Dobbs on daddy Bush's NWO

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Ardent Listener, Jan 20, 2007.

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    I forget about this every couple of weeks or so...
    For all our talk about "sheeple"; I just can't see this going through without people standing up against it. Selling your country for a buck to corporate interests is still treason in my book. No nwo...No wto . Eat the rich.
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    I love how Bush senior calmly says "a new world order...." and the guys behind him don't even blink just like the majority of the public at large.
    Hello WAKE UP people! Danger Will Robinson!
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    Even after Daddy Bush's speech, anyone that mentioned the NWO and being against it was labeled a kook, a gun-nut, one of those militia-types, etc. I spoke out against it after his speech and can't tell you how many times I got hammered by people that I truly believed were of a like mind. Mention the NWO even today without a video or newsworthy document and get shuffled to the Tinfoil hat lounge.
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    Google up New World Order and see when/where it first came up. Rather amusing, given the situation.
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    So in the end they'll have all the food and water giving them complete control. The constitution warned us of this. We have come full circle to the Declaration of Independence again.
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    Wel once we fall under a controlled "oneworld structure where trade reigns, "they" won't have to answer to all those pesky emvironmental and laborlaws...Weren't we warned about treaties and entangling alignments ???
    complaints will go up to the supreme power ( trade agreement which overides all our"laws of the land").
    Neat trick....
    We're screwed...
    Corporations are the real ruling power in theworld...
    (Mr.) brokor would chime in here.."Of course that's the way it's always been", "they" were just alittle more discrete.and w/o the free communication on the net we wouldn't be able to compare notes and be as aware of it.. :)I'm gonna reserve my windowseat now on the next slave ship to china....atleast i'll get a view...and can crap out the porthole on the trip over to wherever the factories are the most efficient.....[notworking]
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