DIY Garden Projects With PVC Pipe

Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by chelloveck, Dec 1, 2015.

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    I saw this image of a PVC garden project. It looks like there are feeder pipes on the right side to water the tower. I have tried to find instructions as to how the water would circulate but I do not know if this is a circulation grower or one that just waters.


    DIY PVC gardening ideas and projects |
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    @chelloveck love the tomato trellis so much simpler than wire and easier to clean and store at the end of ths season.

    The squash arch would work well if you only want small squash, for larger squash will have to figure out how to tie slings. I use tights or pantyhose (because they are cheap and stretch) to sling watermelons and cantalope on a trellis. Never thought about doing squash.

    My other thought is, when you let the squash sprawl, it provides ground cover which does 2 things, keeps the weeds down and provides micro climate for retaining moisture in the soil. Just some considerations depending on your climate. I can see how trellising would work well in a high humid environment.

    Nice Find!

    I've been looking at these for indoor, winter greens


    Art Garden - YouTube

    Brock Hughes - YouTube
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    I wondered about the trellis and the weight of the crop. If your vines really did blossom and start to produce, one may have to shore the trellis.

    Don't the leaves also provide shade for the produce it is growing. When the hot summer days hit, the leaves on my zucchini plant wilt over the plant therefore shading the squash.
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    Weight, you can pick the blossoms and limit the amount of squash/pumpkins on the trellis.

    I pick my blossoms on pumpkins, 1)you can eat them and fewer blossoms means larger fruit. The plant concentrates on what is alive, not what is missing. 2) you can grow bigger pumpkins. So for pumpkins over 100lbs I never have more than one or two blossoms and I put them in a wash tub with water so they don't' flatten on one side.

    IF you want smaller pumpkins you let it grow lots of blossoms close to the ground. PVC is pretty strong, the worst that can happen is it snaps and then you are back to growing on the ground.
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    I used concrete screen for tomato cages and for trellising squash back in the 90's.. worked pretty well..
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