DIY trail stoves from recycled materials

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    Sometimes it's worth while looking at what some of the other monkey tribes are doing in the survival tree! ; )

    DIY trail stove

    The Woodsmonkey Forum • View topic - DIY - Toaster Oven into Gear

    and a kidney cup lid....heating is quicker and the liquid stays hot longer.

    The Woodsmonkey Forum • View topic - DIY - Canteen Cup Bikini Lid

    and a DIY frypan swivel handle...makes packing a frypan easier with less wasted space.

    The Woodsmonkey Forum • View topic - DIY - One-Egg Wonder Pan Folding Handle

    they are some interesting ideas to play with
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  3. SurviveN

    SurviveN Monkey+ has a lid for the canteen cup for $20 and it has strainer holes on both ends. made of stainless steel and also have a plastic one with sip hole for drinking hot tea or coffee. both are same price. he also made a nice stove out of a canteen cup. im making one myself.
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