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    Help! I need advice. We moved and are now in a town-home. The dog is not adjusting very well. He was raised in our house and that is/was his domain. He was king of the castle. He is used to things being very quiet and peaceful. We now have neighbors on connecting walls and people on every side. The issues have begun.

    I do realize that adjustment takes time but what to do???? We left him alone for about 2 hours this weekend. He scratched the door jam and door trying to get out. Today he shred the cardboard that I had taped to the door (to prevent scratch marks). He also barks. I have never caged my dog (never even put my kids in a playpen), it just seemed mean. But I cannot have him destroy the front door and trim. I am not sure how I get him to stop barking at every noise. He really does not bark when we are there.

    Currently he is sleeping under my desk. I can bring him to work but I am not sure every day will be acceptable. Can anything be done?
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    He may feel like he's being abandoned when he's in a new place and you're at work.

    I'd say walk him before you go to work, and again when you get home, every day, even if it's just for a minute or two.

    Once he learns the neighborhood and sees he'll always be coming back home with you, his stress behavior should ease off.

    Likewise, feed him a special treat and pet him just before you leave, and do the same as soon as you get back.

    That's pack reassurance, in dog language.
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    Make sure to take him for a good walk/run/play before going out. the less pent up enegy, the better.
    You could create a "den" under your desk as it sounds like he feels more secure there, include some article/s of your clothes (preferable something you dont care if it gets chewed or covered in hair etc) that has your scent on it. If your going out for the day it might also help to give him something like a Kong with frozen stock (chicken/beef etc) in it to keep him occupide for a while & tire him out (mental & physical energy)
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    His normal routine is walk before I leave in the morning then when I get home. He is really spoiled. I am hoping he will get used to the new place. Unsure how long that normally takes. The kids are settling in but unsure about pets.
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    Going through the same thing moving just 200 feet to the new cabin with my old girl of 16 and another one 15. The 15 year old refuses to step foot in the cabin and has opted to live under the porch, which is fine. The 16 year is a little rat terrier that despite believing she is the biggest meanest dog to ever live really isn't. She makes her statement by destroying the flooring, Not a big deal since this is just cheap temp floor cover. Still I wanted it to last till next fall. Hate to say it but I ended up keeping her in a crate when I was not inside for a week. No harm in crating a dog while they adjust to a new environment. After a week Nothing else tore up and she calls it home and her turf now. The old girl..... has decided the porch is all of a compromise she is willing to make. DSC00268.JPG
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    It's still really hard for me to leave Slacker alone - even if i'm only going to be gone a couple hours. He will hop the fence or dig under it if left in the big outside kennel or demo the door if locked in the mud room. Curbing this behavior has been unsuccessful even with shock collar. Same with running onto the road to greet every dog that walks past - even at 75 strength on the collar he doesn't flinch and just keeps going.
    Wish i could offer you some good advice but i'm in the same boat.
    If he was as tiny as your lil guy...i'd try a kennel first as suggested above by @Thunder5Ranch
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  7. tacmotusn

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    Music or tv left on at a non-disturbing levels to neighbors often calms pet anxiety. Many dogs also seems to like to destroy the remotes controlling same said noise maker. Suggest you put that out of harms way.
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    We crate train all of our dogs. They learn to think of it as their den, a safe space if you will, where they can relax in comfort. No cruelty involved whatsoever. :)
    It could take a week or two for him to settle in to the new surroundings.
  9. GrayGhost

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    +1 for kennels and music/tv.
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  10. T. Riley

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    Kennel and TV, I agree. Mine sleeps in her's with the door open.
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    I hate it but I got the crate out. I have not set it up but am hoping that he will find comfort in it. For now, I will be bringing him to work with me maybe for a week or two then hopefully he will settle in. I will try the radio also. Thank you for all the replies. Glad to know that I am not the only one with dog issues.
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  12. Cruisin Sloth

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    Im hated , so here go's.
    BIG cage & lots of blankets & lock the dog up to re-learn. .
    Halter train cattle , same way , DO NOT hurt or hit and always greet with luv etc. Be strict .
    You caused this because of this line " He was king of the castle. He is used to things being very quiet and peaceful."
    Your the Queen as I assume !!

    Im The King & our pup is in 3rd row , but is NEVER mis-treated / spoiled but is a DOG !
  13. 3M-TA3

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    If someone would feed me, take care of my poop, and let me watch TV or listen to music while I lay down in my safe place you can bet my tail would be wagging.... a beer would be kinda nice, too...
  14. Dont

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    Give the dog a pair of your dirty, smelly sweat socks in the kennel. He will be able to you smell all day wile you are gone.

    Edit:: Don't forget to stink up a new pair every day..
  15. Lone Gunman

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    I bred and raised dogs for almost 40 years. I could not — could not — have done it as successfully as I did without using a large open wire dog cage (40" L x 24" W x 30" H). I paid, 'a small fortune' for it, 'back in the day'. Nowadays, though, these cages have come way down in price. Not heavy gauge chrome-plated wire like we've got; but still serviceable and way down in price.

    Your options are these: (1) Take him outside the condo for exercise, and play, at least, three times a day. (2) Talk to him whenever you're able. (3) Use an open wire cage to confine him when he's alone. (4) When you leave the condo put a radio or TV on at a low volume setting. (5) Maybe (maybe!) get him a companion animal. (Hence the large cage that we use!) Give him time; about ninety days should do it. After a while you may be able to stop using the cage all of the time. Our dogs, pretty much, only needed to be caged when we had company. (The rest of the time they guarded, 'our stuff '.)

    They were all highly disciplined, attack trained, guard dogs; so it was usually better for all parties concerned if we simply locked them up whenever we had company at the house. (If, however, I didn't like the company then I'd leave the dogs free to run the house. They'd bite and hold on command; and, sometimes, their presence in the room could be useful — Like when a guest might stay too long!) ;)
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    There really is nothing bad or cruel about crates/kennel/box whatever you want to call it. It is simply learning a new habit and behavior. The dog might not like it the first few days but once it becomes habit and the expected behavior all is good and your door will survive.
  17. Cruisin Sloth

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    Great POINT !!!
    All of the monkeys in the condo !!

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