Do any of our politicians stand for anything?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hess, Dec 2, 2009.

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    <!-- message --> When I follow the news and listen to the elected officials they always talk about the hard work of 'making deals' to get legislation passed. Instead of making deals why don't they just say bribery, corruption, lining my pockets, feathering my nest,stealing from the tax payer, or something a little more accurate?
    Let me make up an example. Lets say the powers to be want to pass a giant spending bill on something I don't support and was elected on not supporting. Maybe a new drive through abortion center or something else larger and worse. The Rahm Emanuels of the process come to my office to bribe me for my critical vote. I tell them I want the Hess International Airport (out here in the boonies and of no value) and I want high paying do nothing jobs for my wife and girls. We then shake hands, I vote for his bill, and everybody gets what they want. Too bad for the tax payers who get raped along the way and the fact that after all the conservative talk and baby kissing I sold out.
    Personally I like the things Ron Paul and Sarah Palin have to say, but why are they still Republicans? If they really are who they say they would know that no appreciable change will ever come from within the two corrupted cancerous parties. Are they really a breath of fresh air or just a distraction? How many times have you folks voted someone into office only to be disappointed when they fell into line just as the party bosses told them? That is how business is done.
    I have a lot of respect for the opinions of many folks on this forum and would like to know what you all think. I feel like I am constantly being betrayed in Washington, many times by the politicians that seem to agree with me but won't grow a pair. They talk the talk, and it ends there.

    God bless you all.
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    People like Ron Paul, who are seasoned politicians, know that they cannot change anything if they are immediately branded a "blind patriot". In the political arena, the congressman or senator must do a little harm in order to benefit the greater good -this is nothing new; we are the reformation of ancient Rome, with a modern, fascist twist (ever notice the fasces in the senate background, or the back of the dime?) and the United States is far from being a republic of the People, for the People, and by the People.

    The corporations run our country; they work in tandem with their own masters of deceit, the money changers, A.K.A. the Federal Reserve. The politicians are nothing more than mere henchmen, hired by Corporate America to do the bidding's of the Globalists. The name of the game in the theater of this world is CONTROL. And these politicians like Ron Paul know full well just how little power he has unless he can show that he can also "play ball". This doesn't mean that he is a criminal or guilty of treason. Some politicians, like Paul, are true patriots -they take a stand against tyranny, but they also do not burn any bridges either. This is one strategy which has kept him in office for as long as it has, his longevity in politics is only supported by the collective cartel of deceit because he truly poses little threat.

    Make no mistake; ALL politicians, no matter their affiliation, are either ON BOARD with the globalist agenda, or they are SHUT OUT entirely. Try to run a campaign when the media refuses to invite you to their conferences and televised debates. Try to get your legislation passed when the mass memo that went out yesterday warned against it and forbade any to support it or else they would be ridiculed, ousted, and the blackmail used against them. And yes, you WILL have dirt on you or else you cannot be a part of their collective. You WILL be controlled. You WILL obey.

    Politicians are not OUR servants any longer. They haven't been for a very long time.
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