DOD Sequestration and how it affects our memorials and our fallen brothers memory.

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    FLASH-01: Thresher Base needs help for 50th Thresher memorial service.
    Submitted by: Alfred H Singleman Jr on 3/19/2013
    USSVI Thresher Base needs your help with funding the 50th Annual USS
    Thresher Memorial Service that will be held on April 6th.

    After the 49th, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (PNS) informed us that they
    would host this once in a lifetime memorial ceremony, just as they have done
    so for each of the 10 year anniversaries of the loss of USS Thresher.

    PNS regretfully informed us seven weeks ago that they will not be able to
    host the service due to recent DOD sequestration motivated discretionary
    spending budget cuts at NAVSEA, coupled with an unprecedented number of
    attendees that exceeds the capacity of the PNS Auditorium.

    In response, we have reserved the only facility large enough to hold this
    memorial service, the Portsmouth High School at a cost of over $1800.

    One week ago we learned that due to additional spending cuts, CHINFO "may"
    not be able to pick up the cost of the $2400 webcast, and PNS "may" not be
    able to cover the $2600 program printing cost.

    Our normal yearly service costs are $1300. For the 50th, we had budgeted
    $3000. As of today, our cost for the best case scenario with partial Navy
    support is ~$7000, and a worst case scenario of ~$12000.

    Given the reasonable potential that these cuts will be made, we need your
    help to fund this once in a lifetime memorial service.

    Please send your donations in the form of a check made out to USSVI Thresher
    Base, with the check note stating "USS Thresher Memorial Service Fund", and
    mail to our Treasurer to the address:

    USSVI Thresher Base Treasurer
    Dennis O'Keeffe
    1 Eureka Ave.
    York, ME 03909

    All donations received will be noted on the Donor's section of the memorial
    service program.

    For questions related to the donation check, please contact Dennis via email
    at or by phone at 207.351.1240.

    For all other questions, please contact me directly at, 603.785.6464.

    Thank you,
    Kevin Galeaz
    Thresher Base Commander

    This is an official email communication from the United States Submarine
    Veterans. Contact the sender if you do not want to receive these messages
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