Does this make you nervous? it should.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Mar 6, 2013.

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    DIY Drones

    This would be a fund project. Need a geeky person to do the software set-up....
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    What makes you think they aren't using them now, disguised under "training ops", funded by black budgets, maintained by shadow government?

    All that's different now, is they are trying to publicly and "officially" make the move toward Orwell's envisioned police state.

    Remove the Tyrants from corporations and government (same thing, really), and eliminate the threats to liberty.
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    The first problem I see with something like that is: can the drone distinguish between a gun and, say, a baseball bat over the shoulder, a fencing bag slung over the shoulder, or something like that? One, it could cause problems in targeting the wrong people, and two, it could provide a way to mess with the detection system.
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    Put a handwarmer in your pocket, suddenly you print as carrying.
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    Oooohhh! Such ideas you have! Too bad I'm married, you think like I do!
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    I'm not saying it was and I'm not saying it wasn't but........

    Last Tuesday night, I was working at the shop and at about 10 pm I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air. I looked up in the sky and saw an aircraft of some sort coming directly overhead at a low altitude. It had a very long wingspan, white lights on each wing tip, one red light at the bow, no green lights. It didn't sound like a plane, more like a truck passing by. It continued westerly toward the city but never varying its low altitude. When it got over Hartford, it started veering slightly north at which time I lost sight.

    It was so strange that I called someone else out too look when it was overhead. After seeing the picture posted at Homeland Security Drones Designed to Identify Civilians Carrying Guns, I'm wondering if could have been a drone.
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    I see them off and on by where we work near a Drone Naval testing area and they fly overhead. for the longest time I didn't pay any attention thinking it was normal manned airplanes.
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    They are everywhere now. As Brokor mentioned earlier the fact that they are even talking about them now means they are in use all over the country.
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    How much lead do you have to give to hit one of those?
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    Is it drone season? Well, hell yes it is!
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    Not that they need drones to spy on us. Anyone looked at Google Earth? The government can get private industry to do it for them, and just benefit from it.
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    The one interesting thing about the Chinese Drones, is that for Over the Horizon Flights, a Drone REQUIRES a High Bandwidth Comm Link, to and from, the Control Console. With the Russians, and US, this is done with GeoSynchronous Military Comm SATs... however the Chinese have very limited capabilities in this area, and their third world Customers, have No Access to such Comm Links, of their own, and would have to lease such capabilities from one of the three Bigger Nations. This makes a 2000 mile Operational Radius, basically a JOKE, for any third world Despot. The Comm Links could be relayed by a High Altitude Aircraft, orbiting inside the boarders of some third world Country, but then the Operational Radius would still be 200-300 Miles at most, and easily Jammed, by Ground Based Systems. By Keeping the Comm Links coming from Above, and using the airframe itself, as a shield to Ground based Jammers, from the Topside Control Link Antennas, the Big Boys have a decided advantage, over any terrestrial Control System. Also the Chinese have no in-Country GPS type system for Drone location Data, and if the USA, and Russians shut down our civilian GPS Transmissions, any Chinese Drone has no way to figure out where it is. this effectively makes their systems decidedly inferior to anything used by the BIG Two....
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