Down And Dirty Solutions- Hiding Your Weapon

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Yard Dart, May 23, 2014.

  1. Yard Dart

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    Down and dirty solutions to hiding your handgun (at home edition) -- by Beretta

    There are many great ideas for stashing a "ready" firearm for home defense. What kind of ideas do you suggest for methods/opportunities to conceal these firearms throughout a house/workshop/garage and so on?

    My concern, as most of us here, is if I am in a room and someone crashes the door... can I access a means for self defense readily. Consider this an idea thread.... not to infer you use these particular methods... nobody wants to know how "you" do it..... :)
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  2. Seacowboys

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    image. image. Above the entrance
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  3. kellory

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    I like "hiddens". I've built a few.;)
  4. kellory

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  5. natshare

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    Clocks like that can be bought on sites like, etc. Not sure about the quality, though, as I can pretty much guarantee they're made by the C.H.INA Corporation. :rolleyes:

    You might want to check out some time. Even if it's for no other reason than to give you some good ideas. [winkthumb]

    Me, I always thought that an empty breaker box would make a good pistol storage. Old houses around here, you would find the breaker panels in a closet, usually. But then they changed the code, and required them to be more accessible, so if someone had to upgrade their house's electrical, they'd have to move the breaker panel, and it usually ended up in the garage. If you have an old enough house, I could see installing a panel inside the master bedroom closet, which would effective give you a storage space of ~18"w X 24"h X 4"d. With a little bit of craftsmanship, you could even put a false panel on the front, so it looks like it's just an old, empty breaker panel that never got removed. ;)
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  6. tract

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    I think all you are doing here is teaching burglars and cops where to look. There's zero reason not to WEAR your pistol. If it's too heavy/bulky, get rid of it and get one that's feasible to always carry. The seconds of fumbling saved can mean your life, and having it on you means that kids, drunks, irresposible adults and theives have no access to it.
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  7. Yard Dart

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    While that sounds absolutely reasonable to always carry, even while at home. Sometimes that may not be practical for you or a family member.... having a stash in key areas of a back up firearm is smart for some.
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  8. tract

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    and why aint it practical, please? I think that what you mean is "they don't care about it enough to bother with a 1 lb 9mm, 380, or .38 snub."
  9. ghrit

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    Try wearing even a small, easily hidden weapon in bed or the shower, you'll get a pretty good dose of practicality. The moreso if you live alone. (And yes, other than those two cases, I'm armed all the time except when over the border into New York or Canada.)
  10. kellory

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    It will hang up on my tool belt under the best of conditions, and wearing one to bed could lead to some very bad dreams.
    Besides, ever had a kid climb into bed with you, or a dog? It gives new meaning to an accidental discharge.
    That, and they are terrible foreplay....
  11. BTPost

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    Oh, I like that..... How about when Swimming....... or playing with the GrandKids, in the Sprinkler.... Some Quotes, are just plain Stupid....
  12. BTPost

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    for the Kid, in all of us.... NFA Weapon....

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