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    Fear has paralyzed our abilities to seek real solutions to big problems. Our government realized that our fear of them was within our control when we voted so many of them out of office for being anti second-amendment. They mounted a new campaign to instill fear in the American people; the fear of terrorism. Now, we are constantly reminded that we must be frightened and that the only way to keep us safe is with bigger government, more controls, and more surveillance. What a slick move; simple redirection; slight of hand and we are totally under their control rather than the other way around. They even think that we can be told how to vote because that is what is needed to keep us safe. What a crock of horse shit!
    Those of us that refuse to be frightened by their boogey-men, are made to jump through extra hoops to get on a plane. I just saw a sign at the airport stating that it is now a crime, punishable by possible fines and imprisonment, to joke or argue with a TSA dink, for christ’s sake! So many frightened people, ignorant people, will wave their flags and point out that we haven’t had another major incident since 9/11 in the States thanks to this program of repression. These same people are totally ignorant of our Republic, in fact, believe it to be a democracy and have been deliberately led there by our .gov, That has taken over our public educational system; see the patterns here? They have taken over our local police force with federal guide-lines attached to our own tax dollars.
    “So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself -- nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” FDR
    A great many of us are beginning to realize that we can no longer continue to hide our heads in the sand and live in fear of our government or their agenda. I am openly opposed to buying into the “fear” game and refuse to participate. I will not have my vote intimidated into voting for another empty suit by threats of the alternate choice being a greater evil; from now on, evil is evil and I will not choose between them.
    I will choose to fight evil. I am not afraid of our enemies, perceived or real and I am not afraid of the Government of the North American Union. Our republic was taken over by corporations and is being dictated by an occupying hostile force and I am at war to take it back. My first weapon is my voice, my second is my vote but do not think I or thousands of others have only these two small weapons in our arsenal. The Soviet Union could not defeat <st1:country-region w:st="on">Afghanistan</st1:country-region>; the <st1:country-region w:st="on">United States</st1:country-region> could not defeat <st1:country-region w:st="on">North Viet Nam</st1:country-region>, there is no reason to believe that the North American Union can defeat the <st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">United States of America</st1:place></st1:country-region>!
    We will not be afraid! NO FEAR!
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    "Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience." - John Locke 1690

    Look me up when you get to the camps Sea. We'll do lunch. Then use our sporks to dig under the wall.
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    Iam confounded by the " well I'm not gonna vote for Mr.X because he has no chance of winning!"bs.

    Of course if nobody votes third party (or in this case RP).Whats more important "your guy" wins, or the process evolves. I don't see it as"wasting" my vote at all Mr. "well he can't win""stephanopoulas ;you moron. ")
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    These are things that I believe.

    I truely believe that electing RP is the last chance we have at restoring the Consitution by peacefull means.

    I also believe that come hell or high water there is not way TPTB are going to allow RP to be elected.

    This is a FACT.

    I am getting #%&^ing sick and tired of sitting on the sideline watching this once great nation being drug down by TPTB.

  5. <exile>

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    I'm with you Seacowboys however many of the J6Ps I speak with just aren't there yet, they just aren't pissed enough. A few more SWAT raids on the wrong house due to confidential informants, strip searches of the daughters for questionable pens in their backpack at airports and tazing for questioning a police officer's motives are necessary to get them in a position to exercise their vocal cords and vote non-mainstream. Although there just might be enough pissed people at this point in the political process to make a change, time will tell.

    Haven't flown in awhile and had to look that one up, amazing.
  6. Blackjack

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    Only when it's too late....... maybe now.
  7. Brokor

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    I will play devil's advocate here and tell you all that you may believe that you are not afraid...but you will be. Oh yes, you will. (/Yoda voice)

    For decades, centuries even- the people have always had choices to make, and just when the time came around for them to act, as history has proven and time has cemented, their indifference and fearful actions when finally taken have brought about the current results. War for profit spawned by banking interests and secret societies, yet inexplicably orchestrated and finalized by the masses themselves...political structures infiltrated and controlled by elite corporate megalomaniacs and tyrants granted power only by the consent of the outlets and institutions of higher learning perpetually controlled by devious schemers and greedy, hateful types who only become empowered by those who also buy into the lie. These things take time. Energy. Thought. Preserverance. Bottom line: the people are always with choices, even if the choices offered are a false paradigm; there is always the choice to "opt out", always the choice to "revolt and repel", or to "dissent".

