Don't be depressed.... eat more fish.

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    The omega-3 fatty acid in some fish may be a "brain food" that helps ward off depression because it increases gray matter in three areas that tend to be smaller in people who have serious depression, a study suggests today.
    The increase could help explain why past studies have found that the omega-3 acid DHA reduces symptoms of depression. The richest sources of DHA are fatty fish and fish-oil capsules.
    Researchers gave magnetic resonance imaging tests to 55 adults. Participants also reported everything they ate for 24 hours on two randomly selected days, says study leader Sarah Conklin, a neuroscientist at University of Pittsburgh Medical School. She'll report her findings at the American Psychosomatic Society meeting in Budapest.
    The more DHA a person consumed, the more gray matter there was in three areas of the brain linked to mood: the amygdala, the hippocampus and the cingulate, Conklin says. Seriously depressed people tend to have less gray matter in these areas, she says.
    "That doesn't mean omega-3 is a panacea for depression," she says. "Many other things influence risk, such as genetics, environment, drug use and alcohol."
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    On the advise of my Dr. I have salmon twice a month, "for the fish oil", not because I like it[winkthumb]

    But, if you really want to increase your Omega-3 fatty acid intake, take flax seed. Buy it whole and grind it yourself for maximum benefit. Yes, I have tried the "already been ground to death" flax seed and it just wasn't as good as fresh ground.

    Flax seed can be added to most anything, and even incorporated into many recipe's.

    <a href="">Here</a> is some more information on flax seed.


    (BTW, cedar plank grilled salmon is the best way to have salmon. Hmm, guess I'm gonna hafta go find me a couple of salmon fillets for this weekend :) )
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