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  1. Rabid

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    Now it doesn't get any simpler of an explanation than this!!!!!!!

    Today I swung my front door wide open and placed my Stevens 320 right in the doorway and gave it 6 shells. I happened to noticed it had no legs so I placed it in my roll-around chair to help it get around. Then I left it alone and went about my business.

    While I was gone, the mailman delivered my mail, the neighbor boy across the street mowed the yard, a girl next door walked her dog down the street, and quite a few cars stopped at the stop sign right in front of our house. After about an hour, I checked on the gun. It was still just sitting there in the chair, right where I had left it. It hadn’t rolled itself outside. And it certainly hadn’t killed anyone, even with the numerous
    opportunities…it just sat there passing up one opportunity after another. In fact, it hadn’t even loaded itself.

    Well, with all the media hype about how dangerous guns are and how they kill people, you can imagine my surprise. Either the media is wrong and it’s the PEOPLE who are misusing guns that kill people, or, I'm in possession of the laziest gun in the world.

    Alright, well I’m off to check on my spoons...I hear they’re making people fat.
  2. NotSoSneaky

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    Ain't it the truth... [tongue]
  3. hidden211

    hidden211 And thats no BULL!!!!!!

    If guns kill people how does anyone get out of a gun show alive?
  4. oth47

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    Very good question!!
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