Doctors confirm Oregon boy, 5, dies from H1N1 virus

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    Doctors confirm Oregon boy, 5, dies from H1N1 virus
    Posted: Jan 03, 2014 9:31 PM PSTUpdated: Jan 03, 2014 10:05 PM PST
    By Kaitlyn Bolduc - email

    Doctors confirm an Oregon boy, 5, has died from the H1N1 virus. His family says he collapsed on Christmas Day, and died just days later.

    Calandra Burgess says all three of her kids got their flu shots this November, so she was surprised when her youngest son, Ronan, got sick.

    "He felt really hot, and we checked his temperature, and it said it was 104.7," said Burgess. "He had that barking seal cough you'd associate with croup."

    And that's what Burgess says her pediatrician in Eugene thought was wrong, Ronan had a bad case of croup. Only, when he didn't get any better, she rushed him to the local emergency room on Christmas Eve.

    "They took an X-ray of his soft tissue, and noticed his airway was a little collapsed. But they said it was nothing too disconcerting and they sent me home," said Burgess.

    Then, in a matter of hours, Burgess says everything changed.

    "My son collapsed on the floor, and turned blue. Both my husband and I performed CPR until the ambulance got there," said Burgess.

    Ronan was rushed back to the ER, but doctors there determined he needed more specialized care, so he was sent to Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland.

    Doctors there tried to save him, but Burgess says her son went without oxygen for too long, and suffered brain damage that was irreversible. He died, days later.

    "It's horrible, I miss my son, and it's hard even standing here and being here," said Burgess.

    Burgess says she's sharing her story to warn others that the flu shot is not always enough to protect children from the H1N1 virus.

    The CDC website shows there are anti-viral medicines that can help treat symptoms of the flu, even after the first 48 hours.

    Burgess said she wishes she knew then, what she knows now about the anti-viral medicines, and in the meantime holds on to the memory of her son.

    "To me, he's always going to be in my heart, he's always going to be my little man," said Burgess.

    "I think it's a good way to keep his memory alive, to get his story out and let it be known that vaccination or not, if your child has a fever and flulike symptoms, they need to be seen by a doctor. That's something my son would agree with I think, to help other people."

    For more information about what the CDC recommends about protecting kids from H1N1, visit
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    That is what sticks out. How often do they send people home without really knowing what the issue is? A little collapsed??? I wonder what his oxygen level was at. I notice the original pediatrician assumed and sent the boy home, then the emergency room did the same thing.

    Every time I go to the doctors they tell me if I am not better in two weeks then come back. It is like the way they treat mental illness now. They through a pill at it and hope it works, if not come back. It seems that true medical treatment is lacking. Years ago when my Mom gave birth to me she was in the hospital for a week. I at the hospital for 14 hours when I had my youngest. I had the child, took a nap, had a shower, was taught how to care for my injured child (injured at birth) then told I needed to leave. How things have changed. by my observation a person is allowed 20 minutes for a drs appointment.

    In regards to Jahi McMath:
    Her family was given a cup to catch the blood clots so they could measure them. How much bleeding does it take before medical professionals become concerned?
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    This is from a Texas paper. Headline:
    H1N1 grips region
    Don't panic, get vaccinated, officials say after six deaths linked to swine flu virus

    Does make one wonder after reading the article that @Quigley_Sharps linked above. In Oregon we have a mother that lost a child saying it doesn't always protect you but in Texas a paper is saying it will.
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    Could go on soapbox about vaccines and their 'effectiveness', instead I will say that if I was that boy's mother I would sue the HELL out of all those doctors/hospitals.
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    Vaccine not. That poor child.
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  7. ditch witch

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    I never get a flu shot, and I never get the flu. I've had it perhaps twice in my life.
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    I never get a flu shot either, and I rarely get sick. I work out in the weather year round, and look at flu shots as "I can get a shot and feel like crap for a few days guaranteed, or I can not get the shot and most likely never need it." That is a gamble I will take. no shot.
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    Same here. Have never had a flu shot, and never plan to do so. Although it won't surprise me if they try to mandate them in the near future. There is already a bit of an undercurrent being started about how people who don't get their vaccines are "endangering others." I get so tired of the sheeple thinking they know what's best for everyone else.

    Sorry, hit a sore nerve.

    Wonder if there's a vaccine for either my grouchiness, or the sheeples' idiocy. (sigh)
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    There is a vaccine for Grumpiness, but long term use tends to stunt your growth. Same with the one for sleepiness, dopeiness, excessive happiness....
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    My brother must take them because he works in healthcare. Forget that.

    I recall having my mandatory flu shot in the military years ago, I was told I would face court marshal if I did not take it. I asked the folks administering, "So, which flu is this supposed to protect me against exactly?" The answer was about as retarded as expected, "The most dangerous kind." I had to mention how flu strains mutate and in the span of hours or just a few short days at most, render any vaccine pointless. "Well, you have nothing to worry about, then. You won't get the dangerous type of flu we are vaccinating." I was just...dumbfounded. "REALLY?...REALLY?"

    We aren't being vaccinated, folks.
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    We never get flu shots. And we stay pretty healthy. But I just do wonder how the initial physician didn't think maybe this child has the flu. And why didn't the emergency room also wonder if maybe the child had the flu. H1N1 is and has been happening one would think.....

    It just really irritates me. I lost a family member. She was sick, they then said pneumonia then she was gone. It just seems that these health officals are not taking lung illnesses seriously.
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    Haven't had any vaccinations in over 10years. Only thing I've been sick with really since then is whooping cough. That was hell. As for regular colds and such, I think there is a dangerous trend of the mindset for mainstream society when it comes to getting sick. Just pump your bodies full of crap to avoid getting 'sick'. It's almost as if having a cold is like some new scarlet letter type thing. Colds happen. Putting crap in your body isn't the answer. Naturally strengthening your immune system is(IMO).
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