Downloadable articles on Terminal Ballistics & Wounds pdf

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by melbo, Jan 1, 2006.

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    Ahh, Found my favorite one: Link dead, pdf attached below

    and another good one: pdf attached below for preservation

    This is a great article on all types ammunition and how to determine maximum effectivness of each.
    pdf attached below for preservation
    Small excerpt
    Another one by Fackler:
    pdf attached below for preservation

    This email from Different tonight (Lee Emerson) I had found 2 of the three he likes ;)


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    Needs to be a sticky.
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    Re: Downloadable articles on Terminal Ballistics & Wounds pd

    Since we seem to be discussing the merits of 5.56 and 7.62x39 again.
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    I have come to appreciate the wound characteristics of the 5.45X39 Russian surplus. At $260 dollars for 2,160 rounds delivered to my door, it is very affordable as well. I built an AR especially for this round. I put a S&W M&P 15R upper on a Denny's Ultimate billet lower. It shoots much better than I had hoped. It looks like regular FMJ, but it has a hollow cavity in the tip and a mild steel core. It is said to yaw and fragment out to 350 meters from a 16" barrel. I will certainly make a mess out of afrozen Turkey.
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    With the right bullets all these rifle calibers can do their intended task. For SHTF if you choose the surplus east block calibers you better have some ammo stockpiled

    Here's a few great sites for ballistics and caliber capabilities/self defense ammo selection

    Wound Ballistics, Ballistic Injury, Stopping Power, Gunshot Wounds

    Brass Fetcher Ballistic Gelatin Testing

    New Page 2

    The Box O' Truth - Ammo Penetration Testing

    Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo

    This one is pretty graphic, gore warning:

    Why you do not want to get shot with an M16...(Warning: Disturbing photograph)
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    what kind of a entry and exit wound does a 7.92 8mm nato round have after traveling 400 yards?is it tumbling inside the body or just doing a 180?
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    what is the hitting power at 400 yards?I was told it is traveling at about 2800 fps,with about 25000fp of pressure at inpact.?????????
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    I know that most of the surplus ammo I shoot is salt primer and I clean after every shooting but was told once the best cleaner was soap and waterwith a stainless steel brush,dry pads, and good gun oil .??????I haven't tried the water yet but if its better than the solvent I get at the gun shop should I change?
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    That is certainly true for Black Powder Firearms...
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    One thing about being shot with pretty much anything modern, in terms of firearms ... it's gonna leave a nasty mark and probably hurt a whole bunch.

    That info is neat to read though - sort of makes me hope I never get shot, especially by any high powered rifle in a vital area.

    NOWHITEFLAG Live Free or Die Trying

    7.92 mm Mauser

    Not sure about the efect on a human body,
    But about 20 years ago, Me and a friend where out practicing and I had just bought a used one for $150.00 and wanted to see what it would do.
    It was a Turkish Mauser made in 1917 in Ankara,Turkey.I use to collect Military Rifles. It shot thru a 16+/- diameter Pine Tree at about a 1000 yds blowing a BIG chunk out of the backside of the tree. Sure got my attention. I was use to shooting a M1-Garand and .303 British Enfeild. I could tell when it went off that it was made for long range killing.It had the flip up rear sight that could be adjusted for long range. It also was equiped with 2 holes in the front of the weapon for a standing style bi-pod to be attached.
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    The picture of the leg was a ton of damage for a 5.56.
    The exit wound is possible, but I really doubt the entrance wound is.
    Maybe a softpoint like a varmint round, or a bigger caliber, but the deer I shot with a .223 didn't look anything like that.
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    Actually, the more I look at it, it looks like a contact wound where the gasses did a lot of damage.
    Another possibility would be if the round hit something and started to tumble before striking the leg??
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    Efficiency= shot placement I don't care what round you used. Seen to many people walking when the "round" should have put them down if you believe the hype.
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    Great info info in this post. Thank you.
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    No such animal. And .308win/7.62 x 51 is not moving 2800 fps @ 400 yards.
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    These threads are always ... fun and informative, if not somewhat overdone.
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    2800 fps left at 400 yds? Not a CHANCE. :) that's what it STARTS with, at best. :) it will be lucky to still have 2200 fps remaining at 400 yds, and probablly less than 2000 fps.

    You don't see them walking after taking a chest hit with a 3000 fps softpoint. Maybe 1 in 1000 can manage that. Same with 12 ga HP slug, of course. Either one, it takes a guy out of his mind on PCP to not be overwhelmed by that much impact.
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