Dr.'s Turning People into ZOMBIES

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kckndrgn, May 6, 2010.

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    Let us know how that turns out. I am interested.
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    Nothing really, it's about the side effects of Ambian.
    (note, not sure how reliable the embeded code is, sometimes it works, sometimes it don't. I'll try to get a direct link to the story in the morning)
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  4. CRC

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    I do NOT like Ambien....the Dr gave it to me when Dad passed away because I just couldn't sleep....The 3rd night, I got up sometime in the middle of the night, washed dishes, and don't remember doing it....

    Threw them away the next day. :rolleyes:
  5. kckndrgn

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    I know what you mean CRC. My mom was prescribed them when my dad was going through chemo and my mom broke (shattered really) her leg. She started cutting them in 1/2. Got to sleep w/o the side effects.

    Her Doc was like "Why are you doing that? These pills are perfectly safe." Yeah, and what kind of kick-backs was he getting everytime an ambian Rx was written?
  6. Brokor

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    I had a real hard time with Ambien in that i would sleep great for 10 hours get up and have a Ambien hang over leaving me able to fall asleep standing up. Bad stuff, Shep
  8. Sherman

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    I liked em, slept like a babe. REally best sleep I ever had. i've tried everything else, either powered right through them or they left me groggy and hungover next day.
  9. Tommy Jefferson

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    I guess Ambien works differently on different people.

    As always, proceed with caution. Get information from more than one source. Be skeptical.

    I'm old enough to remember when doctors wrote prescriptions in Latin, and would refuse to tell patients what they were prescribing.
  10. fireplaceguy

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    Ambien is not the only drug that turns people into zombies. I'll give you one other example, with some explanation:

    Statin drugs - widely prescribed for cholesterol - will often reduce people to a non-functional state. Statin victims enjoy diminished comprehension, slurred speech and a slow shuffling walk. I can spot them at the mall everytime, and yes, I've asked enough people to know what I'm saying! This is simple to grasp when you understand that the brain has the highest concentration of cholesterol in the body, and doesn't function well when robbed of it. (Drugs prescribed to counteract the effects of statins are a multi-billion dollar industry in and of themselves!)

    Cholesterol isn't the issue anyway. It's quite possible to have low cholesterol and still have arterial blockages, since blockages are caused by a deficiency in the blood gas nitric oxide (NO) which is independent of cholesterol levels. If your NO levels are normal, you can have "elevated" cholesterol and enjoy perfectly clean arteries your whole life.

    Here's how it works: The inner layer of the blood vessel (the endothelium) is one cell thick. It's very easy for small tears to develop in this layer, particularly right around the heart, which beats violently from birth to death. If your NO level is healthy, these little tears heal quickly. If not, the tears don't heal. The body's second line of defense is to deposit plaque on the tears to protect them, like a natural band-aid. Problem is, when you're deficient in NO the accumulation never stops!

    Nitric oxide is produced by the body from the amino acid (protein) L-arginine. Although there is plenty of L-arginine in foods, the western diet blocks the absorption of it and thus most people are deficient in the protein needed to keep the arteries clear and the circulatory system healthy even as they eat plenty of it! Thus, heart disease is a symptom of the western diet. It's interesting to note that as China industrializes and eats more like the west, the heart disease rate is soaring among city-dwellers. (So is the cancer rate, and that's related to diet as well...)

    Another symptom of NO deficiency is "erectile dysfunction" (which is actually just another warning that you have heart disease). This symptom is masked by Viagra, which causes a temporary increase of NO in the blood. Note that Viagra causes heightened sensation in women, too. Note too that post-menopausal women catch and eventually surpass men in incidence of heart disease!

    Nobody got plugged up and limp because they were deficient in statins or Viagra. It is far cheaper to change the way you eat and supplement with a natural formula containing L-arginine and the synergistic/complementary heart nutrients than it is to take statins and Viagra. Unfortunately, since natural substances cannot be patented (controlled) no drug or vitamin company will pay for the FDA testing that would make these health claims legal.

    Too bad that this would solve the underlying problem (NO deficiency) and never mind that the science behind this won the Nobel Prize in Medicine! Until you've paid the FDA to test it themselves, it's just as illegal to tell the truth as it is to lie about something. Once you've paid for the tests, unsafe substances (patentable synthetic drugs) actually enjoy somewhat of an advantage in the marketplace, since they can be advertised on TV while it remains illegal to tell the truth about natural substances...

    This is just one example of hundreds. As with the example above, prescription drugs usually treat symptoms, not causes.

    The FDA and big pharma are the real drug cartel in America, and doctors are merely the pushers.
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