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    Dog Food Recall... <hr style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255); background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> Something to be aware of if you use one of the feeds in the recall. Might want to consider returning the bag if you are having issues. Just a heads-up to my fellow SM members.
  2. bnmb

    bnmb On Hiatus Banned all pet owners in US buy dog and cat foot for the animals?...Here they eat what we eat...
  3. Encourager

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    We nearly lost a dog because of lousy dry dog food and it was a well known brand name. They changed their formula without notifying anyone.
    With our new dog, we buy Taste of the Wild. There are no grains in it which many dogs cannot digest properly (those who can't, you sure find out quick - the gas will empty a room!)

    When SHTF, and we run out of stocked up food for her, she will survive on what we eat, plus a rabbit or two. But in the USA we tend to spoil our dogs...or maybe ourselves because we are too lazy to cook for them! :eek:)
  4. bnmb

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    Well, here people do not cook for dogs...We cook for us, and dogs eat what we eat...and since it's meat almost every day, they don't complain.. :D
    It's like having a guest for lunch... :)
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    I think we did that when I was a kid and the dog got sick and contracted worms. I don't think we eat the same food as you guys do.

    Then again, I did try some Alpo a long time ago. And a few doggy biscuits. Kind of reversed than one. I know, I'm going...
  6. UGRev

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    My dog Saint (a beautiful dobie in looks and personality) and I used to share biscuits. We were great friends.
  7. bnmb

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    OK..I just have to the heck a dog gets sick and contracts worms from food that people eat?!?! I'd understand if people ate food for dogs, but this? We also have cases where people get worms from dogs and other animals, but the other way around???...Am I missing something here, or I just misunderstood something?
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    Nope. The USDA is quite good at their job and the FDA is completely reputable and trustworthy. Hey, it beats eating in the ditches of Africa!
  9. bnmb

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    I'll be damned if I understand...I better stop asking... foosed
  10. UrbanFool

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    Isn't this the second time Iams has been involved with recalls and making animals really sick if not dead?
  11. bnmb

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    Geeez....No pet ever died here from human food...unless a wife is a bad cook...that's why we keep pets! If pet runs away from food, your wife probably tries to poison you!.. :D
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    thanks Quig....we actually stopped feeding our dogs dog food after the big recall a coupla years ago when we saw that our expensive ass high quality mutt mutton had been recalled right along with the cheap ass wal mart we did some research and found out what they put in dog foods.....disgusting...we started feeding them a home made diet and it is way cheaper and they are much more healthy and happy....but on occasion if we are on the road like now, we will pick up a back up bag of dog food
  13. UrbanFool

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    It costs a small fortune for us to feed our 5 big dogs (And causes some grief over the lack of food storage for them.) Is there any way we could save a little money on making our own dog food?
  14. bnmb

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    I just have to say it again...Why would you even try to make some special food for dogs? If they were wild dogs, they would eat only meat, maybe hunting, maybe some carcasses and trash scavenging...Here dogs eat what we eat...of course, we don't give them ice cream, schnapps (although they like beer.. :D), and those kinds of stuff, but they eat almost anything else...Only thing we really pay attention to are chicken and fish bones...We give them all kinds of salami, bacon, canned fish, beans, rice, even soup...None of them ever complained... :D
  15. dragonfly

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    Glad I don't buy those brands...hate to bury another pet due to the ineptitude of the morons that be.....Maybe I'll get myself an alligator and feed it people!
    Kind of like having pet pirahna's!
    ( note on aquarium: "Please hand feed my pet fish"!)
  16. cornmonkey

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    My black lab loved miller lite.
  17. OzarkSaints

    OzarkSaints Monkey++ is actually reeeally easy and not at all time consuming IF you or your wife cooks most of your meals as opposed to eating out a bunch.

