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    These can be bought in book form or download.

    Sally Six's Storefront -

    Some of these are written in every day language a lot of people speak and to make them read like your are talking or reading someones journal.

    I have people who had never even thought of food storage or preparing tell me that the books really got them to thinking and they started to prep.

    After The Dying Time

    Death has stalked the world and few have survived. A quick swift flu hit without warning, except to Gilbert Wolf and his blood brothers. His vision was very vivid of the dying time.
    A few families have gathered together to survive and through the years have prospered and spread out. Invaders now have come to raid and murder, a gang that fancies themselves New Age Huns.
    Rose has been captured by the Huns and must find a way to escape or die trying.

    An Unexpected Life

    Nick had wanted this and had convinced her this was the life they both wanted, so Chrissie never expected to be here on this homestead by herself. She had so much to learn as yet and needed to try to make a go of it here; for she had grown to love being out in the mountains and having animals. Its just some very strange things had began to happen. On the other side of the world a mad man is in control of the greatest invention in history. This machine can control weather but mostly it creates storms, massive deadly ones. America will pay for its insolence and China will lead the world.
    Millions will die in its path and the world will never be the same.
    Then in the middle of the disasters the Slayers came down out of the mountains their blood lust strong. Will Chrissie and those she knows be able to survive these devastating times?

    Down The Hole

    This is a story of a large family separated by hundreds of miles as they go about their different lives in the modern world.
    The father Mike and his wife Ann have tried to prepare their children for changes in life and disasters. They raised their children to know many of the old ways along with good hard work while encouraging education and knowledge.
    Mike has watched world events through the decades and has seen how things even diplomatically have been going down hill, like a stone rolling down hill faster and faster.
    Most of the now adult children have seen no reason to use this information learned from their parents. But they didn’t realize they are a product of their parents teachings anyway. Now may be the time they will have to dredge this information from their memories as war and destruction have arrived on their respective doorsteps. They all find they are part of a new terrifying world of lawlessness.

    Our Changed World (Full of recipes, how to clean wool etc.)
    Earthquakes and Volcanoes have erupted across the country. Death and gangs stalk the land.

    Families head for home to survive, or anywhere there is safety. Some will band together only to be torn apart and killed by marauders. God, family and trust becomes an important part of people's lives again.
    People have to relearn the old ways to survive.
    You will follow the Stephens family as it restarts the Scottish Clan system to bind theirs and other families together.
    Mean while conspiring men and women continue their plans of world domination.

    Our Special Family Recipes

    This is a cook book from generations of cooks on both sides of our families it includes the very old like blood sausage, head cheese, curing meats, breads, crackers.
    Also new recipes we have enjoyed and have passed on to new generations in the family.
    It has hints, substitutions and a basic soap recipe.
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