Do We Know any Floridians?

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    Et Tu, Moron?
    GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Somewhere, their classics professors are quietly cursing their names in Latin.
    Thousands of Florida Gators T-shirts are going back in the box after they were printed with an ancient number-related mistake.
    Roman numerals meant to denote the year "2006" on the University of Florida shirts actually translate into "26."
    Pepsi paid for the shirts. It has an exclusive contract with the school.
    According to Florida's athletic association, neither Pepsi nor the school discovered the error before distribution.
    Over 20,000 shirts were printed, and those that have not been distributed to students will be returned to Pepsi.
    A Pepsi spokeswoman says it's not clear what they will do with the shirts that are returned, but that they apologize for the error.
    Pepsi will pay for another set of shirts to be distributed in late September before the Alabama game.
    This isn't first misprint for the University Athletic Association. In 2003, it published media guides that featured a crocodile on the front cover instead of an alligator — the school's mascot.
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    hga Not only does Florida withstand hurricanes.............but spell check too. :D
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    Thank God my child didn't want to go there.....I hated that school just on principle , because of Spurrier.....

    Our local Middle School had shirts printed one time for a cheerleading competition.....It was held in South Florida...

    ALL over the shirt , the name of the town it was held in was spelled wrong.....We were supposed to wear them...and I refused..I'd rather be anonymous than walk around in a shirt that had the town's name misspelled....

    It was in Fort Myers...

    The shirts said "Welcome to Fort Meyers!"

    A local company....TA Sports, made them.

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