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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by VisuTrac, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. VisuTrac

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  2. Falcon15

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    Yeah, I read Big Sis approved these...sad, really. Looking like a huge gear up towards martial law type scenarios.

    Looks like I'll have to move. Again. Sheriff in the next county over got a grant for a squadron of these bad boys and they are going to be deployed soon.
  3. STANGF150

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    Well, I've heard theories of Black Choppers coming after us all one day, I just thought they'd be BIGGER!!! o_O
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  4. ghrit

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    I guess it's near time to dig up the Solothurn. Sickening.
  5. Falcon15

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    I am sorry, you are going to dig up a Canton of Switzerland?
  6. VisuTrac

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    This calculation is provided for Informational Purposes only.

    Hence Ballistic testing.

    Lead required to hit a 55 MPH target travelling 90 degrees to where you are standing about 600 ft away

    L=((Starget*DistanceatImpact)/Sprojectile)* SIN(angle of travel)

    55mph = 81 fps
    5.56 projectile @ 3000 fps

    Lead in feet = ((81f/s*600f)/3000f/s)(Sin 90)
    L = (48600f/3000)*1
    L=16.2 feet

    does not take into account for gravity (ballistic drop) wind drift nor wind drag. But thats why you have large capacity mags. YMMV
  7. chelloveck

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    For every offensive weapon technology introduced,

    nullifying defensive technologies are eventually developed and put into production.
  8. VisuTrac

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    Key word is 'eventually'. And I'm pretty sure it's not going to be as cheap as say, one could spray paint the camera lens or nail it with a paint ball but I don't think I want to get that close to it nor it's operator. Just a small tweak to the rotating bits and we are good to go.

    Unless of course they are using 'swarm' technology then there might be others to contend with. OUCH
  9. BTPost

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    Since these are in the civilian marketplace, they MUST use conventional Control Technology, which is easily contriverted, using conventional Means. Once it is on the ground, a hammer, makes it useless. The reason MIlitary Drones work so well as Platforms, is they are controlled thru SAT based Control Systems, with the Antennas on the TOP of the wings, and thus shielded from ground based RF Sources, and they NEVER fly LOW. They are ALWAYS above 30K ft, way out of small Arms Range, and mostly to small for IR, or Radar, Missile or Optical Tracking systems to lock on to. These facts make the invulnerable, for most conventional attack vectors. These HLS devices have no such protection.
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  10. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    toy rockets go pretty high are easy to make and can be radio controlled
    to quote another monkey "just sayin" :)
  11. Seawolf1090

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    A hand-loaded 12 gauge 'beanbag' round using an expanding fine-mesh net......

    Just sayin'........
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  12. dragonfly

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    Now that's entertainment!
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  13. melbo

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    20mm Anti Tank Rifle described in Unintended Consequences.
    MIL-SOL-ATR-35. medium_solothurn20mm.
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  14. melbo

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  15. Seawolf1090

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    I remember the Solothurn being available in gun magazines back in the 70's. Very cheap, compared to today! A guy shot one into a one-inch steel plate at a few hundred yards -punched a nice hole clean through it!

    Be expensive to reload for..... the powder cost alone would break me!

  16. Yoldering

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    That reminds me of a bad sci-fi movie...about the drones that is.
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