DIY Mason Jar: Non-Circulating Hydroponics (AKA the Kratky method)

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    A member passed this method of growing herbs onto me and I thought I would share. Like many, I have herbs sprouting plus other stuff on my kitchen windowsill. This is a method that lets you grow herbs indoors. Sometimes herbs grown indoors do not have success like they do when planted outdoors. Non-circulating hydroponics is quite interesting. The author of the article grew mint, which is supposed to be one of the easiest things to grow (some of us have issues).


    Here is what you need:

    Minimum requirements:

    Wide mouth mason jar
    3 inch net pot
    1 inch rockwool cube
    Hydroton clay pellets
    Spray paint (not pictured)
    Plastic grocery bag (not pictured)
    Herb seeds of your choice
    Hydroponic nutrients of your choice (not pictured)

    Please follow the link for instructions. Macro Garden: DIY Mason Jar: Non-Circulating Hydroponics (AKA the Kratky method)

    Also, the comments have some Q & A in there so I would read that also. I am hoping to have success because fresh herbs are wonderful to have on hand.
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    That looks cool
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    This is an informative advertisement, but much free info can be gleaned from it. it is basic aquaponics. Easy DIY Aquaponics fertilize your plants with fish poop
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    I have taken a small amount of seed like clover or a salad mix and just soaked it for a day or two in a mason jar and then drained the water off. Rinse and drain every day for a few days and stuff grows like crazy in the jar. Use some kind of screen to keep the seeds from going down the drain. Mung beans and wheat have worked well also. Either eat this stuff or feed to chickens. Set up multiple jars to have fresh stuff each day.
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    @Big Ron I envy your success. I have had many batches of sprouts mildew/mold. I know it is from too much moisture but I am in a dry climate so I tend to over do it. I have always left a bit of water in but I will try your method and totally drain them.
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    I use this method for herbs and hot peppers in the long northern winter. The hot peppers seem much hotter than dirt grown peppers. Not sure why.
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  7. Ganado

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    i love this guy he uses things you have everyday at home

    the only think i will say about this method is you have to balance the nutrients at the start or you get bitter lettuce and herbs, love how this guy just starts one or 2 a week for his continuous lettuce supply

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