Doomed, doomed I say...

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    [dunno][BSf]" Major Ed Dames the outspoken ex army "remote viewer" is on coast to coast plugging his new dvd releases.(the horizon project) he is predicting massive solar flare activity( the kill shot") "emp" ing our satelites and affecting the climate...He also makes claims of verifying; the "poleshift" cataclysm as a cyclic carastrophe caused by our sun's binary sister (a brown dwarf) swinging by every so many hundred thousand years and just said we are seeing unusual([dunno]) "gravity waves moving through our solar stystem as we travel around the galactic center . Put your tinfoil on:Coincidently Nasa is planning on returning to the moon to build a base ...

    Just posted this incase anybody's really bored but then couldn't seem to delete it afterseeing it was a waste of space...

    wait, hold on now, the aliens will be coming back to help us rebuild.[dunno]
    Mostly we're screwed...Might as well break into al those #10 cans and throw
    a giant block bbq, you qon't need to worry about surviving too long. [ROFL][ROFL]
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    Surviving, we don't need no stinking surviving. [LMAO]

    It's always doomsday in someone's mind or other. If left to old soothsayers of the past, we are already dead and not on a planet and we just don't know it yet. Sure this is possible. Asteroids crashing into us, the sun giving off a huge flare, the sun going supernova, martians attacking, the moon spreading us with cheezwhiz. It's all possible.

    The thing that makes us human however is it could very well be the finger of God that comes down and crushes us to powder and while being crushed we will still be trying to figure what to do tomorrow. For all the dregs and idiots running rampant on earth, we as a species don't give up. We adapt and move on.

    I'm still waiting for the 'Visitors' (TV show V from the 80s) to come down and herd us into centers so they can put us into tubes for eating later. Still hasn't happened, so I wait.

    What we really need is some kind of disaster that is so collossal and so deadly and so picky that it totally removes all liberalism from the face of the earth. That would be something to see. [LMAO]
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    I love listening to Coast (Bell more than Noory), but I hate when the guest is a remote viewer or a numerologist.

    ... We'll have an all out nuclear war on Dec. 29th because the plutonium in the missiles has an atomic half life isolinear rubiks number of 85. Take that minus GW Bush's birthday added together and you get 9. Turn 9 upside down is 6, and the square root of 6 is 2. Multiply 2 by the sum of Bin Ladens Mothers birthday and you get 102906. See, it's gonna happen man!! You think that's coincidence?

  4. Tango3

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    Yeah, feel the same way about Richard hoagland( enterprisemission .com) the "face and secret geometry on mars" guy who seems to make a biweekly apearance at times...He's another one big on the "take the side of the tholus it connects with a line in this facet of the "fortress" at 19 degrees to a n/s axis....connect the tholus to the pyamid it also measures 19 degrees!! coincidence ?? he ends up drawing all kinds of lines and finds meaningful connections in every dotted line...just nuts.Latest one he has found an apollo moon picture with an out of focus rock that looks like a skull, so now thats a "robot head" found on the moon and finds mechanical parts laying all over in the mars rover images. Laughable...[ROFL][ROFL][loco]Hey that "visitors" commander chick was hot when she wasn't eating live rats...
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