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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by duane, Dec 26, 2015.

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    Throughtsfromfrankandfern on Dec 26 have a post on drawing a line in the sand that is well worth reading and thinking about. It is with great sadness that I believe it is necessary to post it in the freedom and liberty section of the blog and not in the tinfoil hat section. Unfortunately events from our past fears about possible bad outcomes in our society have become our present reality. Our society is rapidly losing its basic beliefs and becoming a multicultural hell hole in which each group, including the ones we believe in, can no longer peacefully exist with the others. Our mass media for some reason, money or control perhaps, is doing everything it can to foster this development. The government, educational system, churches, social organizations, political parties, and our enemies are doing the same. It is as Fern said well beyond one simple division and we are rapidly approaching the middle east or the old middle Euorpe where one group, pick your choice, religious, racial, ethnic, nationlist, economic system, is willing to destroy the country in order for their group dominate the ruins. Most of Africa, the middle east, and chunks of Latin America have already made this change and parts of the US are very close to joining them.

    As Fern said, it is time to do what you can to lead a good life and prepare as well as you can. It is also time to be prepared and to be at peace with the Lord as in the long run and it may well be as early as today, we will all leave this world and move on. It is well to not forget that we may have little choice and even less control in deciding how or when we die.
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    Well said thanks for the post.
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    @duane That was a small post but there is so much true in it.It is true that we cannot seem to live peacefully together. The media does continue to fan the flames, they thrive on the discontentment. Fern said to lead a good life. That is hard when you are bombarded daily with news that promotes dislike or hate. Leading the good life is what many aspire to but it is hard to shut out the background noise.
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