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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bishop, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Bishop

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    Ok it's time to renew my driver's license so I go in with a copy of my birth certificate SSN and two letters with address lady said they could not take my birth certificate because it was a copy of a certified copy well I am in uniform with my current driving license a military I'd a cancelled weapons license my state ID my inmate supervision card my SSN tattooed to my rib cage hunting fishing license in and out if state still no chance they want me to go to the Heath dep. In the next town pay 15 and get a birth certificate that I already have I say no I think I have my original at home so I check and I do the kind they put your feet prints on raised seal and all go back in they can't take that ok I go to Heath dep and fill out paperwork that I use my copy of my birth certificate to fill in the blanks I take it back to work and make a copy and have the staff assistance notarized the copy because now I have made it a game I take it in and hand it to her I can't take this why not it's a copy no it's a notarized copy I can't take yes you can she asked why I did not bring in the original I did bring in the original you did not take it you made me get a copy where's the copy you have it no that's a copy and so on finally they give in and now I have my new license and when I left I was not the one mad.
  2. chelloveck

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    The mill wheels of the civil service grind exceedingly fine, except when they encounter a stone that will not be crushed. I like a story with a happy ending. :)
  3. DKR

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    Odd. I just show my passport. In Alaska we have to option of not paying for a 'fedgov compliant' set of "identity papers".

    I just get the drivers license.

    Evey day, the walls get just a little bit closer.
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  4. techsar

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    Hmm...I just show my old problem.

    No SSN on it, either :)
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  5. SB21

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    Around here you can just renew online. They'll Mail one out to you. My last license I got, I didn't renew my CDLs, they started wanting the yearly physical, long story short, stupid doctor. Later on, they just mailed me a new license, without the CDL endorsement ,didn't even have to pay for it.
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  6. Bishop

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    Apparently I have a star on mine now and don't have to jump through hoops any more
  7. Airtime

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    And then there are people who think government run health care is a good idea.
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  8. 3M-TA3

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    Can't wait until they take over our medical system! Yee-Haw!!!!
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  9. ghrit

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    It'll be easy. Your forearm RFID will serve both the DMV and the CMD (centralized medical database.)
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  10. Seepalaces

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    Twitch, twitch, twitch....
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  11. Bandit99

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    Sounds, like a "'Who's on first, 'What's on second and 'I don't know' is on third" to me. Good thing I wasn't there or I would have laugh so hard they'd throw me into jail thinking I got a screw loose. LOL! After reading this, I had to go listen to Abbott and Costello do this as one of the best comedy skits ever...
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  12. Bishop

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    Lol yeah happy camper picture. KIMG1436_02.JPG
  13. TXKajun

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    New Mexico just started the "Real ID" program this year and that makes renewing a driver's license a nightmare for U.S. citizens. My wife, though, is Native American....from Canada!

    Well, long story short, after 2 hours waiting she was told she had to be fingerprinted in order to renew license, even after showing up at DMV with old license, passport, birth certificate, and good attitude. OK, so when can I get my fingerprints done? Oh, we don't do them down here in SENM. You have to go 1.5 hours away. And call and make an appointment. WTH?? OK, she calls and first appointment she can get is 6 weeks away! Geez! And her license is expiring in 3 days. Sooo she waits..and waits....and waits. 2 weeks later, I go in to our local DMV to get registration and tag renewed. I take a number....#75. They're on #7. So I wait for an hour and they get all the way to #10. I leave, go to a little town about 10 miles away, stand in line for about 45 minutes, leave with new registration and sticker. I talked to the very nice young lady about Sweetie's situation and she said "Nope. Have her come here." A week later, Sweetie goes in with same documentation, the young lady says "Oh, we just had a training class on this!" 20 minutes later, Sweetie walks out with new license.

    If she'd been illegal, she'd have had a new license within 30 minutes at first DMV. Ridiculous!

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  14. duane

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    New Hampshire just gave in, got last license over internet, next one has to have birth certificate etc. Born in a borrowed bed 80 years ago and delivered by Doc who filed papers that I had been born. Went thru all that when I got my first security clearance 60 plus years ago. Baptized at home by lay minister, delivered at home, birth registered but not certified.and records of Doc long gone. Don't know what they figured out, just know I got cleared in end and never applied for a passport, don't need one if on military orders and quit going to Canada when they changed the rules.
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