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    Neighbors of ours have a cabin in the north coast mountains (Dominican Republic, near Altamira, in Puerto Plata province) with some farmland. They want a house sitter for a few months - you pay utilities, wifi and water (truck deliveries). The house will be for sale thereafter in the fall for US$35k. I know that does not sound off-grid, but it is close. Power is not so reliable, and the water system is self-contained. A person considering getting away from it all could learn a lot living in a gritty rural place like this. There are a few gringos in the area, but most of the population speaks only Spanish. The farmland has limes and avocados - not yet producing. These are two of the most common crops in the area, so when avocados start to ripen in another couple of months, you will have all you can eat for almost free!
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    Do you have Latitude, Longitude coordinates? Oh and how much land?
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    Pix would be great, too.
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    Spent a lot of time there, still have friends in the area. Roads suck, cops are corrupt as can be, guns everywhere except in the hands of law-abiding citizens, and everyone wants a bite of the rich gringo. That having been said, the climate is wonderful, the people mostly are pretty decent, it is a beautiful island. The cigars are exceptional and you cannot beat the sopa de marista and the cokes are bottled with real sugar.
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    What are the firearms regulations there?
    If not better than Cal...or the Second Amendment not so much...
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    Permanent residents can get a permit to carry, if they bribe the right folks. Permits are expensive. Don't pass go or collect $200.00 for not having one and getting caught; straight to jail, but even a get out of jail card can be bought.
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    Expensive as in... a thousand bucks expensive or the blood of a Hollywood virgin expensive?
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    Well there are no Hollywood virgins over the age of 16, so I guess I'm staying in jail.
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