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    Lawfare › The FY2013 NDAA and Domestic Detention—Now With More Misdirection

    Early this morning, Congress voted on the Smith(WA)/Amash/Berman/Garamendi/Duncan(TN)/Johnson(GA)/Gosar/Hirono/Paul/Jackson Lee/Tipton/Labrador Amendment that would have prevented indefinite detention of persons detained on U.S. soil.

    This was the only amendment that would have substantively addressed the problem by definitively stating the President does not have the authority to indefinitely detain persons arrested on U.S. soil in military custody.

    Unfortunately, it failed by a vote of 182-238.
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    un-****ing believable..
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    With as many Presidential Directives, Proclamations and Executive Orders along with "National Security" and the Patriot Act in place, I don't see how anything short of a total revamp of government can cure the problem here. The secret gov't has its claws in every faction of bureaucracy today, in every branch.

    This goes all the way back to the first days of FDR and his amended Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917 in his first Proclamations, which added all citizens to the list of enemies to the United States (to be regulated, licensed and otherwise dealt with).

    It's a long, winding road...
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    Most of them probably fell asleep while the Speaker was saying that gawd-aweful name of the bill........ :rolleyes:
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    Are there any groups trying to challenge NDAA in court? I could see if you were a perm resident or over here on some other type of visa or an illegal alien where the constitution wouldnt apply(I assume. Someone correct me if Im wrong) but if you were to do this to a US citizen, then obviously they would be violating their right to due process. Im sure the supreme court is waiting for it.
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    I'm surprised this issue isn't getting more attention here. I guess gay marriage is more important (a distraction)

    Hear That? It's The Sound Of The Doors Closing For Americans

    See also: Black swan theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    What's past is prologue --> Didn't this joker just get elected? Can't happen here??:
    Jean-Luc Mélenchon moves from left to centre stage in battle to be president | World news | The Guardian

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    Many states have already filed lawsuits and laws to the states constitutions nullifying the law
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