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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Brokor, Feb 12, 2010.

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    Thanks, everybody! Joining here was a real stroke of luck. It's like walking into a room full of strangers and meeting a bunch of people who get it, which must only happen once in a lifetime. Amazing!

    We're in the fight of our lives here. Based on the economic quagmire alone, I see no way out except forward through a collapse. I'm doing everything I can to teach people what Liberty really means, because the folks alive today may have the need to establish a new government in this land.

    I don't say this lightly, and I don't buy Beck's "refounder" BS which is just another diversion. I do believe the powers that be intend to destroy the dollar. There's no other rational explanation for what's happening. At the point of collapse, they intend to march in like white knights with a global currency to save us all. That is the moment at which we may be able to wrest Liberty from the jaws of globalist tyranny.

    This battle is to be fought on a much steeper hill than the the founders fought on, because today we don't have anywhere near as many people who want to be left alone. Worse yet, at least a third of our countrymen still think this is a free country and another third believe it's moral and just to rob their neighbors for whatever government benefits they desire.

    Also, the powers that be have decades of brainwashing and misdirection under their belts, millions of employees, tens of millions on the take and millions more willing accessories (Quislings) in the educational system and the media. Oh, and unbelievable technological prowess backing this all up. (I'm sure they read this post before any other Monkeys did.)

    The only weapons we have are the truth, and our consent. If we withdraw our consent to this charade it just might crumble. (That's not possible unless we know the truth.) At this moment in history such a withdrawal movement could go viral. That's what I'm hoping for, anyway.

    Thanks again for the warm welcome, and my best to you all.
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    Great analysis, USMCwife! I dismissed Palin the moment she signed on with McCain, but I was never convinced she really knew what was going on. (I'd bet she does by now, though...)

    Palin's persona is just a bubble off, and I've been trying to figure out just what's wrong there for months.

    (Dang I love being in the country! As I write this, I can hear several people practicing with their rifles about a mile down the way!!!)

    Sorry. Sure, Palin's now a player in the game and I believe she's here to lead conservatives back into the corral for another betrayal. As to her being a bubble off, we watched Fargo again and it hit me - she's like Frances McDormand's character Marge - just a little too bloody cheerful for what's going on. Everyone was stunned when I made the connection, but it's hilarious. (The DVD was $5 at WallyWorld.)
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    YouTube- Alex Jones Tv 6/6: Obama is The Next False Flag!!!

    Beck: "9-11 Truthers. Here's a guy (truthers in general) who thought the government was EVIL enough that it would murder thousands of US Citizens -just blow 'em up!" "Do you think that anybody who does think that we can just kill our own people should be near the President? Do you think that? That just because he sits in the office of the Presidency that he is EVIL...."

    This guy is clearly not a Patriot.

    Oh, I forgot. Some people don't like Alex Jones. Here is Glenn Beck on his own show without Jones interrupting: YouTube- Glenn Beck on the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory (10/22/07)

    Public Enemy.
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    Sounds like Beck is being used to "steer" the populace. Now, against the 9/11 truthers. Who's next?

    Problem is, the tea party is without leadership. And without leadership, ripe for the pickings, to be moved back into the 2 party system.
    Would you agree that the tea party in many ways was spawned by Ron Paul's bid for the republican nomination? The tea party is now without a leader and there are masses of people wanting to be led. Masses of people without a leader invite the loonies and extremists to move in, (e.g. Palin and Beck [grlft] in this case) to "take over".

    Hopefully not many people, that believed in the honorable Mr. Pauls views will fall right in line behind Beck 'n Palin.

    Their attempt to "hijack", [whipem][smsh] the tea party and return us to business as usual in Washington. Instead of down the right path of returning to the constitution, sound money, non-interventionist foriegn policy, no entangling treaties, true government transparency, fair trade, the principles of liberty for all americans.

