Dont expect the police to come to your rescue

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by VisuTrac, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. VisuTrac

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    Unless of course you want to lose your business
    Crime pays for police -

    It's a new revenue stream! Fleece the business owners. They should have handled the druggies themselves, They should have owned a restaurant, and served the local flat foots free rib dinners on tuesdays.

    Need new cruisers but the department coffers are low? Bust a couple of druggies on a car dealership parking lot. Take a car with you as a bonus.
  2. Opinionated

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    This is in Massachusetts. The home of the Kennedy gang.

    Why the residents haven't left or burned that state to the ground long ago I can only guess.

    But what I KNOW is that them, like the rest of us, have the government we deserve.

    Blaming law enforcement, is like blaming the pencil for misspelled words. By the way, speaking of expecting the police to come to the rescue . . .

    you are aware that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that law enforcement has NO DUTY to protect an individual . . . right?

    At least that is my story, and I'm sticking to it. :oops:
  3. tacmotusn

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    I really do hate to throw a hand grenade into the fray, but I couldn't let this one go by. Someone somewhere has to draw the line sometime. Did the run of the mill German soldiers just shrug their shoulders and say, "oh well, I am just following orders," as they were herding Jews into gas chambers?
    We have a Constitution that is supposed to be the law of the land, and it gets violated 100s of thousands of times each day. First responders, military, and politicians take oaths of office or enlistment periodically. Most of these mention laws, the state or federal constitution, and taking orders from superiors. Everyone has some idea of lawful orders and unlawful orders.
    I have heard congress people flat out say, "they don't care about the Constitution, that it's up to the Supreme Court to sort out the bills they pass."
    We do not have the Government we deserve! What we have is the makings for a freakin revolution, and it's long overdue!
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  4. Seawolf1090

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    We The People have the best Government that foreign banking interests could buy and con the mugs (us) into 'voting' into office. And those Government types control the Police. Nuff said.........
  5. Alpha Dog

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    This is something that has bothered me along time the law is supposed to be If the properties are used for or bought with the money from crimes.Now I have been part of forfitures and I agree with them we took a cadilac from a 22year old, owned outright, paid cash for and we had numerous recording's of drug transactinons in the vehicle, prior to him having the vehicle and the day the vehicle was bought he used some of our money we had bought dope from him with. We got the vehicle sold it bought vest's and other equiipment now to me that was fine. Two weeks later a small town pulled over a Ford Mustang driver no dope no criminal record for selling dope just a couple simple possession charges ( she smoked weed) Her boyfriend in the passenger side of the vehicle had two pills in his pocket no criminal history of ever selling dope just using. As for the vehicle the girls dad had paid for it used the girls dad is one of the best people you could ever meet and hard working. He tried to raise his daughter the best way he could and she turned out kind of a SH!%#t head but it's still his daughter and her love's her. He came to me and told me what this town was doing and the reason he bought the vehicle was because his daughter has three kids and needed a car. The town had filed for forfiture on the vehicle now can anyone show me where this vehicle could be taken for the use of drug activity or was bought with drug money. So I went and talked to the Chief to talk to him to try and help the dad get the car back. Let me also say The Sheriff Dept is different no one tells us what, when or how it is up to our Sheriff. Any way I talked to the Chief and he gave the old guy the car back and told me that the town was putting pressure on him to do these forfitures. That they had found these less restriction under Federal code that they could use to take vehicles, property, and money for the town's general funds. Now when we take something at the Sheriff's office we have a drug account the funds go in and we use the money for drug equipment and training. Also when we take something there is no doubt that it was paid for or used for drugs. I could see me going in and telling my Sheriff Hey I took this vehicle for three pills or I filed on this local busness because I seen the dope dealer selling dope out back. I would be selling used car cause after the cussing I would need a job.

    Plus with this way of thinking dose it meen if I catch a dope dealer selling dope in a city or state park multiple times through out the year I can file on the state or city park and sell it. If so I will have the Dr. King park for sell on Monday if yall know anyone looking.
  6. VisuTrac

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    I for one don't believe for a single nanosecond that this is the government we deserve. We deserve much better.

    One that doesn't lie, cheat, steal and murder to protect their own interests. One that can admit to their mistakes and make it better. That is what I expect.

    As for the police, I feel that they are complicit. And not even unwittingly, they see the forfeiture clause as a revenue stream and are tempted by the same greed gene as those idiots that made up the rule. Ooo look shiny things. WE NEED ONE OF THOSE <fill in the blank>

    So yep, I lump a lot of police departments in with our crooked politicians, they are just the Brown Shirts that do their evil masters bidding.

    Please note, i said a lot, not all. I have know a few small town police officers and don't have an issue with them, actually they can be quite nice at times.

    As for the SCOTUS Castle Rock V. Gonzales decision, Yep, I know about it. So that begs the question, If they are not here for our protection then who are they serving and protecting? Maybe the interests of Politicians and their little fiefdoms? Property interests of the corporations ? Or just to warm the chairs at Dunkin' Donuts (just throwing in a stereotype for the heck of it)? Let's swap out the police for more Firemen and EMT's as they fight fires, protect property and save lives. It seems the police come by later to determine what happened.

