He just came.

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    What the last two elections boiled down to for me, was my second amendment rights. It was the "less of two evils". It shouldn't be that way, but it is for me. Without the 2nd Amendment, we have no rights. We would be peasants, not citizens.
  14. Infidel

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    About Bush and getting blown while in the Oral Office

    Informed sources Inside the Beltway report that First Lady Laura Bush has established temporary residence in the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC as a result of a tiff with President Bush over an extramarital relationship involving her husband. Mr. Bush's tryst is said to involve Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. It is not known how long Mrs. Bush plans to remain at the Mayflower, however, her security detail has been present at the hotel during hours when the First Lady would normally be residing in the White House. While she was National Security Adviser, Rice, who has never been married, referred to George W. Bush as "my husband" before she corrected herself and said, "the president." Rice was speaking at a dinner when she made her "husband" remarks.

  15. E.L.

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    Ha Ha Ha you read the Wayne Madsen report.!!! Doesn’t the national inquire own them too? Hey try Rense head lines too [loco] :D

  17. Valkman

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    My ass. I voted for Bush -TWICE - and thank God he beat the twin idiots Gore/Kerry, who already would have surrendered to Iran.

    Hmm, the economy is booming, unemployment is miniscule, no attacks since 9/11, permanent tax cuts.

    He has f$#ked up on things too, but we are 1000 times better off than if we had Gore/Kerry/Hillary in there. Then this country will become like CA and NY - a place you don't want to be.
  18. E.L.

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    Amen brother. And we still have our guns.
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    I thought LBJ still held that title :D
  20. Infidel

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    I am from CA and it is pretty damn nice. the weather rocks, women are prettier than in Wyoming or montana or alabalabama. East coast sucks mainly due to shitty weather. the rest, the rest are just the states you fly over. grey people live there.

    As for 911. The government was likely implicitly involved in the buildings going down. Of course likely no ammount of evidence can convince some jingoistick dumbass but likely people on this board are of a higher caliber than that.

    Gypsy Taub Confronts Members of the Kean Whitewash Commission

    it's all good that you can keep your guns while they take all of the liberties away.

    It is called death by a thousand cuts.

    Click on the allegation of your choice


    His top aides exposed an undercover CIA agent to silence critics
    -- Lies, deception and coverups to push the war in Iraq
    -- Convicted of drunk driving. Lied repeatedly to cover up his arrest.
    -- Lying under oath. Bush & staff stop investigation of contributor's huge funeral home company.
    -- Avoided Vietnam and Skipped Out on his National Guard Service
    -- Texas government corruption: State $$ for campaign funders & business cronies
    -- Cocaine: felony drug use, vile hypocrisy, and a hushed up arrest?
    -- His "young and irresponsible" behavior: sex, drugs and (gasp!) rock and roll?
    -- Thin skinned: censors his critics with police, lawyers, $$$
    -- Character: Spoiled rich kid living off his family's name and reputation
    -- Made millions on insider business deals, for little work
    -- -- Deal #1. Personal Profits from Failing Oil Companies
    -- -- -- -- Easy Money From Odd Sources
    -- -- -- -- A Surprise Deal From Bahrain
    -- -- -- -- Access to the President and National Security Adviser for his foreign business partner
    -- -- Deal #2. Selling Oil Stocks Just Before Iraq Invaded: lucky guess or illegal insider trading?
    -- -- Deal #3. A Big Slice of a Baseball Team
    -- -- -- -- Hypocrisy: using government coercion to make his private fortune

    -- Quotes

    -- Sources
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