Dogs and little kids - proof dogs are better than some "parents"

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    A mother has been arrested after her two-year-old son was found standing in a park in the rain, surrounded by a pack of seven dogs and wearing just a dirty diaper.

    Cassandra Bustamante, 26, was asleep when the toddler made his way out of their house in Victorville, California, on Wednesday.

    He wandered in to Brentwood Park which lies adjacent to their home and was followed by the group of dogs.

    Victorville Police were called to the park at around 10.20am where they found the animals appearing to guard the child.

    At some point the animals fled and were later found inside the boy's house when police returned him there.

    One of them was shot after lunging at the reporting sergeant, police said.

    Bustamante had been sleeping inside the house when her son walked out.

    Child and Family Services were called and took all of the children into care while their mother was arrested for child cruelty.

    (BTW - the dog is okay now.)

    (Source): Victorville woman arrested after her son is found in the park alone in dirty diaper | Daily Mail Online
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    Some people shouldn't be authorized to breed...............
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    Pretty sure you are kidding, and appreciate what you are feeling, but statements like this make me worry a little. I am pretty sure that if one needed a license to reproduce, the gov wouldn't give any of us here one of them.
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    26...young mother...big mistake...
    Arrested? Absurd.
    Child seized to be raised by the state?
    Give your head a shake.
    Seems to me there was no harm, hence no foul...granted im sure the mother could use some help.
    Good job shooting the dog sure you were terrified....
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    The limited, very limited data shared in the story fails to give the totality of the circumstances. Has mom multiple drug arrests? DV complaints? DUI and other run-ins with the law? This is what passes for 'news' today.

    More released
    Authorities were called to the park just after 10 a.m. Wednesday after receiving a call of a small child in the rain alone, nearly naked and surrounded by about seven dogs at the park, officials said. The dogs seemed to be very protective of the toddler when the sergeant approached the boy to get the child out of the rain and cold weather, according to the release.
    Investigators were able to locate the boy’s home in the 14000 block of Dapple Court, around the corner from the park. The front door was open and the dogs from the park were inside, officials said. It wasn’t clear how the dogs got into the house or if they were family pets.
    The toddler’s sleeping mother, identified as Bustamante, and two young siblings were in the home as well. She told deputies she didn’t know the young boy had left the house, according to sheriff’s officials.
    Children and Family Services was called due to the circumstances of the call. All three children were later released to their father
    While officials conducted their investigation, one of the animals allegedly lunged at the sergeant and it was shot. The dog is in stable condition.

    Bustamante was arrested on suspicion of child cruelty and booked into the High Desert Detention Center in Adelanto in lieu of $100,000 bail.

    Sadly, this story, near word for word, has gone around the world - thanks to the 'net. And I doubt we will ever see any kind of follow up story with more data or the outcome of a trial - because it won't be as sensational.....
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