Dope now legal (today) to buy/use in Nevada.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DKR, Jul 1, 2017.

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    Cheers and long lines of tourists and locals alike greeted the first day of sales of recreational marijuana on Saturday as Nevada became the fifth state with stores selling pot to the public in a market that is expected to outpace all others in the U.S. thanks to the millions of visitors who flock to Las Vegas each year.

    Supporters claim $10 million in taxes will be a windfall for NV.
    Such claims were made in Colorado, it took a couple of years for tax revenue to really start to flow. Through October, Colorado has collected more than $150 million in taxes from legal marijuana sales. This from $1.1 billion in sales. Must be one hullva export market to support over a billion sales....

    I wonder how bad the crime will go up as it has in Colorado.
  2. Bishop

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    Remember the say no to drugs and I learned it from watching you and this is your brain on drugs hey we can make money so we just be the government pimps if the drugs do nothing collect money
  3. 3M-TA3

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    Won't be long before many states have legalized gambling, drugs, and prostitution. Instead of fixing their budgets at the source just make money by legalizing and getting their cut from the same vices they used to incarcerate people for. It generates revenue and makes more people drop out from being productive so they can become wards of the state requiring more funds. I just have to wonder what they will legalize next to increase revenue?
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    It never should have been illegal to start, let alone being placed at the top of the list for schedule 1.
    Too late to complain now.
  5. Gator 45/70

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    Time too open up a Papa Johns Pizza franchise!
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  6. BTPost

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    I was thinking a "Munchy Shop" right next door to the Dope Shop..
  7. 3M-TA3

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    Can't think of the name of the street, but it runs N-S somewhere in the mid east side of Denver, but a few years back it was strip club, head shop, munchies, liquor, head shop, head shop, munchies or some such combination. litter everywhere, dingy, a real nice place...

    Personally I don't care what people do as long as they don't hurt others, but from what I've seen there and in Nutlandia, the drugs at least do a lot of damage to communities.
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  8. 3M-TA3

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    If you are on medical marijuana and fill out your 4473 truthfully you will be denied. It also makes you ineligible for concealed carry in Oregon.
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  9. OldDude49

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    and watch the wealth roll in... :ROFLMAO:
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  10. Pax Mentis

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    I'm not sure if it is their idea of morality or health that a seemingly good number of folks here want continuing legislating about, but either way, it's sad.

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  11. Pax Mentis

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    I just renewed and there was no question on the form regarding medical marijuana. I have heard of a few of our more nanny state oriented sheriffs (such as Jackson County) advocating for it, but my sources tell me that the state does not share the marijuana prescription (or any other prescription) information with counties.

    Just to clarify, I do not possess a marijuana prescription...I just keep an eye on that combo.
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  12. BTPost

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    Apples & Oranges. 4473 is not the same as an Oregon CCW Permit Renewal Application...
  13. Motomom34

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    I think crime is the same in CO but the officials blame every issue in our state on pot. They blame the homelessness, the raising housing cost etc... but if I pull up the state debt clock, it shows a different story as to why the state has issues.
    State of Colorado Debt Clock

    I love the stories of Girl Scouts setting up a table to sell cookies outside of pot shops. Best selling market but now CO has cracked down on that.
    <<< that was in CA but in CO, OR girl scouts did the same.
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  14. Meat

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    It's worked out well in Washington State. Just don't get caught online wagering here. Class C felony. Same as automatic knife. Strange priorities in my opinion.
  15. arleigh

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    To the undisciplined ,alcohol smoking and weed ,are gateway drugs ,leading to further recreational drug abuse,
    Good way to have the leverage to take away your gun rights. even first amendment rights as well.
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    WTH! What was their justification for cracking down on selling a few cookies? But, I must admit, those Girl Scout cookies are like crack or worse! I usually run away in the other direction holding my crucifix out to ward them off when I see them selling. LOL! But, seriously, how or why would they stop the Girls from making a few bucks?

    I don't have any problem with it being legal now and think it should have never been illegal. I don't use it as I don't like it and don't think putting any kind of smoke in one's lungs is a good idea but neither is putting alcohol into your body which I do too often. In all my years, I have never seen anyone get in trouble of any kind when they were using pot. When they combine it with alcohol or something else is when bad things happen.
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  17. Motomom34

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    Something about minors and drugs.

    Colorado Girl Scouts told not to sell cookies outside pot shops
    Basically officials micro-managing
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  18. 3M-TA3

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    In Nutlandia they probably look at Girl Scouts selling their cookies in front of a strip club, pot shop, or casino as vocational training.
  19. Brokor

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    Indeed true, but we all know that meth is the drug of choice these days. Every little chubby thumbed American zombie kid has watched endless hours of "Breaking Bad", a show which encourages the use of meth and makes it "cool" to be a criminal dealing in drugs. The people have been criminalized for many decades already, and in just my area alone I can walk outside, pick anybody at random, choose any house, and every person I choose or run into will have a criminal record. The people are already criminalized, and the few who aren't "felons" or are disqualified by some standard set on an application, will probably not be swayed to become criminals too easily. I see more people riding bicycles here than I ever have, mostly because of the heavy police presence and people "pointing out" with their drivers licenses. I had a neighbor who had his license revoked for 5 years due to heavy fines he owed for speeding. Here's a grown man who must accept a ride every day from his wife or other family member, because the police keep pulling him over due to a violation of the speeding policy. Drugs are huge business, and once legalized up here in the northeast (already happening as we speak) it will become an even bigger business. The thing is, meth is the real drug of choice in most areas these days. Meth is relatively easy to make, costs nearly nothing to create, can be sold for huge profits, the scumbags who deal it don't care where you get the money to buy more, and it promotes an entire underground black market which ends up incorporating some law enforcement, too. In the next county over to me, they pretty much cleaned house a few years back as the whole government was corrupt. Truth is, they only took out the fall guys. Marijuana is just a plant people can ingest or smoke, whether it be for recreational reasons or medicinal, the bottom line is, it opens your senses and broadens your perspective to reality. I can always tell who has smoked weed by simply asking them about the world. If they are convinced that government works and everything is as it should be, I know they've never toked and tuned out of the matrix before and they are wholly attached.

    All they are doing by making marijuana "legal" for medicinal purposes, is creating more revenue for the State, local jobs for the people, and creating the potential for federal .Gov goons to hold precedence over States rights. We all know that since the Civil War, America is no longer a free country, it is not "These States, United by common cause," It's instead "The United States of America, Inc." --and you know that isn't good for liberty. Therefore, everything they "do" is going to promote and support their agendas, and be a hindrance to our own. This entire, illusory system was designed to fool the people into believing their government is legitimate and these events are all natural and unstoppable. They do this because we outnumber them --vastly. If the people put aside their many differences for one day, collectively decided to kill their slave masters, there would be no stopping them. And this is the real reason why the "government" works tirelessly to divide the people, entertain you and preoccupy the people with senseless fear mongering --it's to maintain their power base. If they ever failed to convince the people how much they "need their government", it's game over.

    And so, we have another "legal", yet heavily regulated and still restricted aspect of our lives with this completely natural plant which has been used for thousands of years by my ancestors, freely provided by mother nature back before white men and their governments came to wipe out the indigenous people and put up their church steeples.
  20. Bandit99

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    That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard of this past week, maybe month. Why then did they legalize them? Seems unfair to me and I wonder if it would stand up in a court of law if challenge... What would happen if the Girl Scout's mother or father is with them which they usually are? Anyway...strange.
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