DIY Lice Prevention Spray

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by pearlselby, Feb 25, 2016.

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    I've heard of tee tree oil and never used it yet.
    I have been using minced garlic adding it to food and it seems to deal with many parasites .
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    Tea Tree Oil is very good to have on hand.
    25 Uses for Tea Tree Oil - Keeper of the Home

    We eat a lot of garlic and minced garlic and you are right, no parasites problems here either.

    When I can tomatoes, pickles, onions, hot mixes, potatoes, and meats, I always add the minced garlic. It is a staple here too.

    I read somewhere if you only had one herb, it should be garlic.

    'Super lice' hits 25 states, including MO, IL

    I just found this article.
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    GoJo. It works every time. It has enough patrolium products in it that it kills eggs, adults and all. Leave it on for about 10 or 15 minutes. It gives you a terrible case of the geasies but you WILL NOT HAVE LICE. Then just shampoo to get your hair clean.
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    Nawp, GoJo hand cleaner, usually found in mechanic's shops, machine shops and the like for degreasing hard working paws. Sometimes in cans, sometimes in crank operated dispensers, always in something orange in color (at least that's what I've seen and used.)
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    Thanks @ghrit I just looked it up and edited my post.

    Thank you very much. I have essential oil on the brain.
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    I hesitate to put this one up. GoJo has mineral spirits in it, or something like it. You can use straight mineral spirits but it tends to burn your skin, not to mention that it is flamiable. I do not necessarily recommend using mineral spirits.

    I have seen several hand cleaning products on the market that do NOT contain patrolium products. Not 100% sure but I do not think these products will work. You are looking for the patrolium base, i.e. mineral spirits.

    It always seemed to me that the GoJo was a better alternative to using a product that contained Pyrethrum.

    Pyrethrum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I just looked up GoJo. They have a plethora of products but they still have the original formula, that is the one you want.
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