Dont forget...................EVER

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, May 26, 2008.

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  2. Quigley_Sharps

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    Dont forget...................EVER
  3. sarawolf

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    That is part of the problem, to many alreay have.
    They dont realize we are still at war with those trying to bring our whole country down and kill as many of us as they can.
    They do not value human life.
    Somehow so many think the problem has gone away.
  4. Opinionated

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    I spent a few hours yesterday watching footage of the events of 9/11. The Military Channel had some really well done stuff. As did History and Discovery.

    I got very angry again. So angry I eventually had to turn it all off or go start shooting me some . . . . of them folks.

    It occurred to me that while WRONG this may be a significant part of why "we forget".

    This probably isn't the best thing to admit on a public forum, but the truth of the matter is that if I recalled the horror of that day regularly there is absolutely not a doubt in my mind I would be on death row right now as one of the most prolific - if not THE most prolific serial killer, in human history.

    While IMPROPER (in my opinion) I think that some of us let some of this slip away as a social AND self preservation mechanism.

    . . tell me your blood didn't flash boil when you "heard" about the 77 US Soldiers wounded in Afghanistan last Saturday . . . you either let it slip from your active consciousness, or you take off on your own hiking toward the sandbox.
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    I won't forget......that our government either engineered or was an accomplice in, a controlled demolition of 3 buildings, killing thousands of our own in order to whip up a frenzy to go to the middle east for corporate profits and the Constitutional right to drive an SUV.

    And that we continue to shed our blood so Pepsi and KFC can be sold in Afganistan.

    Wake The F up people..............

    The War On Terror Is A FRAUD
  6. ssonb

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    In all of the programs on the events of 9/11 not one refered to the terrorist by what they were.. Musulim terrorist, they all kinda ommited that little tidbit.I had some trust in GWB until the speech right after, when he refered to Islam as the religion of peace?????
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    My dad always used the phrase, "Fore warned is fore armed". People won't take the time to remember recent history. They forget that when using the "ostrich approach", while your head is in the sand, your butt is still exposed! People are too busy watching reality shows to see the reality of our (America's) immediate future. These are dangerous times for christians everywhere.
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