Don't worry, the government can fix it

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    Well here we go again. Obama has chosen one of the three stooges to be his new Director of Minerals Management Services. below is according to the Washington Post.
    News Alert: Obama selects new director of Minerals Management Service
    05:10 PM EDT Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    President has selected Michael Bromwich to head the Minerals Management Service, the troubled agency that oversees offshore oil drilling, according to senior administration officials.

    Bromwich served as inspector general for the Justice Department under President Clinton, and has a reputation for cleaning up embattled organizations such as the Houston Police Department’s crime lab.
    He has no experience with oil and gas issues.
    I moved the last sentence to call attention to it. Just what is this guys qualifications to be in charge of something as technical as offshore oil drilling. The government is just so damn efficient at overseeing that things get done right, what could possibly go wrong?
    let's see, what is the latest simple process that they have been proven to have turned into a major foul up.
    Arlington National Cemetery: a fully identified body comes in for internment. All spaces used and available are carefully plotted and identified. The body is interned in an assigned space. Some time later an engraved tomestone is placed at that space. All the while someone is responsible for doing due diligence in overseeing the process and keeping up the appropriate paperwork.
    Are you aware that our government can't even do this right. Last week this came to the publics attention when a body was being interned, and there already was a body where they were digging to inter him. A body that was not supposed to be there. This turned out to be the tip of an iceberg. The whole cemetery is screwed up.
    My point is; if you expect excellent results, you don't take a rough carpenter, hose him off, put him in a set of scrubs, give him a scalpel, and send him into an OR to do an amputation. You don't take a brain surgeon, give him a side arm a uniform and generals stars, and send him in to lead our troops in Iraq. Regardless of the job, you get the most experienced knowledgeable person you can find to lead the job, not some political hack you may owe a favor to.
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