DIY Mosquito Trap

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    EZ to do...
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    It adds that slightly yeasty brewery scent to the home which is sure to keep temperance folk away too! ;)
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    What a great video. I started watching and thought that is gross, maybe I can wrap it and he said don't wrap it. Like he read my thoughts. Very informative, simple instructions. Good share @chelloveck
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    The Mosquito Magnet works on the same principle of carbon dioxide. Then they add suction (vacuum/air pressure) to suck them into aa net bag. (These are not cheap machines, but I was given one as a gift).
    I expect this passive trap would work well, and I intend to test this idea, come summertime.
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    I'm making one as a project to do with my should be fun. (the gateway to brewing mead for personal consumption instead of a mosquito attractant. ;)
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    Homemade Wasp Trap
    These are pictured in the video at the beginning of the thread but I thought the different ingredients for different pests useful.

    • plastic soda bottle
    • scissors
    • string for hanging
    • tape
    • bait (balsamic vinegar, flat soda, fruit, beer, wine, or fruit juice)
    • a few drops of dish soap, optional
    1. Cut the top off the bottle just below the shoulder, where the cone part begins. Take the entire top off. Remove the cap and recycle.
    2. Add your bait and a bit of water. A few drops of dish soap will help to kill the wasps quickly.
    3. Turn the top part over and fit it inside the bottom part so it looks like a funnel. Make sure there is enough room so that the funnel bottom does not rest on the bait. There should be enough room for the wasp to fly around.
    4. Carefully cut two holes in the top part of the bottle just below the top edge. Tape the two pieces together. String your string through both holes and tie the ends together.
    Using your wasp/hornet trap
    Hang near your home or outdoor area, but not right next to where you are. When it’s full or no longer attracts the wasps, take apart, empty and fit back together with new bait.

    Homemade Mosquito Trap
    (pictured above)

    Supplies & Ingredients*
    *You’ll be making the same type of set up as for the wasps, but you’ll use different bait.

    1. Place the brown sugar in the warm water. Stir to dissolve. Add the yeast. (The brown sugar feeds the yeast, which in turn gives off carbon dioxide, which mosquitoes are attracted to.)
    2. Begin assembling your trap as instructed above.
    3. Pour your bait into the bottom of the trap and complete assembly as instructed above.
    Using your mosquito trap
    Place the mosquito trap near where you work and play, not away from the areas like the wasp trap. This will probably fill up faster than the wasp trap, so you may need to clean it out more often.

    Additional Notes
    • White sugar will work, but brown sugar and even demerara and turbinado sugars work better than white sugar.
    • Meat will attract wasps in the spring when they are looking for protein.
    • I bury the insides of the trap in my garden at the back edge. I used to compost the whole mess, but then I had raccoons and opossums digging in the compost.
    • After a year or so the plastic will start to break down. I recycle the plastic and make new ones each year.
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  8. The mosquitoes are just starting to get bad here, think I might have to try this one out soon.Thanks for the share
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