    These elitists look upon the people of the world as if they were cattle. Let's scrutinize this philosophy closely; first, cattle is easily herded into a confined area- cities for humans are not too far separated from a fenced-in farm pasture. A wild herd can be culled and forced to become docile to the point of accepting its imprisonment, even depending upon it for survival. How is this any different from populations of people who can no longer survive without electricity and grocery stores?

    The time has come for a new type of revolution, it is the final culmination of this existence without progress- the stagnant, dependent classes of people in the world will have a terrible awakening, and the religious zealots and fanatics will continue to fuel the fires, just as they were intended. Instead of living with purpose, with a common goal and selfless service toward one another, mankind has set their boundaries, drawn the line at their feet and decided to place petty desires and contempt for each other ahead of achieving greatness. And what will become of the human race in a thousand years with continued nationalistic pride, religious dogma, and perpetual servitude to a corrupt philosophical system? Most who have come to recognized the acts taking place behind the stage curtain believe that these elitists and corporate tycoons only wish to rid the world of their parasitic, pathetic existence...but what is seemingly never considered is the distinct possibility that the multitudes have willingly and knowingly sealed their own prisons and applauded as the doors slam shut. Some may blame these sinister tactics, and to some degree they are justified, but I believe not entirely. The people of the world are still making decisions, to hell with what is in the stew- the masses are still gobbling it up and asking for more. And in this single, solitary realization the hands of the puppet masters are washed clean forever.

    To know who is to blame for a world full of sh*t, look no further than the closest mirror. Entire civilizations rise and fall, this is an inescapable fact. What may come at the end of this all may very well become the greatest rebirth of humanity ever. If we are lucky, we can welcome the age of reason and finally begin to make true progress.
  8. Seacowboys

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    I like my quick-grits as much as the next person so I'll accept my share of the blame but the simple fact is that I have had enough of being afraid. I have made a life-time study of being civilly disobedient. I have lived outside the box for a great number of years ; life without an address other than the mail box at a marina, a cell phone that gets recharged anonymously at Wally World when needed, satellite internet from an unregistered earth-station. If I were to be classified, it would be as "Homeless" but I have several homes and they fall off the screen. I do have a fixed residence now, in Alabama,as well as in a few lesser known third-world communities, but I spent years building and hiding my shanty-boat and cabin retreats and have even managed to share this with others that need a place of refuge. Maybe steps towards fixing the problem are just baby steps, but you have to start somewhere. I work in a field that takes me all over the world and pays me very well for it; for that, I am lucky. It is not a great leap for me to just not bother to return, yet I do because I still believe this country can be fixed. I have gotten past the fears for my own mortality; it will happen when it does. I have lived on the streets and it did not intimidate me. I have lived through wars being fought and maintained my self. I have lived in foreign lands without the infrastructure of thousands of co-conscripts to support me and managed quite well. My services are valuable enough to both my employer and various governments, that I get a free ride on a lot of the "security" issues, for example, my Port badge is one of the green ones, the ones that let you access all the places, even the spots where the police can't go unescorted. I use the system when needed, but have managed to circumvent many of the more problematic areas quite well and am always on the look-out for better and more effective means. A person's strength cannot be accurately measured as an individual but rather, by their sphere of influence; I got a lot of friends in the right places. There is no doubts in my reasoning that if enough people join together in their resolve to make changes, then change will occur and it will continue to evolve until either satisfaction is met or their demise. There is no room for fear.
  9. Brokor

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    You keep saying that there is no room for fear. It is quite truthful, however, that fear is a very powerful tool. And like it or not, accept it or not, fear will be used -it will be implemented in the campaign to conquer and control. People will most times make the most rash decisions due to fear, and wise men become fools when they are frightened. In order to see past this obstacle, one must recognize that the name of the game is not one solely dependent upon scare tactics alone; it is one for control. All of this has a very simple anecdote, however...but this is in no way a permanent solution to the long term affliction-

    And that is to gain control over your life, seek greatness and inspire others to the same. Naturally, it is a bit too late in the game to suddenly decide to openly resist this campaign, but take it how you wish and do as you feel you must. The time for any reasonable amount of success to overcome your adversary passed more than 70 years ago, and any current and future resistance will be met with the silent hand that has been cultivated and preened with virulent purpose. Today is the day that Churchill warned of; it is the day Napoleon and Stalin dreamt, as it is the day that childish dreams and desperate release do not even have a precarious chance of success.

    People need to learn to stand on their own.

