Dog owner finds Pit Bulls hanging from a fence

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    LYNNWOOD - A dog owner who said he awoke early Thursday to the sounds of his two Pit Bulls barking found them hanged by their necks with a rope over his backyard fence, Lynnwood police said.
    It was the second Lynnwood animal cruelty case involving Pit Bulls in the past month.
    The man found one dog limp and the other struggling, police spokeswoman Shannon Sessions said in a statement.
    The dog owner, who was not identified, said he tried to help the struggling dog but it bit him in its panic. He ran back inside to get something to cut the rope and when he returned both dogs were dead.
    Killed were Peanut, a 1-year-old male, and Wiggles, a 10-month-old female.
    The case is under investigation.
    On June 28, a young Pit Bull was hurt and dumped in a trash bin at the Woodland Park Apartments. A passerby heard the dog and it was rescued, treated at an animal hospital and has been released to a foster home.
    Lynnwood police said it is too soon to know if the cases are connected but that possibility is under investigation. A total reward of $5,000 has been offered for the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the June 28 case.
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    If I found them they wouldnt need the 5k reward, they would need a ladder and rope
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    This is exactly why I believe Dogs make better people. I know some Pits are overly agressive through genetics and abuse. And I know that some owners are careless as to where their dogs roam. I know that because of the actions of one dog, you can't kill a whole species, or humans would have been through by now. Haha.

    However, this seemed like the dogs were in their fence and hadn't got out and were in fact tried for acts perpetrated by other Pits. This person who hung the dogs should also be done the same way. If you are a human killing a human then you are deemed a murderer. So shouldn't it be that if you kill someone's 'babies' that you should also be deemed a murderer? I think so. And you should get a penalty for such.

    I know that when I invest time, money and love in my furry family members anyone that harms them will be held liable if I get my hands on them.

    My mom was watching my kitty for me while I was working out of state. I had not been gone more than a month and my mom calls me and says that she found someone had strung my baby up in a tree. Even worse was that she was pregnant. I suspected who it may have been though I could not prove it. If I had some way of pointing them out, they would have had a very mad person to deal with.

    I had raised her like my own child. She was four in human years and I absolutely loved her. I had found her cold, starving and abandoned one night while out driving. I brought her home and took care of her. We were almost inseperable. To this very day my temper still gets white hot when I think of that. There is no reason for animal cruelty. Those morons that do things like this are the same that would beat your grandmother up for a few dollars.

    Strict enforcement of the cruelty to animals laws need to be made manifest. This should be a crime punishable by a very long time in jail, if the law gets them. If otherwise, well, best judgement. Haha.
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