    almost all things eatable by us are eatable by them.....we have st bernards, and if we just throw some veggies and stuff at em with their oatmeal or whatever, they will pick around them, but when ya use the crockpot method, they gobble up everything, not sure why, but it makes all the difference in the world

    so just get ya some crockpots (not sure how many you'll need woth 5 dogs), and what we do is we just have 2, and since we use dry beans as a base (pinto works great, cheapest and good nutrient combo) and basically put the beans in one crock to soak and throughout the day when your cooking you'll come to parts of the foods your making for yourself that ya don't use and throw those parts in the crockpot and then once beans are soaked top it off with whatever else ya wanna throw in there and turn it on and then put beans in the other pot to start while one is cooking, the other is soaking and getting filled up with food that I reckon ya could call scraps, but in reality is just the less than tasty parts of food that you are feeding yourself and your kids.........make sure to throw some bone-meal in there egg including the shell is almost a complete nutrient package in itself for dogs, but you will need to get a grinder of some sorts to grind up the shell or it'll mostly just pass out the ass without (I assume anyway) much nutrient absorbance (or bypass the shell and go with the bone meal for convienence)....we eat a LOT of eggs at our house, so we mostly just use the shells...put em back in the carton and then grind em up every so often

    when I say we throw it all in the pot, I mean all of it....having broccoli? the vast majority of a broccoli ya throw away, chop it up all down, the whole thing after taking off the tips that we eat....same with cauliflower...etc.etc......eating fish for dinner, throw in the skins....all cooking oils left in the pan, throw it in....tomatoes on your sandwhich, throw in the top part that ya cut off...same with strawberries.....cantaloupe and watermelon, scrap the hell out of it and put all that extra stuff in there too!

    for the base, like I said, we normally use beans, but we will also use potatoes and oatmeal and rice too....oatmeal is good for a quick meal, throw peanut butter in the pot (not crockpot) with it and they'll go nuts for it and look at ya like your god......remember there is a HUGE difference in calories/nutrition on the aforementioned 'base'....beans have a lot of calories compared to some of the others, sometimes we'll add some of the other bases to the beans

    edit...just re-read my post and saw a coupla things

    so with the calorie difference of the bases, just adjust according to your dogs needs.....also forgot to mention pasta....but seriously, beans are by far the best as they are almost complete just by themselves

    sometimes by the end of the day the crockpot is literally filled to the brim depending on what mama cooked for us that day, but if it is not, then we always throw in carrots, celery, tomato product of some sort.....don't hesitate to throw some veggie juice in there or if ya see a sale on canned tomatoes of any kind (make sure there's no onions in it though) buy the **** outta it....we figure it this way, tomatoes have antioxidant cancer fighting properties, so why not make that a large part of their diet to, esp large breed dogs which are prone to cancer

    look for things on sale and but beans at large box stores and buy sale items in bulk...makes a huge difference over a years cost total

    depending on where ya are, who ya know, ya might be able to get scraps from a local butcher for free...these are often better for your dog cause often they are organs, which are the best meats for your dogs

    if feeding beans, then we almost always have plenty enuff meat added to the pot from us cooking for ourselves because beans are a great source of protein....all that fat, skin, brains, toungue, eyeballs, balls, etc....perfectly good meat, just not something that we prefer to chow down if we are using potatoes or pastas or rice as a base, you need to add protein for sure in the form of meat in an amount more substantial than just the trimmings from your cooking, and like I said earlier, organ meats are the best
  18. Detentus

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    Our dogs only eat Taste of the Wild, as recommended by our vet. As to giving them human food, no, especially our newest adoptee, an East German black German Shepherd. His digestive system can't handle any variation in diet. I think much depends on the breed of the dog, too.
  19. CRC

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    My Rotten-Weiler loves Natural Balance Ultra Premium, and it's not hard to find like the food I gave my last dog.....I haven't had any problems with this brand...........yet. ;)

    She also loves yogurt, and a piece of a banana as a treat once a! I think she would eat the whole container of yogurt if I'd let her.....The Vet said it's ok.....She even gave me a recipe to make, put in her Kong, and freeze it before giving it to her....It has unflavored yogurt, berries, honey, and peanut butter in mix it as much as you can, then blend it, and put it in the toy....Anne Bonny absolutely loves this mix!
  20. Quigley_Sharps

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    We use Flint River Ranch foods original formula.
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