    They cannot do this with their current parameters. The hard drive needs to be reformatted.
  10. Seacowboys

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    And if I am reading you right, you think we should surrender? Just cower down and accept our just desserts? I don't think so. Sure, most will do just that very thing and that is sad and that is unavoidable but some of us are just born to tilt wind-mills and will look for every crack in the wall to direct our meager energies until the crack becomes a fissure and the fissure becomes a breech and the mass will flood the fields of carefully cultivated servitude with revolt. Might I suggest that anger is a more productive emotion to be trained than is fear? When I was 12, a neighborhood bully had me afraid of him. He would chase me home from school every day until one day, I had enough and stood up to him. He kicked my ass that day. He kicked my ass the next day and several consecutive days after that until finally, he just gave up. He could probably still kick my ass today, forty years later but I'll bet he would get tired of doing it after a while and just give up.
  11. ghrit

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    I'd say there is room for fear until being afraid becomes entirely too much effort. It is not necessary to get angry, it is only required that you've had enough. It is not necessary to become brave, either, that is a sure way to get lost in action, if bravery is translated as foolhardiness (meaning actions that are not properly planned.) The key remains preparation, whether for defiant action, or defiant inaction (read as refusal to follow the mob.)
    Whether you don't show up on the radar and fade out of view, or you stand up and become a target is relatively immaterial, the action has to be planned and the consequences of that action acknowledged. We may have to have a few martyrs to gel the rest to resistance, regrettably that has to be, and also that martyrdom has to be broadcast whether by media or by reputable word of mouth. When the sheep finally come out of the corral and convert to sheepdogs, there will be hope. Not until then is there the faintest chance of turning this mess around.

    I'm not too sure that bringing modern civilization to some of the lost tribes will do any good, but there is a chance, however small, that the tribe will survive.
  12. Brokor

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    Well said, Ghrit. And, I am not saying that we should surrender, SC. Quite the opposite, in fact. I believe that we must NOT live with the illusion of thinking we can collectively overcome what we (used loosely) have created through ignorance and fear. I have absolutely no faith in mankind, no hope and no desire to rally others to fight for their inalienable right to live freely- particularly because I believe that the majority simply does not deserve it. That sounds harsh, I know. I am not the type of man who can afford to waste time and energy on other people who only serve to lessen our species. I have a low tolerance for ignorance and parasitic behavior, and I do not see this as a personal weakness, but rather as a standard and a bearing.

    Truth be told; billions, I repeat- billions of "people" would rather believe in a fairy tale novel about an afterlife which cannot be proven nor accepted by the rational. In doing so, they inadvertently choose that imaginary promised existence over the one they currently have. The choice has been made, and their minds are made up. Religion serves to enslave people, not free them- and when taken to the extreme, as all major religions which promise an afterlife do tend to become extreme, these people will be willing to die for their god and country before weighing the possibility of whether or not their actions have consequences. Taking responsibility for ones' own actions takes a back row seat to religious dogma and personal greed. So, what is the answer? Do we just give up and allow the world to change around us, or do we act and use force to inflict our own will? That is for you to decide.

    I watch and I wait. I work from the inside, carefully manipulating all that I can without giving myself away. I know my own limitations, and I know the consequences of both success and failure. This is what makes me dangerous. I also carefully consider my options and weigh the possibilities thoroughly, knowing that I am but one against many. To know your enemy, you must know yourself- your weaknesses, your strengths. I also know that no matter the angle of approach, this enemy is perfectly prepared and fully capable. Toward the outer branches of control, you will find numerous threads of disorganization and weaknesses...but on the inside, there is only primed and oiled perfection- an order which has spanned centuries and will not cave in to societal pressure. You can assault any avenue you choose, chop off any leg you wish, but if you do not know where the source is, it will grow back. Added to this is the terrible burden of ignorance, which there is an abundant supply amidst the masses. Top this off with disorganization, hatred, fear, contempt, greed, and dependency and you have absolutely no hope to wage war on any front. The people have become divided (Balkanized) and controlled, and their own personal battles will surely get in the way of any proposed counter attack.

    Even so, there ARE decent, informed people out there. They are the true minority, and they are growing in numbers every day. But, like I said is a day late and many dollars short for a chance of victory. Out of all of these good people, I can take a guess and claim that even half do not possess what it will take to survive and come out on top, if that number alone could "somehow" be victorious. Perhaps I am only a pessimist. I wish that were true.
  13. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    "You can assault any avenue you choose, chop off any leg you wish, but if you do not know where the source is, it will grow back."

    Sounds like the definition of stateless terrorists. Can you say Al Khaida? (Or maybe a few members of the monkey tribe that want to survive.)
  14. Minuteman

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    20 years ago I could have written that same post. I felt exactly like you do. I am a highly educated, rational man. I couldn’t believe that people could be so gullible as to believe such fairy tales as religion put forth. No sane, rational, thinking man could fall for such drivel.