    The time is right for this in history. The Democrats and Republicans have shown the populace how ineffectual,[notworking] , how impotent, caniving, two-faced, forked tongue they are as well as who they are really working for....[reddevil]and it hasn't been you or me. They have showed us this for the past 100 years. Yes it is time for a change my friends. [fixedthanks][winkthumb]

    Together we can re-take our government for the people again, with the tea party. [flag]

    But without a leader, it will be a missed opportunity.:cry:[angelsad]
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    I called GlennBeck out when he did a "flip" when employed by CNN.
    I got a response from his "editor". Soon thereafter, from what I had gleaned, CNN was not happy about his stance, although in all fairness, he did right a wrong. We all make mistakes, and some more than others, especially in that type of business. The good news is: Beck has settled down a bit, and gets his facts a bit more clearly than when on CNN. I cannot defend nor deny what he is or is not. "IF" Beck makes people at least stop, listen, and take notice of a problem, Then I'm all for it.
    In actuality, this thread sounds more to me like "McCarthy'ism" than anything else at this point.
    That's a shame too.
    But, IF what appears to be taking place, is in fact, "they" are winning the war already.
    "Divide and Conquer".
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    To believe in anyone blindly is foolish. To reiterate Reagan, "trust but verify." This goes for anyone involved in the political scene, even those on the sidelines. I have a real problem with sound bites. Beck uses them sparingly and is more likely to play any bite he uses at least once completely, or provide info as to how to hear it completely elsewhere. Many talk show hosts use short sound bites patched together to say whatever their agenda is at that moment without providing a clear view of what was actually said in the complete piece. That I in no way trust. We all have to keep our minds and our eyes wide open. To do otherwise promotes ignorance and stupidity!
  7. 44044

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    Thank God for Beck, Rush, and all the others that are trying to wake the people up. You have to decide if you can be woke up, a wise man can change his mind, a fool never will.
  8. Brokor

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    Then take your own advice and change your mind. [ROFL] Those men aren't there to try and wake you up, they are highly paid actors and they will say just about anything. The right wing religious crowd is the easiest to draw in because all one has to do is latch on to that Jesus motivator and before you know it they have an army willing to die for their cause.

    Just like all the other topics on this forum which raises concern -this is no different. In time you will see that WE were right, YOU were wrong, and you will return to the Monkey wondering how you could have been so blinded. And if you don't? Well, I guess you get to continue to be a part of the Christian Coalition or 700 Club Zombie crowd. You get to be part of the problem, not the solution.
  9. Seacowboys

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    I am a Teaparty member and supporter and I find it offensive that the GOP is using us to further their agenda but then I step back another foot and recognize that this problem started way before this and the fight has to happen. I learned from an ex-wife when she would start a fight about my buying a gun that what she really was fighting was for missing the Anderson's daughter's wedding. The fight eventually got around to the real impetus and she always won.
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    I think 44044's point was that raising consciousness is always a good thing. After that, it's up to the individual to do due diligence. And of course, one preaches what one is paid (via the wallets of the believers) to preach. All those raves, no matter if Beck, Limbaugh, Huffington or any of the others, are based on their own beliefs, probably stretched some to accommodate where they see the most support, the most belief in something, be it an on time dinner or conspiracy.
  11. E.L.

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    I am also going to have to be a voice of dissent. I admire Glenn Beck for conquering his demons, rising from alcoholism to making something of himself. Yes there are times that I do not agree with him, but he is probably more of a prepper than most on this board. I'm not talking about his big money contract, but his Mormon faith which led him to put
    back a year + worth of food and supplies. Before you bash Beck at least try and watch a few of his shows or listen to his radio show. Not some excerpt, as he is typically full of sarcasm and hyperbole. I don't watch him at all, but I do listen to him on the radio at times and I agree with him about the 911 truthers. Those that believe it was a great conspiracy good for you, but it is not what I believe. I listened in horror when Debra Medina committed political suicide on his show, she has since recanted, but I had previously had high hopes for her. We don't all agree all the time on this board, we
    should just all agree to stay civil and not berate each other for believing different things. Beck is not a hero, he will be the first to tell you as he did today " don't just believe me, seek out the truth on your own." Talking heads on TV or the radio be they Beck, Jones, or Katie Couric should have no influence on what we think, do, or how we vote. Do I like Beck's satire, thoughts on prepping, and some of the information he provides yes.
  12. Brokor

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    E.L., Glenn Beck is an actor. He will say anything to improve ratings and make more money. He is NOT an honest man, and he plays to the audience the same as Pat Robertson and Limbaugh or any other phony out there. The thing about people like Beck is that they always say a few things to get you on their side, to get you motivated. They speak a little truth in order to do a greater harm. The sooner you realize this, the better.

    SURE, there was a time when Beck was new to the game and he had to adapt -he used his own experiences as a ratings booster and pretended to have all kinds of problems (alcoholism for starters) to play to the audience. Religion is another. Nobody works for FOX and Murdock and TRULY SUPPORTS the REPUBLIC. Period.

