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    Mods, not a hot ink, but an fyi

    irunguns dot com
    left menu-parts
    has a DPMS parts kit that contains everything for and Ar build- LESS the lower receiver
    16" barrel
    pricing is approx $550 usd
    because they can import to my neck of the woods, I picked one up and will now attempt my first build later this summer

    seems to me it would make a great repair anything kit as well as being a good build kit
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  3. cdnboy66

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    attaboy, not surprised it is already posted.
    Thanks, I saw it yesterday on another site and snagged one.

    y'all get all the good stuff, and we poor Northern cousins have to wade through the red tape
    anyway, I have ordered from IRG a few times and they ( while super busy) have been great to deal with.
    One of the few companies that does a regular import from the lower 48 for firearms and parts at decent pricing,
    ( and I am not associated in any way, just a customer)
    so for me...it's a great thing. Because they take care of all the permits to export.
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    I picked up two complete kits at Knob creek for $480.00 each and stripped lowers were going for $60.00.
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  5. cdnboy66

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    ^^^ i'm jealous of course!!

    now, as part 2 of this thread, what tools will I need that are specific to an AR build??
    ordered punch pins, have a mag vice adapter, what else do I need?
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    If you have the DPMS Kit the MultiTool, included, is all you should need......
  7. ghrit

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    Assuming you have the usual collection of hand tools, you should be good to go with the multi tool. If you have nothing, you'll need a socket set and an extension for the ratchet that will reach to the bottom of the pistol grip. A third thumb could be useful, but isn't required.
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  8. cdnboy66

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    Copy that, I do indeed have a plethora of hand tools.
  9. HK_User

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    Only thing I would add is a set of roll pin punches. They allow the capture of the pin and prevent the slips that damage the finish. It only takes once to make a beliver of you.
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  10. gunbunny

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    The only other thing I could recommend would be a clamshell vice jig that holds the upper receiver and supports it while torquing the barrel on with the wrench. A magwell vice adapter will not support the upper and you may actually twist it if you have to go a little over the minimum torque required to seat the barrel nut with a properly indexed gas tube indentation.

    That might sound confusing, but once you see how the upper/barrel/barrel nut/gas tube fit together, it will be a snap. Before I had a vice jig for the upper, I used a set of aluminum barrel holding jaws. It's not the best solution, as the aluminum will leave marks on the barrel, but they are under the handguard and out of sight anyway.

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  11. cdnboy66

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    awesome advice gang!!
    Thank you.
    Perhaps the smartest thing I have done so far ( aside from signing up here of course) is to buy a DVD called "Building your AR-15 from Scratch"
    it is very detailed and has great tips and tricks.
    including punch pins and clamshell vice jigs

    keep it coming, I'm excited to make this happen.
    I have an Aero lower with an engraved moustache and the words "I'm your Huckleberry" on the side on order
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