    So are police needed ? I dunno. Maybe. Maybe not. I could see a police officer POSSIBLY taking a bullet for a fellow officer but for a citizen? I doubt it.

    And daily our rights to protect ourselves are erroded, no guns within x feet of this area, no guns here, no weapons there. Do you think the criminals don't know this and left theirs at home? Easy pickings, only ones armed are the enforcers and the evildoers. With the sheeple in the middle. A criminal breaks their leg falling over your fence while attempting to break into your house, they sue you and win!

    Welcome to AmeriKa, check your sanity at the door.
  7. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    Plus as for lawful order's and Im not taking up for these guy's but it is law it is in these state and federal code books. If officer don't follow these order's they can be criminally charge. I know still don't make it right and I 100% agree. I would bet the farm on this one the Feds are behind for what ever reason. This is a little bfar out for local PD guy's plus like here if I went to one of our motel's and told them about drugs being sold they would set me up in a room to start an Investigation. This is a Fed trying to get a gold star in his file.
  8. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    sounds like a real big set up for legal robbery
    committed by the govt for their own purposes
    yeah id say we should go file for forfieture
    on all state owned lands, ive seen enuff drug sales
    on several camps and such
    we should start showing the a-holes where to get off
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  9. VisuTrac

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    Small potatoes, think big.

    Who do you think the biggest narco traffickers are?
    How about Illegal Weapons Sales.
    Money Laundering?

    I say that the several million police should head to a small enclave carved out between Maryland and Virginia and slap the cuffs on at least 535 people at one address and everyone at another. There is a lot of shenanigans going on there.

    We will take care of ourselves in the absence of the police, don't worry guys, honest we were fine before you left. [stirpot]
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  10. Gator 45/70

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    They...The local Sheriff dept...are 0-4 in the neighborhood...
    So i tell them on the last little break-in...
    Don't worry about it...We the neighborhood will take care of it...
    Deputy's responce...You can't do that...It's against the law..!!!
    My Responce...Buddy...Your 0-4...How in the hell are you going to catch me.??
    His Responce................................????
  11. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    We could see about forfiture of the ATF property for gun running and suppling drug dealers with firearms. Even better we could charge the goverment under the RICO act money made from a criminal enterprise.

    As for the Deputy being 0-4 my answer would have been you have a right to defend yourself and your property. Plus it's less paperwork Im a firm believer in the community getting involved it sends a message our neghborhood won't be victims if the police don't get ya we will.
  12. Opinionated

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    Folks, I don't like taking responsibility for the government we have either. It makes me sick to my stomach.

    And indeed "special interests" spends obscene amounts of $$$ backing their chosen puppets in elections.

    But there seem to be a couple of fundamentals being dismissed.

    1) How did - for instance - Obammy (or anyone else) get into office? They were voted in.

    2) During the election cycle did you do everything you could possibly do to get "someone better" elected? Did you get actively involved in the process, or did you just vote? Was there more you *could have* done?

    3) How often have you actually gone to your state capitol and had face time with your legislators? How often have you actually gone to your Rep.'s local office and chewed their @ss about an issue or issues important to you?

    I respectfully submit to each of you that we could do more than we do to fix the problems we all find so repulsive.

    THAT is why I say that we have the government we deserve. And I'm pretty sure folks like Franklin, Jefferson, and Adams would agree with me.
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  13. Alpha Dog

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    Not speaking for anyone else I agree with opinonated as for me you get tied with work and family and vote for who I find to be best for me (Now I do want to say I didn't vote for Odumba$$) and maybe put a sign in my yard and hope for the best. Our goverment is a product created by us the people. I think and pray to God that people have seen this time just what can happen and the next elections will be different and I hope all election's from our small town's to our country. Becase America well she is tired and battered and I for one don't think she could handle being beaten and raped by these idiots that call them selves our leaders for another four years. We all are to blame and have to fix the problems.
  14. VHestin

    VHestin Farm Chick

    I know I've only recently 'woken up' to what's going on, but I do think when we don't do anything to make sure our government is following the (Constitutional)law, we are endorsing their crap.
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  15. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    I think that this quote would descibe how I feel when it come's to the Goverment (local, state, federal) and the people.

    “I cannot trust a man to control others who cannot control himself.” (General Robert E. Lee)
  16. Witch Doctor 01

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    I have used the "Continuing Public Nuisance laws" AKA the Bawdy house law to "wake up" property owners who knew that drug/gang activity was ongoing on their property (A motel)... we had 315 call in less than 2 years at one property... including shootings, stabbings, drug busts, assaults etc... the property owner finally "woke up" when we threatend them with confiscating their property... prior to this move they did nothing to limit the crimes occuring on their property... once we knotified them of possible confiscation they be came most helpful.... Now as to the above case i cannot see it working in the court system with the 1994 cases in NC it would not qualify as an ongoing criminal enterprise... ut in Mass i guess it's another story...

    This is a tool that if used properly should not effect most law abiding folks... only those "less" than law abiding folks who don't care what their inaction causes in their neighborhood...

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