    Beck is NOT a Patriot first -he's a businessman first. Melbo said it best, and I suggest everybody go back and re-read this thread.
  13. SLugomist

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    LMFAO "Thank God for Beck, Rush,..."

    The tea party is a new political party, not an extension of the republican party. Rush is the republican parties annoying pill popping cheerleader. Beck was their lap dog until after the election, so when did HE wakeup? LOL he's a pigeon.

    What amuses me most about this is that their is a vast majority of Americans that would thrive under Dr. Paul's views and the minority would be protected so that they can thrive as well, on any issue.

    Palin's message when trying to get elected, along with Beck's, was inline with the republicans, business as usual, bend the people over and be worthless on the tax payers teet. Dr. Pauls was a conservative view but leaning constitutionalist. Seeing as how the Americans are waking up and realizing Dr. Paul's message is good, now all of a sudden the neocon republicans want in. If they preach the TRUE messages of the Tea Party and drop the (R) then welcome aboard. Other wise buzz off.

    One more thing, how many sheep can or would do due diligence in researching statements by a TV show host?
    Not many, I'm guessing.
  14. Sherman

    Sherman Dog Eat Dog

    I like Rush, Levine and Beck, and yes I am thankful to have conservative opinions on the air. Perhaps you would be happy if the media was all liberal all the time?
    These people are political pundits and entertainers not leaders, spokesmen or tools of any party. I most often learn of issues I should be concerned about from these sources. And I believe they do a service educating people about what conservative principles really are and not what people have been told they are.
    Beck is getting a big contract because he is very popular, I am glad he is popular for that means others think as I do. That there is something wrong, that it has gone on too long and we must stand against those who choose to ignore the constitution irregardless of party.
  15. SLugomist

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    Good point Sherman
  16. OzarkSaints

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    sooooooooo that we have seen the un-edited glenn beck vs the glenn beck soundbites that had been so 'defiled by the snip and clip evil of that dastardly disingenouis Alex Jones'........just exactly what were some of y'all saying about Jones mis-representing beck?
  17. NVBeav

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    Excellent point. I'd rather listen to any one of them than Commie Curic. You'd think some people complain about conservatives just to divide and conquer - you can find fault with anyone, so look closely at who is pointing the finger.
  18. Brokor

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    Actually, the Conservative movement is no more righteous than their evil twins, the Liberals. It is all a charade, just one big stage for you to be entertained and preoccupied - too distracted to do any REAL damage to Slavery, Inc.


    Your right wing beliefs keep you just as imprisoned as the radical beliefs of the leftist. Your mind is controlled; hardwired into your TV set, just waiting for the next set of instructions.
  19. Sherman

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    What is this "conservative movement" you speak of? I am a conservative, where I live that is a challenge, conservatives are hidden away like Anne Frank.

    How am I imprisoned in my belief in Austrian economics, the principles of self ownership and that our founding fathers were men of great wisdom? That liberty is worth dying for?

    I think you have conservatives confused with the Republican Party, we are not one in the same. For I am a Libertarian. I believe you are speaking of those conservatives that are blindly loyal to the GOP and the neocons. Am I mistaken?

    People watching Foxnews, Beck etc. know something isnt right and are looking for answers. Good for them, keep paying attention. But remember that Foxnews is just a conservative leaning news outlet. Gut check everything... Rupert Murdoch is in it for the money, in 2006 Rupert Murdoch hosted a fundraiser for Hillary Clintons re-election and in 2008 endorsed Obama.

    Those that prefer not to think about it preoccupy themselves with Oprah, American Idol and Jersey Shores...caring not to question what is happening. Except perhaps to get their political news from Rolling Stone and to Rock the Vote with MTV or protest capitalism and global warming.
  20. Brokor

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    Right wing necon "conservative", Glenn Beck - Limbaugh - Hannity - take your pic. Some may call themselves "Libertarians" but they are not.
    No, I am not confused. Left or Right, take your pic -both are misled. False paradigms.
    Will receive nothing useful except to gauge what the corporate think tank is up to next. If these people blindly believe Beck and the others, then they are only serving the interests of the established elite.

    Try not to take it too personally. Politics is the arena for fools to argue over their illegitimate government. Unless any of these people place downsizing government at the top of the list, they should receive no attention. Restoring the republic to its original boundaries is of the highest importance, we agree. ;)
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