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    Shot my Draco two days ago, after installing the single point sling. This gun rocks, and I don't understand why folks say this gun is a range toy. Fired a Police Tactical pistol course today with it. 20 targets, most of them were steel, with one being a 6 plate dueling tree. The fastest I have seen a shooter do this course with a regular handgun is 62 seconds, I did it with the Draco in 40 seconds without really trying. The ranges of the steel targets were 30 yards to 10 yards away and the course consists of running from cover to cover engaging different targets that must be hit before you can progress through the course. I also shot the Draco out to 140 yards and placed 7 of 10 rounds into a 12"by 12" target, with the other three just outside the target. The sights were dead on from 0-140yards. The results of this range session show me that this is a very useful firearm that has tactical applications as it is; 1. Way more accurate than a pistol, from pistol range to at least 150 yards. 2. Just as quick on target as a pistol. 3. Way more powerful than a pistol. 4. Greater standard magazine capacity. So i would consider the 350 bones I paid for it, to be well spent
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    Kind of like an SBR without a stock - what's the balance like?
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    I'd have to call BS on that. I shoot USPSA Open, limited, single-stack, revolver, and production division as well as 3-gun and I have an AR pistol and a Krink to play with and I can tell you without reservations that there is absolutely no way that anyone can shoot a course like that faster with an awkward weapon like that. Just ain't gonna happen and I'll bet the farm on it.
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    Lets see, single point sling (SAS method). No reloads, no misses. Not awkward at all, just like shooting a rifle (only much handier and quicker to swing to the next target then a full length rifle). I have been a firearms instructor for about 25 years, rifle, pistol and shotgun. Also a Swat Sniper and Entry Team Leader, Tactical rifle and pistol instructor. Active shooter response instructor. I won't even go into the courses I did on active duty in the military or the exercises I have done with Simunitions. So, I think I will take my years of experience and Draco against you and your "USPSA" experiance any day.
    You may have not understood what I ment by a single point sling etc. (youtube it) I would have never beat the pistol time without using the sling the way I did. Maybe you should understand completely what I was talking about before you call me a liar the first day I joined this board. Besides I have lots of Police officer witnesses.
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    Depends on mag size, 30 rounders are good, 20 rounders would probably be better, but I don't have any of those.
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    cool weapon
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    [pop][yack] not taking sides but 140 yard shot with an ak based pistol... wow
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    I was not expecting the group that it shot either. I had a spotter who was calling the shots as I fired. Because of all the talk on the boards about how useless they were, I was expecting a 2 foot sized group. When I kept 7 out of 10 on the 12" target, I was astounded. The group looked like a 00 buckshot group at 10 yards, but it was a group. Three rounds struck in the top half and 4 struck in the lower 6 inches (all the misses were just under the target, spread horizontally). I have since run the numbers for the drop at 150 yards which is a little over 3 inches. I think that with some practice I could consistantly get 10 out of 10 in a 12 inch target if firing a shot every two to three seconds.
    I will never say the Draco could fully replace a stocked rifle, in some situations it would be better than a standard pistol (times when concealment is not an issue) and some situations it may be better than a stocked rifle (CQB situations) because it would be quicker to the target as long as the range was 100 yards or less. I purchased it because I wanted something for traveling with more oomph, and one of the states I go to routinely doesn't allow SBRs or loaded rifles in the passenger compartment. I wanted something in the cab of my truck that can be loaded and ready to go. Besides I collect AKs and an AK pistol fits well with the collection. Kind of hard to hide an AES-10b (RPK clone) in the cab of your truck.
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    For those they may not know what the SAS (some folks call it the Israeli method also) sling method is, it is a single point sling attached to the rear of the receiver forming a loop. The loop goes over your strong side shoulder and you push the weapon forward with your strong hand on the pistol grip and your weak side hand on the bottom fore grip. The loop is sized to keep the rear of the receiver at the same distance from your nose as a standard stock (length of pull). This technique gives you three points of contact with your "pistol", rear grip, fore grip and sling. Not as good as four, but many times better than blasting the Draco with only two.
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    old thread BUT I have one.

    Isreali's use this also on protection details

    At almost 60 I now need a little help and I can't stand much recoil against a twice broken right shoulder. This supplements my old Model 19 Smith very well. I use this slung from two single point slings off either shoulder (right over neck also) and it is a dream to carry and use. Link them at the back if the left wants to slide off.

    Used properly and tightened to the individual the right single point turns into a very quick stock where you push the firearm FIRMLY away from your shoulder instead of pulling back. Left single point pushes away from the left shoulder to steady the muzzle loose hand with firm thumb on left. Very solid for a short arm with no stock. No registration as an SBR with the Feds and still 100% legal.

    Note: DO NOT put a vertical foregrip on a AK pistol the ATF frowns on that greatly. I do not even have one in my house as it might be interpreted by a too zealous agent as present and installable.

    Get a nice back cheek weld on your shoulder and the sling for repeatability. Red (or green) dot press is the mantra. Very repeatable using good Chinese (if you have any left) or mil spec ammo or Federal select. Awesome last ditch point defense with a drum. groups for me are better when going fast as deliberate fire seems to not work as well for me.

    Package is all 100 percent legal with Aggressive sharpened flash supp, VM-1 Draco/AK Pistol rear Sling Plate, SAW grip, Tapco modified/insulated forearm, Red dot sight (H-1 Aimpoint is perfect for co-witness), Ultimak # 7, and a green laser on the front fore grip completes the package. Drasco pistols are original Rumanian guns with all Rumanian parts.

    Too much is made of the poor accuracy of AKs.

    In the 90s I shot with and talked to a Russian who received and gave proper training in the AK-47 pre Gorbachov. He came to America after they lost the Afghan war and he has been there and done that. He could do things with an AK or SBR that most folks refuse to believe. He scoffed at the multiple stories of the AK not hitting people at 500 meters. He seemed to always fire in groups of three or two and they were not always tight but at least one bullet in a three round group hit the thoracic cavity of the target most of the time at 500 meters.

    The enemy of the good enough is the perfect and that is why I got rid of my AR collection and got AKs. No one is making me use AKs but they are better for the civilian who just wants the thing to work all the time with little fuss and feather involved.
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