    When engaged in debate with one of those deluded by the preposterous, I would quote Freud’s assessment that "religion was the result of an adults need for a father figure to guide them in adulthood" Man in general, I argued, is weak and cannot cope with the realities of life and therefore hides himself in fables to escape. I was not one of those. I was stronger than that.

    But, that all changed. And I won’t bother you with the details but suffice to say that all of my reasoning, all of my rationality, my wisdom, my intellect, was for naught.

    When I came face to face with the "truth" and it is the truth, not just "my" truth. I found that I could no more deny it than I could deny that the sun rose and set each day. It is a simple fact of life and to try and deny it after learning of it is impossible. You can hide from it, but you can never again doubt its existence.

    And therein lies the bone of contention among those who have not found it, have not come face to face with it. They do not believe, and there is simply no way to prove it to them. The existence of a higher power, of a creator, and a God who watches and guides the lives of men, is not a concept that can be scientifically proven. And on the surface seems to be a preposterous belief to one who has never felt the presence of God. And the stoic knowledge among believers that they are "right" and know the "truth", is a major thorn to those who do not believe. "How can you be certain?" they say. "Show me the proof."

    My attempt to explain it is this:

    Imagine a house of blind people. They have been raised indoors all of their lives, never going outside. Try to tell them about the sun. A great ball of fire that floats in the sky. It burns continually but never consumes itself.

    What a preposterous idea. How could any rational thinking person believe such nonsense? How could you prove it to them? How could you make them believe? You cannot. Not by words. It is impossible.

    The only way they will ever know the truth, the only way they will ever believe, is if they experience it for themselves. But in order to do that they must be willing to get up and go outside. If they take that step, if they will let themselves be led out of the house, then, even though they cannot see it, they can sense it’s presence. They can know it is there, they can stretch their hands out to it, lift their face up to it and feel the warmth of it wash over them. And they will ever be changed after that. They will never again be able to deny its existence. For them it will be an undeniable truth, a fact of life.

    But for those who remain in the house, those unwilling to venture outside, to them the "proof" of it will never be known. Some may come to believe those who have returned, but they will never have the certainty, the irrefutable proof, that it is real.

    You speak of the "real" enemy and how that it is man’s ignorance that is holding us back from evolving to a higher level, the full potential of what we can achieve. I am paraphrasing your words of course and if I am in error please correct me, but that is the summation that I glean from your writings.

    You are so close to the truth that it is heart rending for me to read your words. Because I too saw the world as you see it. I was once where you are, or seem to me to be. I don’t presume to know your mind.

    Many people see only a small part of the whole. They only scratch the surface. Many people know that there is a conspiracy in the world. Some see it being foisted and perpetuated by globalists, religionists, corpratists. They can sense an undercurrent in the world, a force that seeks the enslavement of man. And if we could only fight against it, defeat it, then we would be free.

    But for those in the house, those who have never felt the warmth of the sun, they will ponder and speculate and uncover slivers of truth, but the true scope of the world, the complete picture will forever elude them. To understand this conspiracy, this epic struggle, you have to be able to see it from the correct perspective.

    There is a conspiracy at work in the world, a concise and detailed plan to enslave mankind, a battle for the species if you will. But it only partially exists in the physical world. It is conceived, controlled, and conducted in the realm of the spirit. And we are spiritual beings and therefore sensitive to the undercurrents in that realm, even if we do not understand or know what it is that we are feeling.

    That is why this conspiracy has existed from time immemorial. It far outlasts the fleeting lives of men. The New World Order is not new at all. It is the most ancient of ideals, the oldest of conspiracies, the unending since the beginning of time goal and aspiration of our real enemy, our real foe. It is planted and nurtured in the minds of men, but it does not originate there. The idea that we can achieve a greater existence, become an evolved species, a higher life form, is an ancient delusion used to enslave men from the dawn of creation. "We can be God. We can be a supreme being. It exists within all of us. It is only the weak minded, foolish unlearned people who are holding us back. The conspiracy is of man to bind us with the chains of religious dogma to hold us back from becoming the pinnacle of what we are capable of being."

    This delusion has been used throughout history to initiate and justify the greatest evils committed by man, upon man. And it will be used again in the future. The desire to eliminate that, which is holding the rest back, the barrier to our great evolutionary leap to a greater existence, that will be the true delusion, the true conspiracy. And many "rational", "thinking", people will fall for it. Thinking they are breaking free they will become hopelessly enslaved. The great age of reason, is in actuality the great deception.

