Do you know this fact about cable tv ??

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hank2222, Apr 27, 2011.

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    Do you know this basic fact about cable tv and the internet services in our country?.

    Do you know that cable tv is loseing major ground to the internet services like netflix and other companys that are on the internet are that have tv services on the internet ..

    So i cut my cable tv bill and habit and started to use my computer to watch my tv shows that i like by going to the hulu website along with the other major networks on the computer instead of haveing a extra bill every month to pay and moveing the money toward prepping inside of a bill unit ..

    So has anyone else done this to save money ..
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    I Hulu...... [beer]

    When the Feds shoved digital TV down our throats, it went to crap. I could not get a good solid signal, it kept freezing and pixelating, eventually losing the signal completely. I did not watch TV for some nine months. Then I tried Hulu - I can watch what I want, when I want! If I get the urge to watch The Simpsons at 3AM, I can!
    My computer monitor has a much better screen picture than the old CRT TV too.
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    Cost for this service or saving's..??
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    Decreaing Cable/phone bills

    I was paying nearly $100/month for internet, basic cable, and local phone. I cut our bill to around $40/month while maintaining internet, TV, and phone services by doing the following:

    1) We kept our high-speed internet service.

    2) I Dropped basic cable and signed up for Netflix ($8/month versus $17/month). There are TONS of movies and TV shows available instantly on the computer, and you can also have DVDs sent to your home. We also watch shows for free on Hulu.

    3) I dropped our local digital phone and bought a MagicJack device ($40 for the device, including the first year's service. $20 per YEAR from there on out). That gives us unlimited voice-over-internet phone service. We can use our phone in the normal manner and make unlimited local and long-distance calls...with NO monthly phone bill! The call quality is good, and we haven't had any problems with our phone service. We're saving $50/month!

    I have absolutely NO financial connection to either Netflix or MagicJack, other than being a satisfied customer. It's worth the effort to look at where you're spending money on "autopilot". By shopping around for options, we're saving over $500 per year on telecommunications with little or no "pain".

    Incidently, I also saved $60/month by changing insurance companies...consider checking rates if it's been a year or two since you've done so.
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    I said "no" to TV more than 15 years ago and haven't looked back.
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    Hulu is free on the website it only cost if you go to the socalled priemun channels and they do not have all the channels on the regular free website and netflx will cost you about $10,oo dollars a year ..

    plus you can watch the networks for the shows also for free and the nice thing is that after the show has aired you can watch it on hulu or network channels that also is the same way with cable network to watch there shows also ..

    Hulu has alot of the cable and local channel shows on it also ....

    The only real cost is you internet connection for the downloading your shows from the website ..Me i went with the fast i could get in the place and it cost me about $68.oo dollars a month

    Basically i use the computer moniter as the tv screen and had set up the desk something like this with a nice chair with a foot rest and set of speakers to watch tv along with a nice set of headphones to watch tv shows or dvd i have at night when i get home ..

    basically by the time i get out of the shower and fixed myself something to eat my shows have been downloaded to the computer and i just click on the tab with the computer tv remote and i sit down and eat my meal and watch my shows in the order they where down loaded in

    here is a idea of what i'm talking about
    IMG_1442. modernoffice_2152_80742793.
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    I checked out that HULU website, unfortunately the type of programs we watch is not offered at that site.

    I have my Internet, cable TV and telephone on a package deal for about $100/month. More than once we have dropped the cable TV during long periods of unemployment, this only reduced the monthly bill by about $30/month.

    Seems like a good way to go about watching TV for a single person but I just can't see us huddling around the computer to watch TV. I'm still watching TV on a 25" console that I bought 20 yrs. ago. [booze]
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    The free HULU has limited episodes and movie/show choices, the Premium for $8 a month is better. I watch very few newer TV shows, and HULU has a lot of the old classics. If you watch a series, it will auto-play the next episode too, or you can disable the auto-play.
    My flat-screen monitor is showing odd color bands, so may be on the way out (it's my third!), so next I will connect my new slightly larger flat-screen TV - that'll be mo' bettah! It's a better quaility device too - I tend to 'cheap out' on computer monitors.......
    During the commercial ads (a necessary evil unfortunately!) I still pop over and check E-mail or certain forums. Gotta love 'multi-tasking'! [applaud]
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    i go over to the channel website and get alot of the shows i can not get on hulu and some make you log in and get a few emails from them here and there about some of the products that do sale on there website ..
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