Donald Trump...the GOP gift that keeps giving to the US Democratic Party

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  1. chelloveck

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    I'm beginning to suspect that DT's greatest contribution to the GOP is to make other GOP candidates look quite sensible by comparison. I have to admire Donald's insouciance (Google ) in the face of contradiction.

    Donald Trump's six biggest gaffes of the presidential far - People - News - The Independent
  2. Ganado

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    So the news didn't quote what he actually said. They did creative journalism again. I get so tired of half assed reporting
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  3. ditch witch

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    Not the first time we've watched the media deliberately twist a politician who isn't on the invite list. Remember back when Howard Dean was running indie, getting all excited at that college campus and yelling? That yell was all we heard for months, until no one could take him seriously any more.

    I'm not sure what I think of the Donald.
  4. BlueDuck

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    One thing about the Donald. He's talking about a lot of things the others don't want to talk about but should. It makes them uncomfortable and shows how politically correct and gutless they really are.
  5. Kingfish

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    So Far Trump is the Only Republican running I would support. He is and has been against the sham called free trade for decades He has taken the reins from Ross Perot and is exposing the truth about what zero import tariffs have been doing and are continuing to do to our industrial base. I really dont like McCain as he made his bed with Clinton and signed N.A.F.T.A. and the G.A.T.T. I could care less if McCain left politics. Illegal Immigration is serious and Trump wants to stop it. I agree with him.
  6. Motomom34

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    I do not know if I could vote for The Donald but I do like how he says what is what. He is not your typical politician that stands around wringing his hands worrying about being politically correct. I think many Americans are very sick of the PC BS. Like it or not, I truly believe people are sick of sugar coating things and worried about someone feelings getting hurt. Oh and now poor Lindsey Graham has to get a new phone.... boo hoo, LOL!!! Look at all the stupid crap Obama said and people love that guy.

    We get on here and P & M about our rights eroding well Trump is one American that is standing up and saying what all us silent people are thinking.
  7. stg58

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    I agree with things he says but he is such an arrogant jerk.
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  8. Ganado

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    If I believed he would actually accomplish something I would vote for him but I think he is saying the right things for effect. At that level of politics they all have incestuous relationships. Trump has donated to the Clinton and other Democrats which isn't a problem except for that little pesky thing called potential conflict of interest.

    TBH even though I think Broker is right about voting not mattering... I will vote against Hilda beast as shakes my skin crawl
  9. kellory

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    I'm more interested in what he does, than what he says.
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  10. Tully Mars

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    Haven't made up my mind about the Don yet. I like what he is saying, but one must remember he is a businessman with more successes than failures. He knows what to say to the people who want to hear it.. Time will tell I think. @Brokor I hear what yer say'in, and I do agree,BUT I can't not vote. I've too many in my family that have paid too high a cost for me not to...
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  11. Kingfish

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    All I can say is we can not survive another Bush or Clinton.
  12. Ganado

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    Anyone need a new job as a robber? It seems to be the new get out of jail free card
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  13. BlueDuck

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    Sad state of affairs. Who to trust with your country and your life? Pretty murky choices. One thing about Trump, is he has built his reputation on actually doing things with real world accomplishments. He is a talker but, he has a better track record as a doer, and he does it on his own dime, not mine. I am getting pretty tired of politics as usual. If our system and country can ever be turned around, it won't be with politics as usual.
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  14. chelloveck

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    The above image is a fraud....Some douchebag ( Bdawgid) manipulated the image and published it on his imgur account. They picked the wrong one - Imgur Racial stereotyping at its best. :(...some who have taken the fraudulent pic at face value were manipulated also. Some fact checking might have prevented the fraud from being perpetuated.

    The actual image was published much earlier than the doctored imgur image, in the Riverfront Times on the 1st October 2014
    Arrested in Ferguson: What It's Like to Go to Jail While Protesters Negotiate Your Release | Riverfront Times

    Ferguson Protester's Photo Gets Edited Into Racist Meme, Goes Viral | Riverfront Times

    The sign actually reads: No Mother Should Have To Fear For Her Son's Life Every Time He Leaves Home
  15. chelloveck

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  16. kellory

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    "The sign actually reads: No Mother Should Have To Fear For Her Son's Life Every Time He Leaves Home"...... To Rob a store.:D
  17. fmhuff

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    Actually the only reason Trump may look foolish compared to other GOP and Democrats is Media Spin. Look at Boxer, Pelosi, Reed and even Obama himself if you want to see people who would look like idiots if held to the same scrutiny. The same with many Republicans. I think for most of them there's enough evidence for psychiatric evaluation and committal if the world was fair and the media unbiased.
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  18. oldawg

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    Both sides of the aisle are scared of him and will let their selves look foolish if it keeps him off the ticket. All are afraid if he gets the election he'll screw up the flow of brown envelopes under the tables. Me? I think he makes a lot of sense. The more he speaks the more I listen. I'm sick to death of PC wishy washy cowardly crooks who will happily take this country the rest of the way down the tubes just for one more pay off. Since Col. West doesn't appear to be running and Gen. Puller is dead(so they say) I'll listen to what this "civy" has to say.
  19. Yard Dart

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    I will listen to what he has to say for now..... there are many months before the election to observe who gives a rat's ass, and who needs to go in the trash heap. Anyone that saddles up a particular horse at this time, is a bit premature IMO. Until election day..... my vote is undecided ;)
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