Don't Trust Glenn Beck

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Brokor, Feb 12, 2010.

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    I don't watch TV news or listen to talk radio (except for those corporate pigs at ESPN :)

    If you really believe "restoring our Republic to its original boundaries is of the highest importance", then, indeed, we agree on something.
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    Did anyone see this news article?

    Basically PALIN is saying tea party members, PICK REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT. Some nerve me thinks. She's a dim wit, GWB's sister.
    Hmm deja vous.
    Also apparently 50 leaders of the tea party are meeting the head of the RNC (republican natiional convention). I wonder what's going on there? Sounds pretty good though.

    More NEWS on the goings on, of the tea party.

    Where did the racism come from?
    IMO this is derailment by another party, attempts to discredit and what ignorance breads. Freedom is for all, any american, or future american regardless of race or religion. Insert bill of rights as it crosses all races but only applies to US citizens.

    Should we allow democrats?,2933,586281,00.html

    We allow anyone to listen to our point of view on governance.
    If you have questions, please voice them we will be happy to answer.
    If you like what you hear then by all means join us. Help us become a 3 party system.

    What business could survive on 2 choices. Ok you get a cheeseburger value meal or a hamburger value meal? Puh lease.

    One last quote.

    <TABLE class=quote-table cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=left-quote>
    </TD><TD>"With ordinary Americans setting out to reclaim the political process, it's likely to be a bumpy ride for incumbents of both parties," writes Instapundit blogger Glenn Reynolds in a recent Wall Street Journal column. "I suspect the Founding Fathers would approve."

    more by Glenn Reynolds - 2 hours ago - Christian Science Monitor (1 occurrences)
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    No not personal at all, I always appreciate your posts, including this one. We all need to check our reality and I wouldnt want to discourage you from challenging my ideas on things.

    I have been a conservative for over 25 yrs but that does not mean that I have not evolved. I am open to considering other ways of thinking that help me define and clarify what I believe.

    gotta go, grilled cheese callin!
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    Anybody making that kind of money working for the news channels whether conservative, or liberal is coached and told what to talk about or they would be fired, period. Check each candidates voting records, their congressional voting habits to weed them out. That is using your head, instead of your heart to make a wise decision. Look where people's hearts got them this last election.
    The govt is a very dirty diaper and must be changed frequently.
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