Don't eat raw pork

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    I'll still eat bacon, extra crispy!
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    Pork also is known to harbor another parasitic worm that causes trichinosis.

    Don't forget the parasites found in fish...or heck, for that matter, water.

    Reminds me of the old joke "The FDA has determined that saliva causes death - but only if ingested in small quantities over an extended period of time."

    Nearly anything, if not prepared properly, stands a chance of causing some form of illness.
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    more an amuse story than a news story that one. Hominid pork, and porcine pork are very similar in many ways and suffer from much the same pathologies.

    Fugu is quite safe to eat raw....provided that it has been expertly prepared by a competent fugu chef....

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    I know of a patient in a hospital some years ago that had a tape worm...
    In his brain! He had worked in a pork packing plant and handled the raw pork without gloves.. He lived, but he suffered a lot during the cure.. Matter of fact, he was fortunate to have a doc that recognized what was wrong with him... Many of the Doctor's had no idea what was wrong and this doc had lived down on the border and had seen it before..

    Glove up before handling that meat and never eat it raw..;)
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    That's it. No more bacon sushi for me.
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    If you are eating or handling wild game, all bets are off. I had tularemia, rabbit fever, when I was about 7 years old and got it skinning a rabbit. Back in the 1940's in rural Minnesota, one of our neighbors got undulant fever from drinking raw milk, I heard about cases of TB, pink eye, lock jaw, and was warned about trichomonas, tape worm, bot fly, salmonella, and I don't even remember all the other things. Hook worm and tape worm were very common until people started to really practice sanitation and wear shoes. If things fall apart, the survivors would soon relearn all the old rules about foods, insects, parasites and animals. Not an expert, but been told that shellfish and red tide can kill you, no matter how fresh or clean the shellfish are.
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    Yep, Red Tide (Paralytic Shellfish Poison) will get you BIG TIME if you aren't aware of when, and how, to test for it... The Most leathal strain is found just 3 miles from here,at Porpoise Islands, at the entrance to Excursion Inlet, Alaska... The .Mil spent years trying to Weaponize PSP, using samples gathered from here... All failed, but there are numerous Graves, of natives, that died, of it eating the clams, locally... Fortunately PSP is a Fast Acting NeuroToxin, and metabolizes in Humans very fast... All one has to do is, BREATH for the patient, for about an HOUR, and they will be alright... Our Medic has revived a couple of patients over the years...
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    The trick is when dressing wild game; do not cut yourself.

    "The most commonly accepted theory is that of the 'hunter'. In this scenario, SIVcpz was transferred to humans as a result of chimps being killed and eaten, or their blood getting into cuts or wounds on the human hunter.5 Normally, the hunter's body would have fought off SIV, but on a few occasions it adapted itself within its new human host and became HIV-1."
    Origin of HIV & AIDS | AVERT

    Although not this serious as @duane mentioned there are a lot of diseases in wild game.
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    Now, that is really scary! He got that worm just from having his hands in contact with the raw pork?! How many of us, on opening a package of pork chops that are going straight into the skillet, put on surgical gloves to put them there? At most, we wash and dry the meat first, and we wash our hands before and after contact, but really, how many of us have a box of plastic gloves on the kitchen counter? It's easy for me to go and stay vegetarian, but I have dogs and cats who need their meat and I sometimes give them a little pork, (it's still affordable) so I'd better keep at least a fork handy to avoid touching it. there nothing safe to touch anymore?
  14. Witch Doctor 01

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    Many believe they must cook pork until it’s well-done. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), that’s not necessary. The notion that pork must be cooked well-done dates back a few generations when a pathogen called Trichinella spiralis that causes trichinosis was a problem for pig farmers and for consumers. Today, we know that Trichinella spiralis is transmitted to pigs as a result of poor feeding practices and exposure to pathogen-infected animals.

    Myth: You have to cook pork to well-done because pigs often carry a parasite that can lead to a condition known as trichinosis in people if they eat undercooked pork.

    Fact: While there is a historical basis for caution regarding trichinosis, it’s no longer a threat that should concern U.S. pork consumers. In fact, the odds of getting trichinosis from eating pork sold at retail stores is only 1 in 154 million.1

    Why? The parasite responsible for this disease has been almost completely eliminated from modern pork production, thanks to the American farmers’ adherence to strict production practices and the federal government’s ongoing monitoring programs of farms and processing facilities.

    These facts, coupled with properly cooking pork to USDA’s recommended 145° F, a three-minute rest time and proper storage techniques, mean that most of the handful of cases each year are caused by eating wild game meat, not pork. So, it all means eating pork in the 21st century is safer than ever.

    1Calculation performed by the National Pork Board based on U.S. Census Bureau statistics, 2009.
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    Domestic pork is no more dangerous than chicken in my opinion. Now a wild hog, that's a pig of a different color.
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    Granted, it is not as much of a risk as in the past, but if it is avoidable due diligence should be applied.
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    @Witch Doctor 01
    Well, said and I bought an accurate meat thermometer. Even heated to 150-155 degrees, the pork is juicier.
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  18. Legion489

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    I tried to find the post (like the one about pork listed at top) about tape worms in the brain but didn't find it. It was out of Mexico and the woman came to the US to get free treatment naturally.
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    The cysts in that woman's brain are not tape worms but another part of the lifecycle of those beasts. The tapeworms release larvae which migrate out of the digestive tract and wind up in muscle tissue and I guess brain and the body forms a cyst around them. they hang out here until they are eaten by another animal and the gastric juices signal the cysts to open and let the larvae out and then the cycle repeats. The cysts with the larvae inside them can stay alive for a while, they are in it for the "long game" nasty stuff.
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