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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seacowboys, Jan 29, 2006.

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    A friend of mine sent the following rant to me:
    Quick ... Check me on this ..........................

    Louisiana Senator, Mary L. Landrieu (Democrat), is presently asking the Congress for $250 Billion to rebuild just New Orleans ..... ( this is the Nut Lady that said "the next time I see President Bush, I may just Punch him in the nose!)

    SO? ......................... Ok, let's See -- New Orleans has a total of 484,674 citizens ( kids included) so EVERYONE ( not just the 25% effected) gets $516,000 EACH! That means a family of four gets $2,066,000. !!!!!!! EVERY New Orleans homeowner ( not just the 25%) gets $1,329,000.

    Now a final note .....Watch and Listen .... FairyTale Mary will keep yelling and other Democrats will copy her and they KNOW it is ridiculous but they also know that 50% of Americans get their "beliefs" by sound bites like Fairy Mary is putting out. Next President Bush will and cannot, of course, approve so THEY will YELL nationwide how President Bush and the Republicans "Don't Care" and are only interested in spending money on war and foreigners!

    AMERICA WAKE UP ... your strings can only be pulled if you live shallow and accept others as your "source" to the truth. How many of you have actually analyzed such things like Fairy Mary is putting out?

    I don't know WHO I have the most disrespect for YOU , with your head in the sand or the part of the Democratic party that is more Dedicated to Wrong ( their own interests) than good folks are dedicated to right and truth.

    We all complain about the Kerrys , Fairy Marys and Kennedy with their ABSOLUTE ANTI-AMERICA stance ............... yet more poor folk vote than do we ................ that are "paying the price" for all this!

    Next time I hear a Conservative 'gripe' I will ask .. did you vote? If answer is NO, ... then I may become Crazy Larry and punch them in the nose.

    Capt. Larry B
  2. ghrit

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    ghrit's take on bailouts:

    Provide monetary help with infrastructure, that is for the common good. Let private enterprise sort out what gets refurbished or not. If there is no demand, there is no point in providing supply. [peep]
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    No offense, I'm not the one who decided to build in an area below sea level.

    They can damn well rebuild it themselves...they don't need my money to do so. Better yet they should move above sea level first before rebuilding.

    End of line.
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    They should condemn the homes, cut a check on the home value, and then never allow it to be built upon again. This isn't the first time new orleans has been swamped.
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    I could see spending out enouph to rehab the port and some of the industrial stuff that has a reason to be tthere but as to all the houseing, well at least according to what the press is putting out the ones most hit were the poor which translates into the ones on the govewrnment dole so they probably didnt own the places anyway and were most likely in section 8 houseing, why rebuild the stuff in a place that it never should have been built in the first place. Like I say the things like the refineries and port stuff that benifits the whole country and needs to be where it is needs to be rebuilt, as to the rest of it, sorry but if my house burns the gooberment and tax payers dont rebuild it for me so why should we rebuild theirs that they bought in an obvious line of danger just because a storm destroyed them? Let them fix them their selves or go elsewhere.
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