DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO...Season of Treason

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    You will receive a MASSIVE dose of reality if you watch this video. This will not be EASY. Your life may never again be the same. I am serious. THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

    I do not want to make life harder for anybody. If you are the type who truly appreciates life as it is, then disregard this video. Move on. If you know something is seriously wrong, if you have even suspected that nothing really makes sense any more, continue to watch the video.

    This video is excellent information for the beginner, for those who have not had extensive experience in legal and historical matters pertaining to "The United States". Please trust me if you can when I tell you I have known about much of this for more than twenty years. It is not easy to fully grasp at first, but if you focus and do not allow your preconceived thoughts to get in the way, there will be understanding for you by the end of this video. Virtually everything this man covers is his OPINION, but there's a lot which is actually based in law, in writing. It will take me months to provide all the information required to assist you in finding most of it, but some documents mentioned in the video can be of help.

    I will add this much, this man is not wrong. This is not "tinfoil hat" stuff, it's actual philosophy of law and situational awareness. Again, DO NOT watch this video if you feel that you may not be ready to receive a heavy dose of reality.

    This video is NOT safe for work, based on the content. There is some minor swearing at the end.

    More information: BIRTH CERTIFICATE - PART II S.O.T.
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    The saying "the meek shall inherit the earth" comes from the bible and for those who have done some research on the subject know the bible is sort of like a playbook for the NWO (for lack of a better term). The saying has always made me wonder what exactly it means. For a very long time I have been thinking about it and researching it and the word meek is an old term for gentle, such as in gentleman. It also means soft, submissive, kind, humble, etc. I couldn't help but notice after a while that there was a relationship between meek and servant. The thing that threw me off was that I was thinking that since the people are the slaves, that they are the meek, but this is not true. In fact, they often act the opposite. The truth is that in this world black is white and up is down and we can see this in terms like public servant. A lawyer is the new warrior. They fight with paper and pen, not swords and guns. So what the freemasons were saying when they coined this phrase is that in the 'rule of law' world the meek will ultimately win. The meek are the lawyers, the public servants, the gentlemen or society. They are those who learn how to use a pen and words to fight wars. The meek shall inherit the earth was a warning to watch out for lawyers and politicians. If it were a might makes right world it would be a different story or even a religious/spiritual rule but its not... at least not today. Tomorrow that may change.

    There is a vast opportunity for American people to choose the other system that still seems to be there only unused. Perhaps creating all of the office that has been abandoned and filling them with American citizens instead of United States citizens would be a good idea. We could go back to Pennsylvania where the original government of America was seated and re-form it using 10 amendments and gold and silver. I know there's a few people out there who would support a movement like that. We already have billions of acres of land here that are unpopulated. All we need to do is evict the squatters.

    How many people understand what that phrase "our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor" means?

    Avalon Project - General Orders No. 100 : The Lieber Code

    Illinois Attorney General - History of the Illinois Attorney General
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    If you watch this you will notice that the word America is no where in this oath

    The biggest obstacles preventing people from abandoning the US Inc. are job/money and travel. If you had a way to travel where ever you wanted to go and a means to earn a living without being under their thumb, who wouldn't choose to be free? Most people equate the choice today as it stands as a choice between being part of the system or starving to death. It would behove this whole movement to set an example of how it works without the state.
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    @enloopious - The word "America" has never been a part of the Oath of Office for the POTUS. The text of the Oath is as follows (and always has been): "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

    I agree with a lot of what you say in a lot of the threads but this isn't the Tin Foil Had forum so I'm keeping it to the facts on this one. There's enough crap out there for us to keep our eyes on that we don't need to be distracted by or create our own false flags.

    ETA - If, however, your point was to draw attention to the fact that "America" isn't in the Oath, well then...nevermind.
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    Two examples. Which represents the corporation? I will let you all decide.

    "the United States"

    "these United States"
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    @Brokor - Ok, I'm going to play devil's advocate for a minute. Using your own example, we were doomed from the beginning. There is not one single place in the Constitution where the phrase "these United States" can be found. In fact, the word "these" cannot be found in the Constitution. And it cannot be said that the word was not in use at the time because it fact it makes an appearance 11 years earlier in another (rather famous) document, the Declaration of Independence (We hold these truths to be self evident; among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness; That to secure these rights; Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies...).

    So, in all sincerity and honesty, and with malice toward none, what do we go back to? The founding documents that still don't use the "correct verbiage", documents that predate the Federal Reserve, the International Banking Cartels, predate all but maybe the Illuminati, Freemasons, Knights Templar and a couple others I can't come up with off the top of my head? Do we have to scrap it ALL and start completely over? Do we nuke ourselves and let nature start over with the bees?

    Words have meaning, I get that, especially in a legal sense. So in that vein should it even be United States? The Declaration of Independence has it as united States of America and the word united is smaller than States!

    Did they make a mistake when they wrote the Constitution? Is the Constitution referring to an entity OTHER than what the Declaration was referring to? Did they in fact set us up to fail sometime between 1776 and 1787? Do we go back to our beloved Constitution or is even that flawed?

    I'm serious, I want to know what you think about it.
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    But to answer your question, neither. The Corporation is represented by one of the following: "THE UNITED STATES", "UNITED STATES", "THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA" or "UNITED STATES of AMERICA". Capitalization is important.
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    I think the point is not that there are spelling errors but rather that they know exactly what they are writing and how to capitalize everything and what words they are using. There are no mistakes in any of these "coincidences". The point is that we can not understand what they are saying. The point is that we tithe the Queen to live on our own lands. Lawyers have Esquire to the Queen of England in their title of nobility when they pass the bar. If you watch the video it is plain that he is not recommending we scrap the Constitution but that we go back to the way it was before Abraham Lincoln changed it, before the government fell and a new facsimile was created. He is suggesting that we stop participating in that system and many Americans have already started doing just that. I know most people don't realize it but there are people numbering in the millions who have done just that. I have seen them with my own eyes from west coast to east coast. From the free Lakota nation to the freeman project of NH, to Canada, and several indian tribes who accept anyone who wants to join them. There are thousands of people living off the grid in forests and deserts from CA to ID, MT, WY, CO, WN, NH, and so on. Gold and silver still exist and people use them every day as money. I saw a guy at the redemption store today trading in his whole paycheck for silver. Is it easy? Hell no but it is the only way to be free.

    I think the bigger picture problem is that people like their gilded cages. They see freedom and struggle as grotesque when compared to the endless credit and big screen TVs, new cars, and bank loans. The thing is that these things are starting to dry up and disappear because the noose is tightening. People don't realize that it is not going to always be as easy as it is today. Even when compared with a few years ago before the 2000s it is way harder. There are no more loans and credit is charging much more and products are disposable when they used to last a life time. Lasting a life time used to be a selling point. Now it is taboo to mention it. Solid "made in America" products cost much more than we can imagine but they still exist.

    These United States would be accurate when describing the common law land masses because there are several. The United States is accurate when describing the corporation. It is not a mistake to have a singular possessive such as "the Company" if that is your intention. They are just hoping nobody figures it out because if enough people do they are doomed. Even now their rule by consent is hanging by a slim thread.
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    Exactly, it took you a little bit, but you worked it out for yourself.
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