    But to those who have stepped out of the house, those who have felt the warmth of the sun, they will not be deceived, they will know the truth. And know that it is truth. They will know the truth and they will be truly free.

    And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32

    I know that it is this type of surety that drives non-believers mad. But if you have never stepped outside the house, you can never understand. And I cannot convince you. So those in the house will continue on in their great delusion believing that they are the rational ones and trying to convince the others of their folly, yet all the while they are actually the ones decieved.

    I urge you Brokor, and anyone else in the house, to feel your way to the door. Take the step to open it and see what's on the other side. No words, logic, or rational thought will ever convince your mind that there is a sun in the sky. Only by stepping outside and turning your face to it will you ever feel it's warmth.
  15. AlterEgo

    AlterEgo Monkey+++

    Minuteman, no doubt the best post I have read in many years.

    Be blessed.

  16. ColtCarbine

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    We will need more than just the Constitution restored to bring our country back. Our country and people are being punished for turning it's back on God, without God the Constitution is nothing more than a piece of paper.

    “My people are being destroyed because they don't know me. It is all your fault, you priests, for you yourselves refuse to know me. Now I refuse to recognize you as my priests. Since you have forgotten the laws of your God, I will forget to bless your children” (Hosea 4:6)
  17. ColtCarbine

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    I only have one fear in life and that is the fear of God. I try my best not to be subjected to Satan's bogus fears but hey I'm human and have made mistakes.
  18. annie

    annie Monkey+++

    SC you have so many great points that I agree with, hats off to you for your accomplishments.

    Brokor, The more intelligentand disciplined mind, the more difficult it is to feel the sun.

    Minuteman, A wonderful witness, honest forthright & non threatening. Blessings to you.

    Colt Carbine, Yes much more than the Constitution needs to be revitalized. A people who have succumbed to greed and lust, accepted and embraced a lack of God and family values, cannot survive with the sleight of hand that at once says "you deserve" vs "you have earned". And once the carrot has been accepted, the dues to be extracted are perilous. The "Masters" are deceitful and treacherous, we should intuititively know better. annie
  19. Brokor

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    Minuteman, I just want you to know that I respect all of the members here at the Monkey who have been around a while. That being said, I will ask you one favor; please don't ever preach religious philosophy to me again. :) seriously. I am a 34 year old man, I grew up attending churches, Christian and Catholic. I have visited synogogues and read the Bible, old testament and new. I have studied the occult, wicca, paganism, satanism, and high magick. I have spent months with Buddhists and several prayer sessions with Shiva worshippers. I have meditated and pondered the vast workings of man's mind. I have studied psychology, both modern and ancient (Kabbalah). I have at one time bent down on my knees sobbing and whimpering begging Jesus to bless those I loved and talking with my invisible friend in the sky at the right hand of God.

    And then, in the year 2000, I woke up.

    I am sorry that you cannot see the world for what it is, and I am even sorry that you cannot accept the possibility that we are alone on this rock and there is currently no way off. I am sorry that when you die your body rots in the ground. But, I am not sorry that you said those words out of kindness to me. And, for that I am appreciative, friend.

    I just want you to know that if you believe your religion is important to you, then I hope that you use it to the best of your abilities and try not to focus on why other people aren't following in your footsteps. For thousands of years people have been baying at the moon and tithing to some sycophant or tyrant. And, as countless people perish in wars fought in their God's name, the unmistakable conclusion that is drawn, is that no "good deed" goes unpunished. Perhaps, is it the bible which mentions how we "reap what we sow"? Ah, so be it.

    Time for a change. I know it's scary. Fear has a way of making people cling even harder to their religion. It brings them comfort in times of calamity and depression. The mind works in amazing ways...

    It is incredible what is just beyond the horizon.
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  20. Brokor

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    Colt - what can I say? Man, oh man. The Constitution is not "worthless paper" without "GOD". In fact, there were just as many, if not MORE athiests who participated drafting that document. In addition, I would like to ADD how important it is to RECOGNIZE its purpose; which is to LIMIT the GOVERNMENT. With exception to the first ten amendments (added later, naturally), the Constitution placed restrictions on the GOVERNMENT (this is its purpose, despite the FACT that religious fanatics just LOVE spinning the truth). The only mention of the word "God" is in the Declaration of Independence. Once, I believe.

    Please get off your high horse. That being said...

    SMILE, because it's almost time to worship the SUN, for it is his birthday soon!
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