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Discussion in 'Survival of the Fittest' started by Hanzo, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. Hanzo

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    My monkey has always been the best defender on our soccer team. And I count on her to keep our girls organized on the field.

    As usual, she stopped everything her way today and covered her team mates when they were out of position while directing traffic.

    I had her play forward for half the game too. In the second quarter, she scored three goals in a row and blew the game open. Three great long runs that spanned 1/2 to 3/4 of the field. She showcased her dribbling getting by a host of defenders, then her burst to get by the last defender and took the keeper one on one. Three straight times. 4-0 at the half. I played my weaker players in the attack positions the rest of the game. Great game!

    Her feet hurt after. Ice water was cold!

  2. Bear

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    Awesome! She's a "keeper"! ;)
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  3. ghrit

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    Is that a pretzel?
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  4. Hanzo

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    Mahalo @Bear. I'll keep her.
  5. Hanzo

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    Yeah. Part of her snacks.
  6. Motomom34

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    I love that face! certainly brought a smile to my face. She is so precious.
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  7. Hanzo

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    Mahalo @Motomom34. Her big toe got stepped on quite a few times, so the icy foot bath was in order.

    I had the camera ready since I was expecting a reaction to her sticking her feet in. Got a bunch snapped and I liked that one the best. And so did monkey.

    As they say, da ice cold.
  8. Hanzo

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    Thanks for indulging a proud papa. It's hard to dominate every facet of the game for the whole game. Regardless of what game.

    She really set the tone and the team responded with a similar effort for our 4-1 win. Overall team defense was really awesome, except for one lapse that led to a goal. But that was the only lapse in the whole game, so I can live with it.

    Wife was commenting that for one person to score three goals in a soccer game is a lot. But it isn't that uncommon in youth soccer, I think.

    Little monkey played really hard. After her first goal, she was really winded and holding her side. I asked her, from the coach's box, if she wanted to switch off with a defender and catch her wind. At first she said yes and a split second later, she said no. So I told her to go get another then. Right after the other team kicked off, she stopped the ball and started another long run that was about 3/4 of the field. She worked her way through the defense and scored. She was again gassed and holding her side. I asked her again if she wanted to switch off and she said no. So I told her to be greedy and get one more. So she did. End of half.
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