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  1. aardbewoner

    aardbewoner judge a human on how he act,not on look and talk.

    Do you realize that aldo you use a VPN and encrypt all your mail and try to avoid leaving a trail, it is very easy to guess what you have on food ,weapons and other things.How simple, your payments with your credit card,even easier if you used your local spy/track device known as smartphone.
    Think phone not on name helps ? Nope as you take that with you in the car the follow the number and on the road cams and check point its easy to point a license to a number. And the other collecting every thing from you dear google, so leave your phone somewhere, no not at home :)
    Just my grumpy 2ct
  2. Yard Dart

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    Cash is still king...... and if tracking is a concern, leave the phone at home. ;)
  3. Cruisin Sloth

    Cruisin Sloth Special & Slow

    Get an old flip phone , they work better as a phone as the one that left my car via the window @ 70 mph
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