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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by BTPost, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. BTPost

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    I just watched this weeks show, and they showed this "Waterwheel" power generator that was just BIZAAR... They put it in the creek, and it turned about 2 Rpm, and with gearing , they said the Alternator turned at 20 Rpm... I was laughing so hard, I fell out of my chair... This was then supposed to charge a Car battery, which they then took up to the house and connected it to a small inverter, which was supposed to run the Fridge. Sure enough the light came on when they opened the door, and they then declared "Success". What TOTAL BS.....
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  2. KAS

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    Reality tv is all BS
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  3. oldawg

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    Pretty obvious they could learn a GREAT DEAL more about alternative energy in about twenty minutes here in the tree.
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  4. jasonl6

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    I was watching an episode this morning Doomsday Preppers S02E11 - Prepper's Paradisehttp://Doomsday Preppers S02E11 - Prepper's Paradise - YouTube , At the 5:09 mark i saw their retreat. I thought to myself, i have seen that place before Idaho City Cabins (Idaho) - , Now i am not the person that would take from someone else but they have 4 years worth of food stored at their retreat? WOW opsec people.

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  5. Motomom34

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    I haven't watched Doomday Preppers this season. The first season I enjoyed and it did give me lots to think about. What I noticed is the experts always give the people low marks & Nat Geo says there is no chance of anything happening. It is good to know that this show may have become just another reality show. I don't know why any true prepper would be on there anyways. Isn't the golden rule- never let them know what you have?
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  6. KAS

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    yea its kinda like the guys on you tube i always thought the same about them even though i do enjoy some of there stuff//...

    2 of the "experts" from the show have youtube channels and seem like some fairly decent guys... a bit extream in some case but that is just my opinion...
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  7. kckndrgn

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    Doomsday Preppers can give you "food for thought" if you get past all the BS and Drama that is added in so they can maintain ratings. I used to watch it with the wife, she can't stand it now and refuses to watch it.
    I have taken away some points on items to review and study up on, but mostly the show is just good humor. Can't remember if it was the 1st or 2nd season, but most of the "preppers" were actually people that were trying to sell something they "made" (there was a lady who sold kits of medical supplies, the guy who shot his thumb off that was trying to sell his "survival shovel", etc.)
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  8. bfayer

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    The guy that shot his thumb off also pointed a loaded .22 right at his sons head while trying to clear a malfunction.

    Even my preteen son said "wow look at that idiot" and that was before the infamous thumb mishap.

    Before the modern age of PC, I had a sign in my office: "No one is useless, they can at least serve as bad examples"

    The show does serve that purpose.
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  9. Silversnake

    Silversnake Silverback

    I happened to catch that episode with the missus. I was losing my mind a bit at the lack of muzzle discipline.
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  10. BTPost

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    The other thing about that show last night... The family in Missouri, with the small Solar, horse for plowing, and goats, was a Pacifist, and totally discounted any Security at his Farm. His Security Plan was to "Fade into the woods with the goats, and wait out anyone who came with evil intent." Oh well, there is a Morooon (Bugs Bunny Definition) born every minute, and any entity with Evil Intent, is going to chase down, Him, his Wife and the Teenage Daughter, and Kill him, make slaves of the Women Folk, and kill the other two children. Then take the goats and horse, for food. .... Fading into the woods, with no Weapons for an ambush, is just DUMB. He might as well, just stand his ground, and let them do what they will....
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  11. DMGoddess

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    I have never indulged in Reality TV, and never will. I consider it chewing gum for the brain. All chewing gum does is fool the body into thinking it got something substantial. Just saying.
  12. ditch witch

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    No such thing as fading into anything with goats, particularly not if he has loud mouthed Nubians.
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  13. enloopious

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    C'mon guys this whole doomsday prepper show is a just a subliminal mindflunk. It is no accident that they have the most ignorant and inept preppers on the planet. It used to be that they would show how stupid they were directly. Now they just show the worst of the worst. Its like the old Gandhi saying. First they laugh at you...
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  14. DMGoddess

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    I believe that that Gandhi saying end with "... then you win."
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  15. bfayer

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    Yep, they probably already have someone scoping out their firewood pile :)
  16. STANGF150

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    Bruce, I believe thats why most Prepers tend to prepare Guns First. Cuz if you can't Keep what you have, why have anything.

    When I went to the Sensible Preparedness Seminar in Black Mountain NC last May, Nat Geo had a table, & to my shock People were signing up. An I saw peeps everywhere carrying the Free Bag they gave you for signing up. Now I've nothing to be ashamed of but I've never been the exhibitionist type of guy. An going on Nat Geo's lil show seems to me the equivalent of dropping yer pants in the middle of a football stadium & showing the world what ya got!!!
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  17. chelloveck

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    Probably the reason I avoid would not be a pretty sight.;)
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  18. Yard Dart

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    The show puts every neighbor and local on notice, letting them know what you have, where you store it and the plan to protect it. A complete failure in opsec that will doom each of them. I watch the show from time to time and you can garner a nugget or two. But you can learn volumes of information here on the Monkey to enhance your skills and knowledge. [yack]
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  19. VisuTrac

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    It's a reality show for the sheeple. They will think preppin' is easy and can be done anytime.
    You can put away 2 years worth of prepps in under a month. *As long as you have the money pre-shtf.

    After the fact, good luck finding salt in the supermarket.
    the sheeple's plan for stocking up when they can, well, that is going to loose as first contact with shtf negated that plan.

    this 'reality' is going to kill lots of 'em. Oh well. Not my problem.
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  20. Harbin

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    Depending on where you live, as in proximity to others, it could be very much your problem. Opsec is important, but there will come a point if shtf and people are starting to starve but you look well fed that they might start wondering what you have. Just something i try hard to keep in mind even though i live in a pretty rural area.

    As for the show, more reality tv nonsense that I'd rather not waste time watching. I try very hard to read 2-3 books a week, watching crap like that would cut into reading time (someone once told me to never stop learning). The one or two times my wife has channel surfed past it all i could think of (like most others here) was the incredible lack of opsec.
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